12+ Best Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The kitchen backsplash is incredibly important. It not only protects your walls from water damage, but it is also an integral design opportunity for the kitchen space.

The farmhouse look is quite humble and warm and it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing trying to nail the correct backsplash for a farmhouse look. So in this article, we’ll be sharing 12+ farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas to get you started!

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diy farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Can you use shiplap as a backsplash?

The short answer is YES you definitely can. However, you may need to be aware of a few cons before jumping the gun and installing it as your backsplash even though it will definitely look gorgeously farmhouse chic.

  • It is a magnet for dust!
  • Shiplap has a tendency to warp or rot if not installed properly.
  • It can make the home look a little too farmhouse-y and tacky if it clashes with your other decor.

What is a backsplash in the kitchen?

The kitchen backsplash is the material covering the wall space between the sink, counters, and cabinets. Most homeowners use this as an opportunity to get creative. And why not? It’s the perfect canvas!

10 Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Clean and Crisp White Kitchen

1 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

This style is minimalistic and modern while still keeping the farmhouse theme. It’s sophisticated, bright and still earthy because of the wood panels used as the backsplash.

White painted wood has become a fast trend these past few years and we can clearly see why.


2. Exposed Brick

2 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Bricks are almost a staple in the farmhouse design realm. It’s not hard to see why, they add subtle charm and a lot of character to any household.

Take a note from the well-loved classic and turn it into a modern vintage look. This exposed brick look is best accented with copper elements for a slightly industrial yet vintage feel to your kitchen.


3. Versatile White Subway Tiles

3 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

These white subway tiles have become a fast trend and staple in kitchen backsplash design. They’re incredibly easy to coordinate with your kitchen and they add a pop of cleanliness and brightness to your kitchen that decorative tiles won’t.


4. Stenciled Backsplash

4 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Take the creative route and take out your stencils! You can choose a fun pattern, random patterns or your favorite quotes! The sky’s the limit and there’s nothing holding you back from adding your own little personal touch.


5. Shiplap!

5 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Yes, you heard it right! Shiplap is an amazing farmhouse staple that you can easily incorporate into your kitchen backsplash.

However, shiplap isn’t very low maintenance so we’d suggest painting it a darker/warmer color instead of white. Dust and dirt tend to get in between the spaces and if not cleaned properly (which could get difficult due to hard to reach areas) you’d end up with a grimy looking backsplash. Yikes!


6. Marble Slab

6 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Marble surely is a stunning addition to anything and with the variety of colors available, you can always find something that works best for your farmhouse kitchen!

A slab installed directly as a backsplash is a visually pleasing sight and one you’ll gladly wake up to see every day.


7. White and Gray Marble Chevron Tiles

7 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

These white and gray marble tiles showcase an amazing chevron pattern proving that white and gray are definitely not boring!

8. Matching Island

8 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Oh! You bet we didn’t stop there. Match your island to your backsplash to tie in your kitchen decor seamlessly.

9. Striped Tilework

9 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

These subway tiles are gorgeous but that doesn’t mean you have to pick just one! Create a striped design to bring a fun element into your kitchen and keep it from looking monotonous.

10. Copper Counterpart

10 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Who says your counters have to be separate from your backsplash? These custom copper counters double as a backsplash instead of ending on its edge.


11. Neutral tile backsplash

11 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas


12. Grey cabinets

12 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas



The kitchen backsplash is a great way to express yourself in the kitchen. The right kind will make your home feel more open, inviting, and ultimately make you happy.