14 Creative Ways To Add Flowers Into Your Home Decor

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

We are always looking for ways to make our homes reflect our personalities. Seeing as we spend a considerable chunk of our time in these spaces, it makes sense that we would.

Besides, these are the only spaces where we can exercise control over what we want. They are ours, and we want to establish this as much as possible. So, why not decorate your space with some flowery cheer and make it as bright and beautiful as it can be?

Other than using colorful floral peel-off wallpaper, we’ve come up with ways you can add more flowers into your décor.

Why Flowers?

You may have noticed that people have jumped on the floral temporary wallpaper craze quite fast. It makes sense- who does not enjoy flowers? Even those who may not like flowers delivered to them every day in a bouquet will still enjoy the occasional rose or tulip. Flowers breathe life into our souls and spaces. They are also elegant and perfect when you want to:

  • Brighten up your space: All you need is some natural color in your space to make it feel more alive. So, if you’ve been feeling like your space is too cramped for your liking, maybe a few flowers here and there could work the magic.
  • Eliminate bad scents: If your home has an odor that does not seem to go away, you might appreciate placing flowers in your space strategically. They will make it feel and seem much brighter and beat the funk.
  • Circulate fresh air: We all know about the relationship between plants and animals as far as oxygen goes. So, why not get some more oxygen in your home and increase the levels of fresh air? You will be much more alive thanks to it. It also makes sense when living in urban areas where the air is partly smog and other pollutants.
  • Beautify the room: Are you tired of the same old patterns in your space? You can change up the room with flowers in just a few moves. You get to watch the flowers move from the bud to full bloom stages, and the magic of all this will spread throughout your space.
  • Boost your mood: Sometimes, being in the same environment can dull your spirits. Do you want to know what can help? – Adding flowers to the space! That’s why aromatherapists stock up on flowers- they know just how healing they can be.

But what happens if you can’t care for flowers or are allergic to pollen? You can always use floral wallpaper. It creates the illusion of flowers and makes the room as bright and elegant as natural flowers. Besides, you can get wallpaper depicting your favorite flowers to make it seem more real.

How To Decorate with Flowers

Let’s look at some ways you can decorate your space with flowers while incorporating some creativity for visual effects:

1. Use a Floral Wallpaper

1 flower wallpaper

Did you know that you can purchase floral wallpaper? It features flowers in different designs- from small flowers to large murals. So, you can pick out what works best for your home, enabling you to achieve your desired visuals.

Manufacturers have come a long way in manufacturing these wallpapers and now even offer removable wallpaper. You can adhere it to your wall without using a paste, and whenever you want to change it, all you do is peel it off.

Have your pick between modern and vintage styles and transform your space with a simple wallpaper. Plus, it comes free of pollen if you cannot have real flowers because some inhabitants have allergies. How great is that!

2. Repurpose Your Rubber Boots

2 repurposed boot to plant flowers

Do you want an exciting way to plant flowers around the home? You can always use old rubber boots as a vase! How? Take the rubber boots, clean them, and paint them in a bright pattern using oil paint.

Just like that, you have a vase you can use to hold your favorite flowers. Plop them in and position the vase in a strategic point. As long as you change the water often, the flowers remain strong and vibrant.

3. Use Old Glass Bottles

3 plastic flowers decorated in a bottle

Have you ever wondered what else you can do with glass bottles in the home? Here’s an idea- you can use them as vases! They are ideal vases as they allow you to even note the changes in the color of the water and the stalks. Now, how do you put them to good use?

It’s easy! All you need is to clean the bottles and fill them with clean water. Plop the flower stalks in them, and just like that, you’ve got a vase! You can even get more creative by hanging the vases above ground to make them more visually exciting!

4. Use Old Teapots

4 old teapot with flowers

Let’s dish out some tea- your teapots can also hold your flowers! It’s an exciting way to create floral arrangements and spark a conversation when you have people over for tea.

The effect will be the same whether you use a modern or vintage teapot. With the flowers towering over the pot or cascading over its surface, you will have created quite a visual.

To ensure that the flowers are the main attraction, choose a simple pot with little or no patterns. But if you chance upon one with a design, ensure that the choice of flowers matches the patterns.

5. Use Old Shampoo Bottles

We throw away shampoo bottles almost every other week. But what if we could make use of them some other way? All you need to do is drain the shampoo, clean the bottle, then add water and plop your flower stalks into the bottle.

Ensure that the bottle is free of writings and patterns that can interfere with the overall aesthetic, and you will be good to go.

6. Use an Old Box

6 wooden box with plants

You come to realize that you have so many items lying around the house that are not being used to their full potential. Wooden boxes fall in this category. When was the last time you put them to good use?

Not to worry, though- we have found another way you can repurpose these beauties- by using them as hanging shelves. See, you cannot use the box as a vase as it cannot hold water. But it can hold a pot or any other item you use to hold the flower.

So, hang the boxes with their open side facing outwards and pop the flower in its vase inside. That should create enough visual interest. You can even choose to grow the whole plant in its pot for more aesthetic appeal. It transforms your space and gives it a bit of a rustic vibe.

7. Take on a Metallic Vibe

7 old tin can vase

What do you do with tin cans once you have emptied their contents? If you think about it, we end up with a lot of these from our groceries- from baked beans to tomato pastes down to canned fish.

You collect many tins over time, most of which end up in the garbage. So, what if you could save the planet by repurposing some of these tins? They are easy to work with and hold just enough water to keep the flower stalks strong.

Here’s what you do- clean the tin cans, remove their labels, and paint them in lovely hues that are aesthetically pleasing. It’s even better if the paint matches your home so that the tins will not interrupt the flow in the room. Then add the flowers and take a step back to admire the work of your hands.

8. Use an Old Watering Pot

8 old watering can vase

What are you doing with old watering pots and pitchers? They are yet to lose their functionality. These would look great as vases, so all you need is to repurpose them as such. Grab a few of these, paint them in flattering colors, and pop some flowers in them.

You can position them on the windowsills, entryways, and even on tables. Whatever grabs people’s attention is the way to go- of course, you also want the pitchers to look good. So, be strategic in how you place them around the home.

9. Get More Out of Your Teacups

9 old teacup can vase

How creative are you willing to get to decorate your home with flowers? We have an idea that would knock the socks off your visitors. See those small cups you use for teatime?

They can come in handy by serving as vases. It’s quite an easy way to leave a mark on your guests when having them over for tea. Lay out the teacups and cookies and whatnot. Then fill some of the teacups with water and plop some flowers in them. That should complete the look and should have heads turning your way in awe.

10. Get More Out of Flower Baskets

10 flower basket

Can you remember when flower baskets were a trend? It turns out that they refused to go out of style.

Even now, you can still transform your space by plopping some flowers into a basket and setting it in a strategic spot. But how will the flowers retain their freshness seeing as the basket cannot hold any water? Good question? You make do with a wet treated sponge.

It will give the stalks the moisture to remain sturdy while supporting the flowers. Anyone looking at the flowers will be amazed at how lovely they look, and only you will know the work it takes to achieve this perfection.

11. Add Some Flowery Fragrance

What do you usually do with empty perfume bottles? It turns out that they can do more than hold your favorite fragrances. Once you are out of perfume, clean the bottle to ensure it’s suitable to hold freshwater. Then plop some flowers into the bottle and enjoy a different type of fragrance.

12. Embrace Used Eggshells

11 eggshell vase

We use eggshells in many ways. Some people grind and sprinkle them over gardens, while others add the shells to their compost. What if someone told you that you could use the shells to hold flowers? It might seem like a far-flung idea.

After all, the shells are so small and fitting a whole flower and stalk in them does not seem feasible. But rather than use the whole flower and stalk, you use singular flowers and place them in the shells. So, all you see popping out of the shell are the flower petals- quite a dramatic way to decorate your home.

The best way to decorate a house this way is by using tons of shells at a time. Aim for at least five shells at a time, each with different flower color. Let hue take over your space. See? That’s another genius use of eggshells.

13. Use Ceramic Bowls

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Have you been to a wellness spa? You may have noticed that they do not use conventional ways to display their flowers. Instead, most of these establishments prefer to float their flowers on the water.

It creates a calming effect and makes the spaces feel more relaxing. You can do the same thing with your flowers. Remove the stalks, fill a ceramic bowl with water, and float the flowers.

Only the blooms will be apparent to the eye, which will make the whole setup even more aesthetically pleasing. Why not mix the flowers and include a variety to get an even better outcome?

14. Use Glass Bottles with a Twist

12 Painted bottles1

We are used to seeing flowers in glass vases. But when was the last time you saw a vase with colored water? This twist is what you need to make the whole glass vase approach more exciting. So, why not?

Almost everything in your home can hold flowers, including your perfume bottles and cocktail glasses. Find what works for you and use that to impart this floral goodness in your space.

Even if you can’t have real flowers in your home, you can always use floral wallpaper to get the same effect. You might not have the oxygen flow going for you, but you can still enjoy their beauty and effects on your mood. Or better yet, combine the wallpaper with flowers for the ultimate effect!