8 Simple Household Chores Every Dad Should Do

Last Updated on December 17, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

In the average home, moms are often charged with household chores. From meal preparation and laundry to doing the dishes, moms work their fingers to the bone to ensure that the home is in order and everyone is well catered to.

While dad’s responsibility involves putting food on the table, they can also help with some household chores when the chance presents itself. If you are a dad and you agree with this, here are seven simple household chores you could do to help around the house.

1.   Doing your kid’s Hair.

It is certainly not easy to figure out a fancy pigtail or half-loop braid, especially as a man who has never had long hair. Regardless, you can still help.

Doing your kid’s hair doesn’t only help you bond with them, but it is also an adorable gesture. And if you need some encouragement to break out the bobby pins, take a video of yourself while at it, upload it on your preferred social media and watch the likes flow like water from a pressure hose.

2.  Inspecting homework

Unless she has Einstein’s brain, or she’s a pro-teacher, the chances are that your kids don’t recall how to solve long division or compose a sentence as well as you do.

So if you are keen on connecting with your kids and making it easy for them to understand what they are being taught, it is best you hit the books with them. After all, it’s one of the reasons why you went to school, to impact others, including your kids.

3.  Keeping the home clean and pest-free

Cleaning is another task you can handle occasionally. While cleaning your home, it’s important you keep your eye out for pest signs and problems.

Did you notice rat droppings, scratch marks, or foul odor while cleaning? If yes, you may have an uninvited guest.

You can either handle the issue yourself or contact a trusted pest control company in the area. The company can eliminate unwanted creatures like cockroaches, rats, bedbugs, and termites from your home. They can also inspect your building for signs of pests and recommend the proper treatment.

4.  Preparing bottles

Want to know the most challenging part of having little children? Lack of sleep! Sadly, for many parents, especially breastfeeding moms, it is their duty to rise from bed and feed the baby in the wee of the night. But dads can also help, as well.

They can heat the pumped milk, mix formula and try to get the baby to take a bottle. Of course, it isn’t easy; but with time, they’ll get used to it. Plus, their spouse will be grateful for the little assistance.

5. Clipping nails

Though little, newborn babies have nails so sharp that they could pierce your skin. Trimming them isn’t easy due to their unpredictable movements. Regardless, this is one task you should take off your wife’s heavy shoulders.

Ensure you exercise caution when trimming newborn babies’ nails, so you don’t injure them. Plus, try to carry out the procedure in an area with abundant light.

6.  Dropping your kids off

Dropping off kids and picking them off from school can be hard for working dads. However, if you are lucky enough to bear this responsibility, do it without thinking twice.

Get your kids ready in the morning and drive them to school when chanced. Don’t leave this task to your wife. After all, that sign depicts “carpool lane,” not “moms-only zone.”

7.  Arranging closets

So you visited IKEA and purchased a children’s wardrobe for your kids. To spice things up, you bought tons of toys, and many craft supplies, hoping they’d make them happy. Instead, you find that their closets are often disorganized, failing to close completely without a hard push.

Yeah, organization tasks ought to be one of those tasks moms handle. However, you should also help out when you can. Your partner will appreciate the help, same with your kids.

8.  Giving baths

Do you often find a reason to escape bathing your kids? If yes, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to bond with them.

Bathing your kid isn’t a big deal, unlike changing soiled diapers or rocking your baby to sleep. With some soap, good music, and some rubber ducks, you are good to go. It’s not hard. If you know how to bathe yourself, bathing your kids should be easy. In fact, you may end up enjoying it.


As a dad, it’s important to help your partner with minute house chores in the house. Doing so will go a long way in showing that you are. Plus, when you handle kids-related house chores, you’ll improve your bond with the kids.   

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