What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Furniture? (25 Ideas)

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Colors make up a home. They create the mood and vibe of the space so choosing the right colors to match your furniture is very important. Your choice of color should always complement all the other elements present in the home, especially the furniture that fills up most of the space. 

One of the most interesting furniture colors would be cherry wood. It is a bold and intense reddish-brown. As is the case, your choice of color paint that should go with cherry wood should be well thought of. If you are looking for one, we shall run down some of the best color paints to match this furniture through this list here. 

best color paints go with cherry wood furniture

25 Color Paints Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wood furniture produces a warm and ambient effect in any room. To make the most out of it, visually speaking, here are some of the best colors to paint which you can consider for it. 

1. Beige

1 beige color with cherry wood furniture
Source: Cabinet-S-Top

The color beige always brings out luxury and class. It is known as the most popular color that can be paired with cherry wood.

The overall look of this room is very cozy and warm, fitting for a transitional kitchen and dining room as intimate looking as this.

The colors work well plus the lighting is very ambient. When having cherry wood furniture, beige is the number one pick for homeowners.

1 beige color with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Als Woodcraft

2. Gold

2 gold color with cherry wood furniture

Gold is an expensive color while cherry wood provides warmth in a place. Thus, once paired together, they offer a warm and luxe vibe to a room.

The gold makes sense when paired in dark cherry wood furniture because it brightens the place (which, at the same time, evokes a positive vibe).

Choosing gold means being okay with a little glam while sticking with a simple design. This combination is superb. 

3. Soft Red

3 soft red color with cherry wood furniture

Cherry wood is a reddish tone that is why matching it with soft red is a brave idea.

As a homeowner, you would want everything in your home to look presentable and good looking for guests to adore that is why pairing wonderful colors together is a challenge and more so if matching a red tone to another red.

Surprisingly, in this picture, they work so well that all the furniture is seen and recognized.  

4. Green

4 green wall with cherry wood furniture

A lighter green and a cherry wood color are a match made in heaven, as seen in this transitional kitchen and receiving area.

This spacious room features a lot of cherry wood furniture and contrasting it with muted green gives it a bright and organic look.

It is both suburban chic and contemporary with a sudden flair of modern rustic. A lot of elements are incorporated here but notably, they all match in one cohesive look.

4 green wall with cherry wood furniture 1

5. Blue

5 blue wall with cherry wood furniture

Blue is always cool and relaxing to look at so contrasting that with the warmer, bolder tone of cherry wood furniture would create depth and tonal balance to a compact space like this one here.

This room looks so fresh and bright plus the small area looked fine, clean and just enough for a homeowner’s workplace. The lightness, airiness and simplicity of this idea is just off the charts. 

6. Black

6 black wall with cherry wood furniture
Source: Laura Moss

Another dark color that will match your cherry wood is the color black. They may be two dark tones but they blend in really well.

They are both giving different feels to the area, giving an air of depth and separation in this bedroom. When you want it bold yet complementing, go for this color combination. 

7. Brown

7 brown wall with cherry wood furniture

Pairing cherry wood with a rich brown color can be confusing because they give in the same vibe and sometimes, seen as the same color.

7 brown wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Gelling & Judd Inc

When combined together, however, they create a traditional look and give in an old vibe which is soothing to the eye. Going for this combination has a lot to give not just the vibe and color itself but the total look of this room which is very warm and welcoming. 

8. Grey

8 gray wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: BEHR®

It is always good to pair your cherry wood furniture to grey. The light grey wall in this picture is very contrasting but it highlights the cherry wood color that lives up the home.

Combining these colors is not your major option but when looking for an alternative, you may give it a try. Having plain and simple grey and cherry wood furniture makes up the home so it is never a bad idea. 

9. White

9 white wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Seldens Furniture

The whites are giving a bright and clean look to a room that is why pairing it with almost all colors are very much to your liking.

Giving it a try to put it together with the cherry wood means having to call for a perfect combination.

They look well together and knowing that the color white can get a room looking larger, giving it a cherry wood accent is a pretty much good idea. When having a dilemma choosing the best pair, the easiest to go with is the white color. 

10. Taupe

10 taupe wall with cherry wood furniture 1

When you want to create harmony, the taupe and the cherry wood color is the best choice. The taupe highlights the cherry wood color in the room plus it lightens the whole area.

In this room, they give in the best match. The colors are in balance and enhancing each other’s tone and vibe that is why going for this color combination is a healthy pair. 

10. Yellow

11 yellow wall with cherry wood furniture 1

This one is a bright color that is why choosing a yellow one is a good choice. Aside from it giving light inside this room, it also has the same level of vibrancy with the cherry wood making them stand out independently even when paired together.

This room is giving a little bit of a traditional vibe with the colors and furniture organized together in this bedroom.

12. Lemon Grass

12 lemon grass wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Short North

A lighter color like the lemon grass can be a good pair to your cherry wood furniture. They bring in a cheerful and vibrant space that can be ideal for a homeowner.

The lemongrass gives a cheerful, calm, and soft all together which is why pairing it with the cherry wood would give in so much dynamics. Just like the other color pairing, they are also in balance so that they can stand independently.

13. Pale Green

13 pale green wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: SAGA Realty & Construction

When still thinking about the best color for your cherry wood furniture, there is no doubt that the pale green would be one.

Choosing the right colors gives an added aesthetic in the home especially in the places where people get to see and adore. In this kitchen design, it is a very pleasant sight and very welcoming that you would want to go and do some kitchen stuff. 

14. Pale Yellow

14 pale yellow wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Cottage Company of Harbor Springs

While the color yellow works, another shade like pale yellow also blends well with the cherry wood. This darker shade of yellow creates a warm and vibrant plus it highlights the colors of the cabinet.

With this color collaboration, the cherry wood color is very much recognized – so fine and flawless. If you are looking for a not so bright but a perfect match with the cherry wood, this is probably one of the best choices.

15. Olive

15 olive green wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Intelligent Automation, LLC

Olive green is not common among most homeowners but they are in it to win it in terms of color combination.

It is just an experiment color combined with the cherry wood but is looking so fine that is why when asking for a better color that would much like your cherry wood furniture that is rare and looking good, go for the olive shade. 

16. Sage Green

16 sage green wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Biringer Builders, Inc

This shade is so much like the olive green, they bring in the same effects but it is more intense than the Sage.

If you want to have a mixing color to your cherry wood, it is a better go with the color sage. Aside from it having a lighter feeling, it is also more natural looking and it also gives a natural effect when paired to the cherry wood color. 

When having a hard time deciding which color would fit best, go for the neutrals and naturals as they would be looking perfectly together. 

17. Orange

17 orange wall with cherry wood furniture 1
Source: Chango & Co.

Choosing a lighter orange which is less intense than the cherry wood or the color red is a perfect match for your cherry wood furniture.

Orange is a color that can motivate or give you encouragement that is why this color combination is best used in the office or inside the bedroom.

Every color has its own meaning to a person but the orange one, when matched with the cherry wood, would be a pair that will give a positive outlook in life. Going for this one is such a pleasant pairing to see.  

18. Metallic

If you want to maintain the monochromatic look of your home, have your cherry wood furniture combined with some metallic.

However, there are so many kinds of metallic that is why for this match, choose a lighter and a less intense metallic that are attention grabber but is not overwhelming.

Have your area look mature and cozy as this pairing would give. This color combination is best used in an office because of mature and cozy feels. 

19. Jewels

19 jewels with cherry wood furniture 1 1

The jewel colors such as the emerald, ruby, amethyst, topaz, sapphire and other more are considered complementary colors that are used merely as an accent when paired with the cherry wood. 

Though jewel tones are not that eye-catchers for many people, they make an impact and give character to the cherry wood, emphasizing its warmth and interesting look.

You can put on a throw pillow, blanket, accent wall or any others to provide a more sophisticated look inside the home. Choosing these colors is a good way to go so it is much recommendable.

20. Lotus

20 lotus with cherry wood furniture

Lotus is lighter than cherry wood that is why they make a perfect blend. Darker to mid light color is a best pair and would totally look good together.

In this case, the lotus serves as a color support to the cherry wood which makes the lotus, not a standalone color.

In cherry wood furniture, you can see some lotus color used inside the home in the color of the curtains, couches, rags, carpets or any material that adds aesthetic in a home. 

However, too much lotus can break a good combination with the cherry wood because too much of the same shade of color cannot be together as they can be super intense and have an overpowering ambiance when not in balance. So, when you choose this color, make sure that lesser lotus comes with the cherry wood furniture. 

21. Sepia

21 sepia with cherry wood furniture

This color works best in a mid to dark cherry wood furniture and is very much okay when combined with other earthly colors.

Sepia can also work as a dominant color inside the home making it a standalone color. However, when paired with cherry wood color is a totally different story. 

When combined with cherry wood, they must be in harmony and in balance to give a beautifully looking view of the home.

Sepia is likened to a dark brown color that when paired to the cherry wood looks okay and brings out the natural vibe in the home. Going for Sepia is good but keep a balance check with these two. 

22. Claret

22 claret with cherry wood furniture
Image: Jeff Herr

This color is best paired with cherry wood when used only as an accent color. Just like the jewels, they can be very overwhelming to see when too much of this color is used in a home of cherry wood furniture. That is why going for this color is best when used only as an accent.

You can use it for your rugs or carpet but can also go with the colors of the wall as long as you do not put in so much makes a good blend with the cherry wood. Balancing both colors is better for a perfect harmony that will make your home worthwhile to see. 

23. Eastern Blue

23 eastern blue with cherry wood furniture

When you want a cool ambiance to your home, give Eastern blue color a shot. Just like the other blue shades, they give off a very refreshing and cooling vibe in the home that is why the blue ones are preferred by most homeowners. 

Aesthetic wise, the cherry wood and blue also go along so well that the strong presence of the cherry wood is a bit toned down when paired with the blue one.

Having this color changes the overwhelming tone of the cherry wood that is why they are a good match. Going for eastern blue is definitely recommendable.

24. Fern Frond

24 fern frond with cherry wood furniture
Source: Amsted Design-Build

While all the other work, the Fern Frond also has something to say in cherry wood furniture.

Though it also serves as an accent color, it gives another light and ambient feeling that you would want in the home. The presence of an eastern blue to the majority of cherry wood also is a good idea when choosing the Fern Frond. 

When planning for the perfect match, make sure to not just stick to the common colors and try the other shades and those that are unpopular to give it a unique color you would not probably imagine.

This unpopular color sometimes brings out the best in the colors you match with better than the usual ones. 

25. Pale Pink

25 pale pink with cherry wood furniture

To have a soft and girly look inside the home, a pale pink is also very much okay to combine with your cherry wood. As the cherry is a strong color, going with a soft color like the pale pink is a very good match.

Aside from looking beautiful together, they also bring out a vibe of a little chic and so much lightness both that many homeowners would want especially for girls who are into style and design.

The pale pink and cherry wood are a match that is just experimental but surprisingly works so well together that is why it is super recommended to use. 


Aside from the list of color paints that go well with cherry wood furniture, there is also other information that you must know about working around cherry wood. As such, here are some FAQs about it which you should be aware of. 

What are the best contrasts cherry wood?

Some of the best color contrasts to cherry wood would be the colors beige, brown and soft red. Cherry wood color is a warm color that is why it is best to combine them with the cooler ones. These cooler tones are very helpful aesthetically speaking because cherry wood truly pops out with these warm colors. 

Is cherry wood furniture outdated?

Cherry wood furniture is timeless and is never outdated. They go with so many colors and match almost all of the accent colors that is why it is used in the color of the furniture in a home.

The cherry wood may look a bit old or can be seen as traditional, the red shade it has makes it more modern and so strong that it can dominate the whole home or can be a standalone color whenever used. 

Does cherry wood change color?

Just like all other colors, the cherry wood changes as time passes. While it seems strong, bold, and intense, it will fade along with time. However, even when the color changes, its complementing appeal with other colors is maintained.  

There is no time frame as to when the cherry wood color fades but one thing is for sure, having it in direct sunlight will hasten the fading. As is the case, make sure that all your cherry wood furniture is kept away from large windows where they would get a lot of sunlight exposure. 

Does cherry wood furniture last long?

A real cherry furniture, with proper care and maintenance will keep its shape for long periods of time. The estimated lifespan of cherry wood furniture would at least be a decade. Just like any other material, furniture, or anything that is inside the home, the better it is taken care of, the better it is seen, the longer it can serve. 

Is cherry wood an expensive furniture? 

Yes. Cherry wood is considered as a premium wood and that is why it could be very pricey. If you are looking for a relatively cheaper alternative for teak wood or mahogany, one of the best choices would be cherry wood furniture. 

Does cherry wood scratch easily?

Unfortunately, yes. It is indeed a hardwood but it is not as scratch-free as maple or oak wood. When misused and abused, cherry wood would easily dent and scratch.

Nonetheless, one of the most interesting things about cherry wood is that it shall undergo a natural colorization process which will result in the cherry wood scratch to match the surrounding wood. This results in a naturally blended effect which is very beneficial in maintaining hardwood furniture like cherry wood. 

Can cherry wood be stained? 

Yes. If you want your cherry wood to look deep colored, you can apply linseed or tung oil. Other alternatives also include lacquer, shellac, or polyurethane. The latter mentions create a deeper, richer appearance thanks to their film-forming finish. 


Cherry wood as a color is one of the best when it comes to furniture and other elements of the home. They give a warm and welcoming feeling along with a significant modern vibe while channeling a little bit of the traditional.

They beautify the home and can combine with colors that are both common and rare, hence, making it more worthwhile to go for.

While combining colors is a bit challenging for those who want to achieve a different view, cherry wood furniture reveals that you should not worry so much when it comes to color paints because they are very versatile too. With all things considered, you can get a lot of references in this list.