20+ Transitional Bathroom Designs: Combining Traditional Bathrooms with Modern Styles

best transitional bathroom designs

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Homeowners updating traditional bathrooms can incorporate modern styles into the room. The result is a transitional bathroom design that will suit any home.

Older homes with traditional styled bathroom are common, and in many cases desired. Homeowners who wish to incorporate a modern bathroom design into a traditional styled home, however, can do so by creating a transitional design.

This will incorporate elements of both the traditional bathroom, and the modern look they are after creating a bathroom design that suits the home, the space and the tastes of the homeowner.

20+ Transitional Bathroom Designs

best transitional bathroom ideas

#1. Green with Envy

1 transitional bathroom ideas


#2. Elegant El Dorado Hills Master Bathroom

2 transitional bathroom ideas


#3. Mountain Modern

3 transitional bathroom ideas


#4. Alder wood cabinet

4 transitional bathroom ideas


#5. Delorean grey on the floor and walls

5 transitional bathroom ideas


#6. Bordeaux III floor tile

6 transitional bathroom ideas


#7. Slate Tile Cabinet

7 transitional bathroom ideas


#8. A glittering chandelier

8 transitional bathroom ideas


#9. Mountain Dutch

9 transitional bathroom ideas


#10. Gold mirrors, gold lights

10 transitional bathroom ideas


#11. Barn door

11 transitional bathroom ideas


#12. Furniture repurposed as vanity

12 transitional bathroom ideas


#13. Beacon Hill Duplex

13 transitional bathroom ideas


#14. Quail West – Cristale Model

14 transitional bathroom ideas


#15. Italian porcelain countertop and wall and floor tile

15 transitional bathroom ideas


#16. Transitional Master Bath with a Hotel Flair

16 transitional bathroom ideas


#17. Drawer pulls for towels

17 transitional bathroom ideas


#18. Tub against shower

18 transitional bathroom ideas


#19. Luxury bath

19 transitional bathroom ideas


#20. Marina home

20 transitional bathroom ideas

Inspiration for a transitional gray floor freestanding bathtub remodel in San Francisco with recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white walls, an undermount sink and gray countertops


The Bathroom Fixtures

When beginning a transitional bathroom design, the first consideration should be the bathroom fixtures. Are their elements of the design that are remaining, such as claw foot tub? Or is the bathroom small enough to require the use of a pedestal sink? Knowing the parameters of the design can help make the transition from traditional to modern easier.

For example, a claw foot tub can get updated, modern faucetry, such as Barber Wilson’s Q series. Or a new pedestal sink can be installed in a sleek, modern style to incorporate both elements of the design.

If the fixtures are all being replaced, consider using modern, updated fixtures with traditional tile designs. For example, a small bathroom can use a modern, resin pedestal sink, with large format polished marble on the floors and walls.

This will serve two purposes; the large tiles will make the room look larger, while providing an elegant, traditional look. The modern sink will bring the entire look into the 21st century, making the marble look fresh, rather than dated.

Bathroom Tile Design

To create a transitional bathroom design, it helps to incorporate at least one traditional element in the tile design. For example, subway tile can be installed on the walls of the bathroom, while the floor is a more updated, modern porcelain tile.

Glass tile in either mosaic or subway size can be incorporated into the wall tile design as a border to complete the look. For a slightly more updated look, consider using a different size of subway tile, such as 2” x 4” or 4” x 8”, the design will still feel traditional, but the new size will clearly mark the bathroom as one designed today.

If a retro floor tile is desired, or if the bathroom’s substrate is so poor it cannot handle a large format tile, consider using a slightly updated color scheme on the floor in a traditional pattern. For example, consider using 2” hexagons on the floor in a matte glass tile. Or use a basketweave pattern in marble, with the colors in beige and green for an updated look.

If using mosaic tiles on the floor, try using a large format wall tile with a mosaic border to update the room. For example, try using traditional sized penny tiles on the floor in a blend of blues, grays and greens.

Tile the walls in a 12” gray porcelain tile, with a border of the penny tiles running at eye level through the shower. The color pallet will speak of a modern design, while the retro, traditional penny tile floor will bring to mind bathroom designs from the 20’s and 30’s.

Pull the Design Together

The final design should be balanced between modern and traditional. Therefore, if traditional fixtures are being used, the tile should lean in a slightly more updated direction. If modern fixtures are being used, the tile should be laid in a traditional format, possibly in a more updated color to complete the design.

Finish off the design with modern styled faucetry, bathroom accessories and mirrors. Keep the toilet transitional design, such as Toto’s Guinevere that will fit in with any style and help to smooth the look into place.

Transitional bathrooms are gaining in popularity particularly in areas where old homes are being purchased by younger homeowners. Keep the design simple, incorporate pieces from the old world and new, and create a unique bathroom design that will fit in with any home style or age.