15+ Best DIY Bracelets for Boyfriends

Last Updated on January 15, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

So, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. What do you get for that someone special? Why not make them a special, one of a kind bracelets? Something that shows them how well you know them and how much you care!

best bracelets for boyfriends

1. Morse code bracelets

1 diy bracelets for boyfriends


This is a cute Idea and it is understated enough that he will wear it.

What you will need is:

  • seed beads
  • crimp beads
  • embroidery thread
  • beading needle or fine metal wire
  • larger 2mm-3mm bead
  • small pliers
  • Morse code

Firstly make a loop in the wire. How you do this is by threading the wire with a crimping bead. Loop the wire end into the bead and crimp down with your pliers.

Pick your beads and message you will need four different color beads to get the desired look the first colour you pick will be what they call the base color the second bead you choose will be to separate the letters. The third color choice is for the letters themselves and finally the fourth is for the dashes.

Choose a message that is shared between the two of you.

2. The nuts about you bracelets

2 diy bracelets for boyfriends

This style is known as Macramé. you take yarn or string and twist it into various knots to get your desired effect.

What you will need is:

  • Macramé rope
  • sliver nuts

Tie a loop at the end of your string this will act as the clasp. Cut six pieces of identical length rope and not them at one end, start to braid them together adding the nuts as you go. Continue until you come full circle.

3. All that glitters is gold

3 diy bracelets for boyfriends

Keeping up with the boyfriend in mind, they like understated elegance and unique pieces. Macrame achieves all this and so much more. In this illustration there are actually instructions on how to get started

What you will need

  • Macramé rope
  • Golden nuts of various sizes

As before make a knot and start to braid adding the nuts as you go along.

4. Ruin bracelets

4 diy bracelets for boyfriends

If your guy is into time periods then this is the perfect bracelet for him.

What you need:

  • Macramé rope
  • Specialized ruin bead

This bracelet is beautiful and easy to make knot the ropes at one end and then start to loop and knot. When you get to the middle add the specialized ruin bead.

5. Brown bear bracelets

5 diy bracelets for boyfriends

This bracelet is perfect for the more rugged man. For full instructions follow the link this craft only requires two materials and a bit of time in this article I will give you a full guide on the macramé knots.

6. Macramé knots full guide

6 diy bracelets for boyfriends


This is just a guide to help you navigate through this new craft. Men like bracelets that are unique and stylish macramé ticks all those boxes.

7. Beaded men’s bracelets

7 diy bracelets for boyfriends

This is a timeless classic bracelet that is both loved by men and women alike. For this one you will need

  • Leather shoestring rope
  • wooden beads
  • clasp toggle

Thread the beads on the string until it’s big enough to loop twice tie knots on either end.
Attach toggle

8. infinity knot men’s bracelet

8 diy bracelets for boyfriends

This bracelet is inspired by macramé using the same principles as you did with the others just with leather rope instead of macramé cord

What you need:

  • Leather rope to braid
  • Twine to braid through

Take the leather and loop it then take a second piece of leather and pull it through the loop to create the infinity knot. Bind with twine.

9. Viking style cuff bracelet

9 diy bracelets for boyfriends

We love an up-cycle project. This one is perfect. Using an old belt you could make this chic cuff
What you will need:

  • Old belt
  • Shoestring leather
  • 2 glass beads

Cut the belt to size making sure it is cut straight. Drill four holes on either side of the cuff in equal size and spacing, criss- cross shoe string leather through the holes. Attach beads and tie knots

10. Clasp-less leather cuff

10 diy bracelets for boyfriends


This one is unique and fun and if you give it to him he won’t know what it is until you show him
All you will need is a strip of leather cup to 2inches but look carefully at the image one side has to be tapered and the slots evenly spaced about a quarter inch apart.

11. Men’s lacing bracelets

11 diy bracelets for boyfriends


Lacing is a technique used by cobblers that work with leather. It’s the various ways of knotting and fastening leather.

12. To the stars my love

12 diy bracelets for boyfriends


My boyfriend and I our thing is space so if I was going to make him something it would be this. It’s funny and quirky

What you will need is leather rope

Some beads that are either of the planets or at least the same colours

Cute star beads and black beads representing black-holes

Thread the beads in the solar system sequence once all the planets are aligned add stars and black-holes

13. Solar system chain bracelets

13 diy bracelets for boyfriends

This is a simpler application of the solar system bracelet. This is a link chain that you add charms to.

14. Simple 6 strand leather braiding

14 diy bracelets for boyfriends


Braiding leather bracelets is now simple just follow the link and the expert will show you how it is done.

15. DIY Braided Anchor Bracelet

15 diy bracelets for boyfriends


Diy needn’t be daunting and Make your Boyfriend feel like a king with these elegant and understated bracelet ideas that he will love.