How To Grow and Care for Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascar palm)

Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Pachypodium lamerei is among the beautiful houseplants that will play a role in beautifying your garden. The plant belongs to the Apocynaceae family which has over 25 species. It is the best succulent shrub which is located in native Madagascar.

Pachypodium lamerei is a cute succulent plant with a thick columnar stem with a layer of thorns covering it. The plant grows flowers at the apex which appear to be reddish and white. Here are the planting and care tips that you should give to your plant.

Planting Pachypodium lamerei

The succulent plant belongs to a category of slow-growing plants and does have a role as a houseplant and will be décor in patios and terraces.

 When to grow

The best season that allows your plant to blossom is when you grow it in the spring and summer seasons. It is the seasons that will encourage sprouting unlike in the winter seasons where the plant is dormant.

Where to plant

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The houseplant will do well in well-draining soil just like any other cacti plant. Make sure that you are using common well-draining soils such as cacti soils and sandy soils. You will then position it in a place that receives sufficient sunlight.

If you opt to grow it as an indoor plant, ensure that you locate a place on your patio that will receive enough sunlight. Enough sunlight will favor the growth of your houseplant.

How to plant

The plant is propagated from the seeds. The best time to sow the seeds is during the spring because it is at this time that germination is assured. Always soak the seeds a day before you sow them.

Care for Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium lamerei needs specific requirements for sunlight, temperature, soil, and water needs. Here is a brief of each of them.

Soil and fertilizer

Fertilizer is not always necessary for the growth of the succulent plant. You may opt to provide a fertilizer during spring. You can use a mineral fertilizer for cacti during the feeding seasons. Use half-strength fertilizer for best results.

Well-draining soil types are the best, and you can use 50% leaf mulch and 50% of the sandy soil, this way you will be providing humus at the same time not compromising with the drainage.

Sunlight and water

The succulent plant needs watering only when it is dry. You will have to wait until the potting mix in the container is completely dry before you start watering again.

Watering using the method is the best practice since it will favor the proper growth of succulent plants. You will also ensure that your plant is growing in a very illuminated area. It implies that you will need a place that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Temperature and humidity

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It can survive temperatures below 10 degree Celsius, though it will do well in temperatures above this. Moderate humid conditions are favorable for Pachypodium lamerei.

High humidity may not be conducive for it will interfere with the flowers. You can transfer it indoors when the conditions are not friendly.


These plants will take long years before they outgrow the pots. It is always a good idea to repot when it begins wobbling.

Repot In a potting mixture that has all the essential requirements; good drainage and humus. Remove the soil in the root ball before transferring it to a new pot.

Pruning and propagation

Your plant does not need pruning unless you are cutting off the sick branches. You will be cutting off the roots with a fungal infestation to protect them from spreading the disease to other parts of the plant.

You can propagate using the offsets that always sprout on the stem. It may not always be successful, but at least you will try your chances. These plants are often propagated using the seeds. You will soak the seeds one day before you plant them in a new pot.

Pests and diseases

These plants are resistant to the usual pests such as scale insects, mealybugs, and spider mites. You can spray an insecticide twice a year to be sure that it is not suffering, after all, it won’t cause any harm to your plants.

Excess humidity can damage the plant, and therefore you should always protect it against high humid conditions.


To conclude, Pachypodium lamerei is an excellent houseplant that requires little care for it to grow nicely. You deserve this beautiful houseplant in your house. It is easy for succulent plant growers, and it won’t be hard for beginners to maintain it.