How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

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A stellar painting job requires high quality paints. When it comes to reputable high quality paints, Sherwin Williams is always in front of the top options along with Behr and Benjamin Moore. Of course, when you are working with reputable paints like this, the cost can be an issue. So, how much does Sherwin Williams paint cost? 

Well, at an average, it is between $38-100 per gallon. The range is due to the various types of paint finishes that it features.

In this post, everything that you need to know about Sherwin Williams is going to be covered. If you are interested in this paint brand for many reasons, this post is for you. 

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What is Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams was established in 1866 by partners Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. It is based in Cleveland, Ohio and has then long built other paint subsidiaries including Valspar, Ronseal and Pinturas. It has become one of the leading producers of paints, adhesives, other coating materials and decorative materials. 

You can find Sherwin Williams paints in more than 100 locations in the world. Having been heralded as one of the best paint producers, it was dubbed as ‘America’s Paint Company.’

Factors affecting the cost of Sherwin Williams paint

There are two main factors affecting the cost of Sherwin Williams paint: one is the range of paint finishes it offers and the second one is its upscale qualities. 


Paint finishes determine the overall aesthetic of your painting job and since different paint lines offer different aesthetics, it sure affects the cost of the paint that you will choose. As for Sherwin Williams, this is a list of all the paint finishes that they offer. 

  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • High gloss
  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Low lustre
  • Medium lustre
  • Pearl
  • Ultra matte
  • Velvet

Sherwin Williams has one of the most complete paint finishes, so it is no wonder that it is keeping up the competition in terms of price. You also must understand that the finish is as important as choosing paint colors. It determines the washability of the surface area. High gloss finish would be the easiest to wipe off and maintain. 

Notable qualities

As have been mentioned here, each paint line of the Sherwin Williams has its own upscale feature. For example, there are mildew resistant lines that are good in damper locations. Exterior paint lines also feature resistance to fading and peeling which is good for weatherproofing. 

The paints are also infused with self-cleaning technology to avoid major wall stains from dirt and grime. Most of all, it is very rare that you find air purifying paints or paints with low VOC levels. All these account for the relatively more expensive range of Sherwin Williams paints. 

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How much do different gallons of Sherwin Williams paint cost?

You must know that Sherwin Williams comes with various interior paint lines. Each differs when it comes to use as well as in cost ranges. Here are the price ranges and added information about the different Sherwin Williams interior paints. 


cashmere sherwin williams

This one is a part of the acrylic lines of Sherwin Williams. It has a silky consistency and is a paint and primer combo just like Duration. It is easy to work with making it a good choice for DIY painting jobs. It is also a high shade paint that is functional in hiding big wall stains. It runs at about $60-70 per gallon. 


captivate sherwin williams

This one is a latex acrylic interior paint and is the least expensive paint line for Sherwin Williams costing at just $35-45 per gallon. It was specifically designed for DIY jobs, providing a high quality yet affordable choice for various home improvement projects. 

Other than this, it comes with over 1,700 colors and three finishes (satin, semi-gloss, and flat). It is also certified as a low VOC paint. As a paint and primer combo, it is a durable choice albeit the cost. 


duration sherwin williams

Like Emerald, this one is designed for high traffic areas in the home such as living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. Duration latex is also durable and washable like Emerald.

The upside of Duration is that it is a paint and primer combo which means that you can paint it directly on your wall. It is also stain resistant so it is good for homes with kids and pets with grimy hands and paws. A gallon of Duration is between $70-75. 

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Emerald Interior

emerald interior sherwin williams

This is considered as the most expensive of Sherwin Williams’ interior paint lines. It is versatile, being able to cover different types of surfaces. It is also washable and extremely durable. Most of all it is mildew-resistant, making it a perfect choice for painting damp locations such as basements. A gallon of Emerald interior paint is in between $75-100. 

Emerald Exterior

emerald exterior sherwin williams

Like the Emerald interior, this is a high-end paint that is especially designed for weatherproofing your home’s exteriors. It costs between $105-112 and for a good reason. It is made with a patented self-cleaning technology which washes away dirt and grime automatically and provides UV protection for the home. 

It comes in two types. The Emerald Urethane Trim is made for exterior trims while the Emerald Rain Refresh is made for locations with damper climates. 

SuperPaint interior

superpaint sherwin williams

If you are thinking of color changing projects especially for your room, this is clearly the best choice. It is durable, offering a high hide finish for wall stains. It is also a paint and primer combo with high washability feature.

It comes in satin, velvet, semi-gloss, and flat finish. So if you are in need of different painting jobs for your home, this is a go-to choice. SuperPaint costs $60-65 per gallon. 


flextemp sherwin williams

If you are looking for a mid-tier paint that does the job of a high-end one, the FlexTemp is the one for you. It is known durability makes it perfect for painting jobs even in extreme weather conditions and temperatures (in between 35F to 120F). A gallon of FlexTemp costs between $70-75.   

SuperPaint exterior

superpaint exterior sherwin williams

For a cheap but versatile exterior acrylic latex paint, this is the best paint choice to do the job. It fares well in humid, hot environments as well as in cold and frosty locations. It has a smooth and silky texture. As for durability, you can depend on this for its resistance to peeling, fading, dirt and grime as well as mildew attacks. This one costs between $60-65 per gallon. 

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A-100 Exterior Latex Paint

a100 exterior latex paint

This another part of the exterior line and is the most affordable of them all. It is known for its durability and for only $40-50 per gallon. It is made for weatherproofing functions and comes with a 15-year warranty. It does not fade and does not peel. It is also washable and works well in extreme temperatures and a range of weather conditions. 


harmony sherwin williams

This one is more of an interior paint and is used in improving air quality in the room it is painted in. It is just $60-66 but its ability to reduce VOC levels in a room makes it more than just an interior paint. Aside from this, it is also durable, washable and can survive in harsh conditions without fading and peeling. 

How much does a gallon of Sherwin Williams cover? 

At an average, a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint can cover in between 200-400 sq.ft. But then again, it still depends on the painting project that you are working on. For you to have at least a head start of how much your gallon of Sherwin Williams covers, you can check their website and look for their paint calculator. Usually, the estimated coverage is also on the side of the can’s paint so you can also check that ahead. 

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams paint? 

It is the Emerald interior line. As a high-tier paint, it is used for both DIY and professional painting jobs because of its being a paint and primer combo. It is also very cost-efficient as you only need one coating of this paint to do the job. Aside from this, it is also low in VOC so you can depend on it for being environment friendly.

How to save money on Sherwin Williams paint

So, yes, Sherwin Williams paint is relatively expensive compared to the others but there are ways to save money when you buy one. 

Buying online vs in-store

Well, buying Sherwin Williams paints online does have its perks. One is that it can become cheaper because of the various discount coupons that are advertised online. However, there is nothing compared to the paint recommendations and in-store advice when you buy your Sherwin Williams in person. 

With the number of physical stores and distributors around the world, you can surely find one in your local hardware store. 

Maximizing the paint

You can maximize the paint by minimizing the number of coats that you apply on the surface. Sherwin Williams paints are distinctively thicker than others. Most of them are also a paint and primer combo. These paints are designed mainly for cost-efficiency. Thus, you would not really need to apply as much as how you apply regular paints. 

Paint with precision

It matters that you first size-up the surface you are painting so that you would have more precision when it comes to how much paint is needed per sq.ft. Put adhesives on the surface too so that there would be no paint wastes. 

Take advantage of sales and discount coupons

You have to know that Sherwin Williams paints are almost always on sale and a 30-40% regular discount for that matter. So, if you have painting jobs around the corner, might as well stock pile while the paints are on sale. 

If you are working for the military or if you have uniformed friends and family, you can take them with you and get the perks of their 15% military discount. This is an exclusive perk and it cannot be mixed with other discount coupons and vouchers. 

They have a loyalty program

If you have set your preference to Sherwin Williams paint from now on, you might want to avail of their Paint Perks loyalty card. This entitles you to a $10 discount for every $50 purchase and up. Being a card holder also entitles you to big sale notifications and exclusive offers. 

Use their online paint calculator

Most of the time, one can be clueless of how much paint your room needs. Overestimating is too costly sometimes. Fortunately, Sherwin Williams has an online paint calculator. You can use this to measure the exact amount of paint that you will need for your painting job. This also saves you a lot of money and avoids paint wastage. 

Take advantage of paint samples

Most local hardware display paint samples for you to try on scrap wood or concrete slab at home. These are cheap paint sheets that you can just stick and scrape. This way, you get the exact color that you want and begin calculating how much of it you need for your painting job. 

Ask the personnel of their ‘oops’ paint

This is not common knowledge but there is a whole storage for returned paints. They are fondly called ‘oops’ paint to allude to the expression of ‘oops I got the wrong color’ or ‘oops I need another paint finish’. Oops paints usually are $10 cheaper than those that are displayed so if you want a prime discount, ask for oops paints. 

How much does it cost to paint a room with Sherwin Williams paint?

This one depends on the room that we are talking about. For example, a standard bedroom at 144sq.ft. might need only a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint. But then again, it also depends on the paint line that you choose. Along with painting supplies, expect an average cost of $115-180. 

On the other hand, a standard living room might need 2 gallons of paint. It is usually at more than 600 sq.ft. Depending on the paint line that you choose, you are looking at $150-300 of costs. 

How much is Sherwin Williams paint Vs Behr paint?

Behr is one of the paint triumvirates of America, sharing the spotlight with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. It is the paint line of Home Depot and it is cheaper compared to Sherwin Williams. Depending on the color and finish, a gallon of Behr costs in between $22-50 while Sherwin Williams costs $38-100. 

How much is Sherwin Williams paint Vs Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore is a New Jersey native and was established earlier than Sherwin Williams. Again, depending on the color and finish, Benjamin Moore is comparable to Sherwin Williams with its range of $35-80. This is near to the price range of Sherwin Williams of $38-100. 

Here are some specific paint line comparisons for these two brands: 

Sherwin WilliamsBenjamin Moore
Interior paintsExtreme Interior Latex: $94/gallonMoore Aura Interior: $80/gallon
Duration Home Interior: $70/gallonRegal Select Interior: $60/gallon
Exterior paintsSuperPaint Exterior Acrylic: $70/gallonRegal Select Exterior: $64/gallon
A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex: $50/gallonBen Waterborne Exterior: $48/gallon


How long does Sherwin Williams paint last? 

On average, paints from Sherwin Williams are said to last from 8-15 years. As a matter of fact, they are sealed with a 15-year warranty. As long as the paint is not exposed to air, it could last for another 5 years after you first opened it. You should also store it at room temperature so that the chemical components do not alter the quality of the paint. 

Is Sherwin Williams paint a good choice for new drywalls? 

Yes. Sherwin Williams exterior paints are mostly paint and primer combos. This means that you could directly apply them in a new drywall without primers. Aside from this, they are also washable and can survive well in humid or frosty regions. These features lessen the paint costs for your new drywall. The best Sherwin Williams paint for new drywall would be the Emerald exterior semi-gloss. 

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Can I cover bright red walls with just a gallon of Sherwin Williams primer? 

This depends on the surface area of your drywall. But to give you a straightforward answer, a gallon of Sherwin Williams primer can probably turn those bright red walls into white walls. Aside from what we have covered here, there are also go-to Sherwin Williams primer products like the ProBlock primer and the Wall and Wood latex primer. 

Do I need two coats of Sherwin Williams paint? 

As has been said, Sherwin Williams are relatively thicker and can do the job in just one coat. But in certain instances that it would require double coats, know that each coat must be applied at a one-hour interval. But if you ask professionals who have experienced using Sherwin Williams, they would tell you that the best interval in between coats should be 24-hours. 

How long do Sherwin Williams paint dry in damp conditions? 

When painting Sherwin Williams paint during the rainy season or in damp locations, the rule of thumb for drying time is 4-hours. This span of time is enough for the paint to stick in before the moisture settles.  

Can Sherwin Williams paint permanently resist mildew buildup? 

There are of course, certain limitations to the mildew-resistant labelling of Sherwin Williams. When the pain is applied in surfaces where it gets constant moisture, mildew buildup is still encouraged. As such, with neglect and without proper maintenance, not even the toughest Sherwin Williams paint could evade mildew. 

How do I wipe off mildew stains on a wall that needs new paint?

The good news is that there are now cleaning products that are specifically designed to wipe off mildew stains from the wall. But if you want the good old stuff, you can always go for the old school bleach and water solution. Make sure that the wall has completely dried before applying the primer or else, the paint would never hold. 

What cleaning solutions could be used in maintaining Sherwin Williams painted walls? 

Depending on the finish, mild soap and water mixture could suffice. But if the stains are hard to take off, you can use non-abrasive cleaners. Specifically, stay away from cleaners with ammonia content. It could result in fading and eventual peeling of the paint no matter how durable and resistant it is to these kinds of conditions. 

What is the curing time for Sherwin Williams Emerald paint? 

Emerald is the most popular paint line of Sherwin Williams. The curing time for this paint is about 30 days. This means that for the next four weeks, the applied Emerald paint would be soft and squishy. And you can only wash the surface with water when it has been fully cured and has hardened. Take heed of this interval so that you would not waste the Emerald paint. 

Where can I buy Sherwin Williams paint?

As of now, you can find Sherwin Williams paint distributors in 109 countries. There are also more than 46,000 stores of Sherwin Williams worldwide. But in the US, you would find Sherwin Williams paint in your local hardware or in the following in-store and online stores: 

  • Sherwin Williams Store
  • Ace Hardware
  • Lowe’s
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon
  • Etsy


There is a reason as to why Sherwin Williams paints are a bit pricey compared to other paint brands out there. But with all things that we have covered here, it is for good reasons. As a leading paint and coating brand, Sherwin Williams paints are packed with cost-efficient and environment friendly features.

For one, they are low in VOC. Another is that they are stain, fading, peeling, and mildew resistant. Each also has their major upsides such as air purifying and for covering big stains in walls. So, considering everything, Sherwin Williams has exceeded its reputation and it is understandable why it has been around for more than a hundred years.

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