20+ Rustic Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Last Updated on June 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

What does the perfect backyard need? Some form of seating. Mood lighting? These are both important but how do you find your look? Rustic is the new form of chic! In this article we will explore various mediums and looks to bring your vision to fruition.

rustic backyard landscaping ideas

1. The guided path

1 rustic backyard ideas

In this image its all about peace and serenity, using natural elements like wood and stone and foliage to create the perfect guided path.

2. Garden Shed

2 rustic backyard ideas

This is one of our favourite picks. It looks so quaint and as if it belongs in a fairytale. With the luscious growth of the vegetable garden surrounding it and its construction out of re-purposed wood this is rustic at its best. Tuck it away at the bottom of your garden or have it on display, either way this shed will bring your rustic look to life

3. Wood and vine garden Arch

3 rustic backyard ideas

This idea is cute, quaint and understated. All you need is some wooden trellises and creeping vines and you too could create this beautiful church archway.

4. Pallet seating

4 rustic backyard ideas

No rustic list would be complete without pallet furniture making a feature somewhere in the mix and we love this so much . You can make this yourself as your next DIY project so versatile yet casual instead of a table add a fire pit this look has so many options.

5. Understated simplicity

5 rustic backyard ideas

Got some spare wood and bricks laying around? This is the perfect way to re-purpose them We love this look because of its simplicity and how easy it is to implement. Make this your next DIY project.

6. Small Garden rustic idea

6 rustic backyard ideas

If you have a small backyard in the city but you want to bring some rustic flair into your space then this Idea is perfect. Combining re-purposed wood stone and slate to create this cornucopia of function and flair.

7. DIY style picnic bench style table

7 rustic backyard ideas

If you don’t have access to a lot of funds and have rocks and spare wood lying around then you can quickly make this picnic style table. Using Steel baskets to hold the various large stones to make the base and bench part of this table, then using slate or marble for the table top and wooden planks for the seating. Add colourful outdoor cushions to bring that extra comfort.

8. Cinder block Planter

8 rustic backyard ideas

We love this idea. It is so simple. Use it as a clever boundary for your garden bedding or as an accent to an outdoor entertainment area. However you choose to use it, we suggest that you do.

9. Rustic Waterfall

9 rustic backyard ideas

Any rustic backyard is not complete without a form of water feature.
Set in natural stone, and crystal clear water. It is the picture of perfect serenity and bliss.

10. Cottage style garden

10 rustic backyard ideas

If you stay in a cottage style dwelling you can still benefit from this amazing way to decorate and landscape your backyard. As seen above there are a number of ways that you can bring rustic chic to a smaller space.

11. Tire power planter

11 rustic backyard ideas

This idea is super cute and also Ozone-friendly Good for the environment and for your pocket. These planters are space saving and can be painted as you desire. Use them a boundary marker.

12. Hay-style

12 rustic backyard ideas


For those cold fall nights get the hay-stacks out and a fire going. So cute and original your guests will be blown away get some colorful blankets and have a memorable time in your backyard.

13. Hot-tub Delight

13 rustic backyard ideas


This rustic inspired hot-tub backyard is perfect. It has all you need in one place use different materials such as hardwood slate or anything else you can think of to pull this look off.

14. Building your own fire-pit

14 rustic backyard ideas

Having that perfect place to gather is essential to any Red-Blooded-American.
Not everyone can hire fancy crews to landscape and carve out this sanctuary, Lucky for you there are many guides that show you how you can bring this beautiful corner stone into your home! Just follow the links for full instructions.

15. Steps to heaven

15 rustic backyard ideas


We love this. Designing your garden like this opens up the space adding the steps adds another dimension and there is a lot of room for new and exciting ideas add some rustic milk cans to bring an even more rustic look and feel to this idea.

16. Over the bridge

16 rustic backyard ideas

This cute fairy bridge would complete any look. White wash the wood to give it a more weathered authentic look and have fun with this design element use it as pictured or as a feature for a fountain.

17. Lazing about

17 rustic backyard ideas

Hammocks are so on trend right now and they add an extra sense of relaxation. For an even more rustic feel tie the hammock to the tree and create the perfect reading area.

18. Pallet patio

18 rustic backyard ideas

Pallets are one of my favorite design elements as they are such a versatile medium. If you varnish them they look like they are made from an expensive and imported wood but they not. Pallets can be used in many ways and we simply love this application.

19. Rustic rugged bar

19 rustic backyard ideas


Okay, so who doesn’t like a cold beer or cocktail? Every backyard needs a functioning bar right? So why not build It? For all you straight edged kids out there build a juice bar, your imagination is your only limit.

20. Follow the cobblestone Road

20 rustic backyard ideas
This last idea is one of my favorites as it is picturesque in its execution and belongs in a fable. Simple to do but the effect is breathtaking add some fairy lights to light the way at night.


Whichever idea you decide to implement in your garden we hope that this list has inspired you. With great links that you can follow you are bound to find the rustic look that suits not only your style but our budget too.