Top Reasons You Might Have Mice At Home (And What You Can Do)

Last Updated on December 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Infestations are problematic. Having bugs or animals damaging your property is an issue no one wants to deal with. After all, these creatures not only destroy your house but also spread dangerous diseases. In the case of mice, they may transmit hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis.

Naturally, one would like to avoid these complications at all costs. Therefore, you must look out for these signs that indicate you may have mice at home. And don’t worry, we are providing the solutions too! 

You Find Gnaw Marks 

Mice love leaving their tooth marks on everything. They bite food, furniture, packages, wires, and walls, leaving behind little holes in the material they just devoured. If you notice these marks, then it is a clear sign you might have mice at your house. 

Bear in mind, that if the gnaw marks are too big, then you don’t have mice, but rats, since mice tend to leave smaller traces. Either big or small, you don’t want to disregard these gnaw marks, so ensure you address the problem immediately. 

You Find Droppings and Perceive a Fetid Odor  

Like every other animal, mice need to release the waste of what they eat and drink. Needless to say, they don’t go to the bathroom. Therefore, you might perceive a strong-scented odor in your kitchen or living room, which comes from the mice’s urine.

Furthermore, if you happen to have pets, you might find your dog or cat particularly interested in certain areas where the mice left their trace. After all, their sense of smell is much more developed than ours. 

Regarding droppings, you’ll most probably find them near drawers or the fridge. In short, anywhere you keep your food. The rodent’s droppings are small dark-colored pieces that will eventually turn gray. If you find these, or if you perceive a pungent smell in your room, then you are probably dealing with a mice infestation. 

You Hear These Sounds 

Mice produce a variety of notorious sounds. The most obvious one being a squeak, their characteristic “voice”. However, they still produce sounds that aren’t produced by their own vocal cords.

For example, you might hear scratchings or pitter-patters behind the walls or in the ceiling. This, of course, is an indication of mice moving all over your house. They also gather materials to build their nests, so dragging sounds will be produced. 

Lastly, as previously stated, mice bite everything they believe to be tasty. So, you could hear gnawing sounds too. 

Your House Serves as Shelter

Mice, like most other animals, need shelter. Since they are so small, they don’t have any difficulty sneaking into your home through holes and gaps. Therefore, they may find that your house is the appropriate place to build their nests.

As stated by the Secret Agent Pest Control, these animals set up a camp and produce offspring there. These “camps” are your attic, basement, and walls. After all, a house is an overall safer place than the outdoors, because there they can find protection against harsh weather and dangerous predators. Plus, they have an unlimited food supply. All it takes is getting to the drawers and chewing the first digestible object they find. 

Unfortunately, your house is not the only thing that attracts mice. The exterior of your house may be enough for them. For instance, an old automobile rusting in your front yard is the perfect place for setting up a nest. Also, piles of firewood or bushes can provide the coverage they are looking for. 

Lack of Proper Sanitation 

Mice tend to live in unclean and contaminated places. A property that fails to meet sanitation standards will definitely attract these rodents that will feel right at home under such conditions. More specifically, if your place is surrounded by garbage, mice, and rats will be attracted. Let’s not forget that garbage cans could contain potential free food for these little beasts. 


If you detect any of these signs, or if your house meets these rodents’ needs, then you might find the following solutions quite useful. 

First of all, get rid of all unnecessary trash near your house. That includes removing old furniture, cans, and boxes piling up in the backyard. Even if they don’t qualify as ‘garbage’, any unused object serves as a potential refuge. Try to cover every gap you find in your windows, walls, ceiling, roof, and doors. Remember that tiny holes function as welcome door mats for mice. 

solution to get rid of mice

Now, if the infestation has already set in, the best you can do is to contact a pest control or “exterminator” agency. More often than not, a plague is bigger than you might expect, and eliminating it is not an easy job. Find professionals to do it for you. 

Be aware of these signs. In case you find one or more of these, act as soon as possible. Whenever in doubt, it is wise asking for advice from professionals. They will discover whether an infestation has taken place or not. As usual, it is better to be safe than sorry.