How to Look Dashing With Mid Length Hair: Men’s Guide

Last Updated on January 20, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Medium length styling is fun and cool and easy to do when it comes to men. This is pretty different from men who have short hair as they have limited hairstyles and solutions for their hair. One can choose from a variety of hairstyles available in the market.

But before choosing a particular style of hair, there are many things that need to be discussed and considered such as characteristics of your hair, texture, shape of the face as well as the length of strands.

dashing mid length hairstyles for men

How to style medium length hair

  • Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner properly, and dry them with a towel
  • Use a hairdryer, blow-dry the hair directing the hair in the upwards direction
  • Use a brush so that unwanted hair and broken hairs can be removed while drying
  • Use matte cream for finishing if the hairs are wavy
  • Use higher shine wax if the hair type is straight

Hairstyles that can be done with medium length hair

1. Messy waves

1 messy waves

This is the easiest style that can be done with medium length hair. Fun fact, both men and women can do this. This hairstyle requires very less or no attention for the person who does it, because the messier it is the better it is, in some cases.

Messy hair looks cool but is only for casual outings and when at home, they might create an odd impression if the person has to go for a professional meeting. The person who wants to do this hairstyle should use a pomade after shampooing and conditioning for a curly and messy finish.

2. Wavy and blonde

2 messy waves

Many people of this generation consider the blonde hair highlight or colour as cool, the reason behind this is that they get along with almost all kinds of hairstyles.

Blonde highlights or hair colour goes very well with curly or wavy hair as only colouring or highlighting can do all the style work and complete the look for the person. For the guys who want to go for a cute look, this is the one they should try for sure. 

3. Curly hairs with top fade

Curly hairs with top fade

This style will be one of the best options for African American Men as they have naturally occurring hair curls. This hairstyle is easy and effortless, all that has to be done to get this look is shave the sides of the head and it is all set. The hairs on the top can be styled as the person wishes, this is a very cool hairstyle and it also demands very little attention.

4. Cornrow braided hairdo for men

Cornrow braided hairdo for men

The braided cornrow hairstyle is pretty unique and attractive. This hairstyle can completely change the look and personality of any man.

For doing this hairstyle, one has to do the top part by cutting the hair on the sides using trimmers to a medium length. After that, the process of braiding the remaining hairs in the desired width is followed.

5. Top sided crop style

Top sided crop style

This is a particular style where the hair present on top is cropped at one side. This hairstyle is often considered as a decent one. This hairstyle can be opted by both teens and men irrespective of their age.

Top sided crop style is relatively low maintenance and easy to handle. If someone has a round face, this hairstyle can be the best for him. It can be worn anytime irrespective of the occasion as it perfectly suits both casual and formal events.

6. Shaggy hair for men

Shaggy hair for men

This is probably the simplest and most low maintenance style for men. The theme of this hairstyle is shaggy, and thus, it does not require monthly barber visits. This saves time, money as well as the efforts of many.

This hairstyle may look messy sometimes but with good care and nutrition, one can make it look super classy and decent. The requirements of this hairstyles consist of cutting the hairs to medium layer in a shaggy style and combing it over to make it look waiver. This hairstyle gives a dashing look and is attractive.

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