45+ Clever Repurposed Old Ladder Ideas

Wooden ladders are more prone to wear due to heavy usage over the years. Therefore, the ladder might need seasonal cleaning and refurbishment to maintain that sparkling look.

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How do you clean an old wooden ladder?

The first step is to take the ladder apart after figuring out parts that might need repair. The next thing is to sand it down gently to remove any old paint splotches or accumulated dust until it is all smooth.

Using a varnish brush, coat the ladder with a clear layer of varnish and let it dry overnight.

How to make a rustic Rudder

Making a rustic ladder to hang some clothes or blankets is a pretty straightforward task. Materials needed are rods, studs wood glue and sandpaper.

Cut your dowel rods into long lungs according to the size you need for your ladder. Sand the rods gently and mark the sides for wholes.

Drill small holes on the marked sides and sand them down to ensure that the lungs will fit in the holes. Fill the holes with glue and gently place the lung in and do the same on the other side.

Attach clumps for a few hours to allow the glue to dry. Finally, you can decide to paint the ladder and let it dry to achieve the look that you want.

How to paint an old ladder

Before painting an old wooden ladder, first, you need to clean and sand it and repair any broken parts and coat it with varnish, as explained earlier, to give the paint a layer to stick on.

Do you know that that old ladder laying in your garage can be of great use? Come with me as I take you through 45 Interesting repurposed old ladder ideas that you should try.

45+ interesting repurposed old ladder ideas

1. DIY Old Ladder for More Shelves

1 repurposed old ladder ideas

Create more shelving space by placing two ladder side by side and joining the two with a distressed rod along the rungs.


2. Repurposed Ladder Plant Stand

2 repurposed old ladder ideas

This Rustic step ladder fitted with shelving boards across the center acts as a perfect plant ladder with such a satisfying view.


3. DIY Pot Rack

3 repurposed old ladder ideas

Add hooks to your old ladder and chain it somewhere in your kitchen to create a charming pot rack for your kitchen.

4. DIY ladder for a Bookshelf

4 repurposed old ladder ideas

That tiny corner in your living room can be of great use. When fitted horizontally, your old ladder acts an attractive bookshelf for your book collection.

5. DIY Repurposed Ladder for your Herb Garden

5 repurposed old ladder ideas

This is a brilliant idea to spice up your garden by simply laying down your old ladder and getting these even portions for your plants.

6. DIY Entrance mud Coat Rack

6 repurposed old ladder ideas

If your house does not have a mud coat room, you can turn that old ladder into a coat rack just at the entrance of your living room.

7. Repurposed Ladder into an Arbor

7 repurposed old ladder ideas

Are you tight on a budget in your upcoming wedding? Convert three of your old ladders into a beautiful charming wedding arbor.

8. DIY Old ladder into a Wardrobe

8 repurposed old ladder ideas

With just a few pieces of pine plank, you can transform your old ladder into this freestanding and elegant wardrobe for your clothes.

Source information: bobvila

9. DIY Old Ladder into a Nightstand.

9 repurposed old ladder ideas

This simple and appealing vintage ladder converted into a nightstand with an inbuilt table is a perfect when placed on your bedside, where you can place lightweight personal items.

Source information: bobvila

10. DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf Idea

10 repurposed old ladder ideas

Create a simple shelf from your old ladder by attaching wire baskets to the rungs of your ladder where you can store different accessories and crafts.

Source information: thisoldhouse

11.DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

11 repurposed old ladder ideas

Fitting your old ladder with attached baskets in your bathroom will give you extra space where you can place your towels and other toiletries.

Source information: thisoldhouse

12. Flower Display Shelves Idea

12 repurposed old ladder ideas

Convert your old ladders into this stylish display of shelves for your flowers and other accessories for your house.

Source information: abeautifulmess

13. DIY Old ladder for your Dining Lighting

13 repurposed old ladder ideas

Light up your dining table by chaining your old ladder horizontally and attach lighting fixtures to it.

Source information: thespruce

14. Old Ladder to hang Jewelry

14 repurposed old ladder ideas

This is a super easy idea where you can use your old ladder to hang your vast jewelry design and access them easily when you need them.

15. Old Ladder for Herb Drying.

15 repurposed old ladder ideas

This is a perfect idea for gardeners. Fit your old ladder in your garden and use it to dry your herbs.

16. DIY old ladder into a shoe Rack

16 repurposed old ladder ideas

If you are a shoe lover with too many shoes that don’t fit into your closet, this is a perfect idea for you. Your old ladder can perfectly hold your shoe collection in cute appealing way.

17. DIY Laundry Room Clothing Rack

17 repurposed old ladder ideas

Your old ladder chained horizontally from the ceiling of your laundry room will go a long way in helping you organize and dry your clothes when doing laundry.

18. DIY Blanket Ladder

18 repurposed old ladder ideas

When leaned against your living room wall, your old ladder holds up a few well folded blankets keeping the room tidy.


19. DIY Old ladder garden Homewalk Entrance

19 repurposed old ladder ideas

Enhance your garden entrance with this beautiful home walk made from old wooden ladders.

Source information: hometalk

20. DIY Birdhouse Stands

20 repurposed old ladder ideas

These beautiful birdhouses made from old ladders will attract birds creating an amazing and natural feeling in your compound.


21. Old ladder for Home décor

21 repurposed old ladder ideas

Suspend your old ladder horizontally on your ceiling and decorate it using flowers and other decorations of your choice to lighten up your room.


22. Ladder lighting

22 repurposed old ladder ideas

23. Hanging lanterns

23 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

24. Christmas tree

24 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

25. DIY basket ladder

25 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

26. DIY weathered ladder

26 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

27. Birdhouses

27 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

28. Outdoor Hanging Planters

28 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

29. Ladder shelf for board game storage

29 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

30. Wooden step ladder

30 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

31-32. Rustic ladder flower planter

31 repurposed old ladder ideas32 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

33. Recycled ladder shelf

33 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

34. Bed canopy

34 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

35. Another ladder planter

35 repurposed old ladder ideas

36. Rustic herb garden planter

36 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

37. Ladder table

37 repurposed old ladder ideas

38. Hanging ladder for wedding

38 repurposed old ladder ideas

39. Christmas wreath hanging

39 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

40. Bathroom ladder storage

40 repurposed old ladder ideas

41. Bathroom towel storage using ladder

41 repurposed old ladder ideas

42. Vintage ladder shelving

42 repurposed old ladder ideas

43. Antique Ladder Pot Rack

43 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

44. Ladder shelf in guest room

44 repurposed old ladder ideasSource

45. Plant stand

45 repurposed old ladder ideas


diy recycled old ladder ideas

Don’t let your old ladders go to waste. Try out these wonderful DIY old ladder ideas and have fun all the away!


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