29 Creative Reused Empty Food and Drink Container Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Waste is an environmental issue that is fast rising in the society, and we have just the right solution that everyone can join in. Instead of littering waste after use, let’s show you 29 foods and drink container design that you can make out of these wastes.

reused empty drink container ideas

1. DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases

DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases


Who would believe this old plastic bottle can be used for something is as amazing as this at little or no cost. This case can be used for quite a lot of things from storing of writing material to keeping of arts. Kids are not left out they can also use this.

2. Peanut butter jar bird feeder

Peanut butter jar bird feeder


An idea for the reuse of a peanut butters bottle is by simply carving out a sizeable hole for the birds followed by cutting out a smaller hole at the lowest part of the bottle for a slight perch. It can be done at little or no cost.

3. Use an Empty Yoghurt Container as a Measuring Cup

Use an Empty Yoghurt Container as a Measuring Cup


You probably have a couple of yoghurt containers lying around; take the different sizes and turn them into measuring equipment. This equipment can then be used to measure out salts, sugar, flour.

4. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Soda Bottle Sprinkler


Sprinkling water around some vegetation can be quite a lot of work; what if there is an easy way to go about it. Fill the air tight soda bottle with water and attach a hose to the top of the bottle, then puncture the bottle and watch the water sprinkle round the plants.

5. Re-purpose the tic tac boxes into travel boxes

Re-purpose the tic tac boxes into travel boxes


You know how having these little tic tac boxes around can cause a nuisance; here is a better way to use them, when you pack your bags for your travels use a tic tac box to store your spices. This repurposing idea is a good solution to individuals who live on vacation houses.

6. Turn Baby Food Containers into mini GreenHouses for Plant Seedlings

Turn Baby Food Containers into mini GreenHouses for Plant Seedlings


Planting of seedlings can be fun and it can be done easier; putting the plant seedlings to be cultivated in baby containers instead of the traditional tilling the ground.

7. Milk Jug Garden Scoop

Milk Jug Garden Scoop


Apparently milk jar containers are not entirely useless. They can be cut and shaped into a funnel-like shape and used for scooping. With this say goodbye to dirty hands after a days work on the farm.

8. Keep Electrical Cords Dry

Keep Electrical Cords Dry


Who knew that this food container can do much more, it is used for keeping cords left out in the open dry. This is done by perforating the container at both ends while cord runs through.

9. Bottle Cap Mosaic

Bottle Cap Mosaic


This idea is made out of bottle caps of different sizes. This mosaic can be used as a form of decoration if done properly.

10. Ice Cream Pails

Ice Cream Pails


Ice cream pails can be used for a little of things, from a collection of little pieces of clothes to toys to some little tailoring tools. It can also be used vomit vessels.

11. Store Cake Liners

Store Cake Liners


Maybe you own a bakery or you bake and you have a lot of cake liners lying around the house, you could use this empty cookie jar to make sure they are well-around and kept.

12. Baby Food Jar Containers

Baby Food Jar Containers

These little jars are a solution to the problem of unorganized supplies of baking ingredients. With this, you can be sure your ingredients can be neatly arranged.

13. Tin Can Biscuits

Tin Can Biscuits


When you want to make your biscuits you probably buy a biscuit cutter which is quite expensive and all, did you know that you can replace the biscuit cutter with a tin can. All you need to do is use a cast-off tin sharp end as the cutter.

14. Mason Jar Blender Smoothie

Mason Jar Blender Smoothie


It’s always delicious to have a smoothie but everyone hates to clean the blender. Here is an idea to try out use a mason jug on the blender. In this way you can easily just wash the mason jug after the blending.

15. Piggy Bottle Bank

Piggy Bottle Bank


Here is something for the kids; you can make new toys for your kids by converting this bottle into a piggy shape and you are good to know.

16. DIY Drip Irrigation

DIY Drip Irrigation


If you have a little piece of land where you farm, here is a trick for you when the rains are not forthcoming; tie a piece of bottle filled with water over each plant and perforate it such that the water drips gently over the plants.

17. DIY BirdHouse Decoration

DIY BirdHouse Decoration

Here is a decoration from used bottles. Unlike you think this is very easy to prepare. It is a simple bird tree.

18. DIY Mobile Charger Basket

DIY Mobile Charger Basket


How about this basket for carrying your mobile charger? It is made from old cream bottle. The cream bottle should be a little weighty.

19. Tin Cans

Tin Cans


Look at this vintage glass club, instead of throwing it away this can be used to store pins, pencils and other stationeries.

20. Twist off Wine Caps for Candles

Twist off Wine Caps for Candles

You know those wine caps from wine bottles use them as a base for lighting your candles

21. Recycle baby treat container

Recycle baby treat container


22. DIY mason jar salt pepper and herb dispenser

DIY mason jar salt pepper and herb dispenser

23. Empty Fruit Cup + Mason Jar

Empty Fruit Cup + Mason Jar


24. Coke bottles for storaging kitchen cleaning stuff

Coke bottles for storaging kitchen cleaning stuff


25. Use water bottles to store pins

Use water bottles to store pins

26. Thumb controlled watering pot

Thumb controlled watering pot


27. Coke Bottle Luminarias

Coke Bottle Luminarias


28. Glass jars for storage

Glass jars for storage


29. Folgers flower pots

Folgers flower pots