Mastering the Art of Cross-Country Moving

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Moving across the country may seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. With some determination and planning–along with plenty of Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering–you can become an expert at making cross-country moves!

Cross Country Movers: Planning, Packing, and Pricing

If you are moving into a smaller home or downsizing in general, eliminating items you no longer use is one of the best ways to make moving more affordable. Doing this will save money on packing material costs as well as help keep your belongings organized and safe for transport to their new destination.

You can dispose of unwanted items by having a garage sale, yard sale or simply throwing them away. You can visit this helpful site for tips on having a yard sale.

Budgeting for a cross-country move should involve getting quotes from several moving companies and comparing their prices, to find the most cost-effective options.

Moving companies’ rates depend on numerous factors including your shipment’s contents, destination location, and services you select.

An emergency fund is another smart way of planning ahead should any unexpected expenses arise, like car problems or delays that might prevent your timely departure.

Before the big move, clear a path from your front door to the patio or driveway for your movers so they can access your home easily. Mark off areas where the furniture will be placed so it can be quickly collected when your move is complete.

Finally, clean and leave your old home ready for new owners; do a final walkthrough while taking photographs of important items for record purposes.

Don’t forget to schedule auto shipping services ahead of time in case it becomes necessary for you to transport your car across the country if required. Doing this early will ensure the best results as these services may become booked quickly during peak seasons.

How to Choose Reliable Cross Country Movers

Moving across the country can be an immense task that takes extensive preparation, research, and patience.

Hiring a dependable cross-country moving company will make the experience much simpler and manageable; here are a few key points to keep in mind while searching for moving companies:

1. Conduct Research and Evaluate Companies

To get a good sense of pricing for long-distance movers or brokers before making a decision, gather cost estimates from multiple moving companies or brokers before making your choice.

For optimal accuracy, opt for full-service moving companies that provide quotes based on an in-person survey or video walkthrough to give the most precise quote – even if this requires paying an additional fee.

2. Check Reputation

To avoid unpleasant surprises or problems during your move, read reviews online as well as testimonials provided by friends, family members, or neighbors who have used movers before.

Make sure that any negative reviews about them are carefully read over. It could help avoid unpleasant surprises when moving.

3. Verify Licenses

Any reliable cross-country moving company should be licensed and insured; to check this information on the FMCSA website by inputting their USDOT number, enter their USDOT number into their search bar on the FMCSA site.

4. Select an Experienced Moving Company

Selecting an experienced cross-country moving company is essential to ensuring a successful move.

Ideally, look for a company that has been operating for at least 10 years and boasts quality services with satisfied customers. Inquire about their training and certifications so you can assess their level of expertise.

5. Consider Purchasing Insurance

Although purchasing moving insurance isn’t absolutely essential, it is definitely an excellent idea. Moving companies offer various policies designed to meet both your budget and requirements – you are sure to find something perfect!

what to know before starting cross country moving

What to Know Before You Start

Cross-country moving can be both thrilling and daunting; it takes careful planning, decluttering, and plenty of determination. But you can master the art of the cross country move with some hard work: start early by booking movers and getting quotes.

Don’t forget a minimizing sweep before packing; the less stuff there is to bring with you, the faster and smoother your journey will be.

Once you know which transport option best meets your budget and timeline needs, choose between driving or flying to reach your new home. If flying is your chosen option, be sure to book early as flight prices tend to increase nearer the departure date.

When driving to your new life, plan out the route carefully in advance and consider which sites or relatives and friends you would like to see along the way. This will make time fly faster while making transitioning more of an adventure than an unceremonious race.

Once you know how to transport your electronics, label every cord and take pictures showing their connection with their receivers so that setup at your new place goes smoothly.

You can click the link: for more tips on organizing electronics. Don’t forget to use plenty of padding inside cardboard boxes or sturdy plastic bins so as to protect fragile items during transport.

Call your provider or visit their website for information regarding policies before scheduling an appointment with their representative to set everything up – for those with busy lives, this can be invaluable assistance – while professional movers may help keep costs in check as well.

Protips from Moving Experts

Planning is the key to a successful move, and that begins by creating a thorough checklist.

Doing this will keep you organized and ensure no task falls through the cracks. Furthermore, researching your new area and its cost-of-living calculator is invaluable in helping determine how much the move will cost you.

Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to start packing! To avoid overpacking and damage to belongings, divide each room of your home into boxes that only contain items belonging to that room.

Doing this will reduce the number of boxes needed and protect belongings.

Another helpful packing tip would be to use colored tape on every box to identify which room they belong in.


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