20+ Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas and Designs

best coffee table decor ideas

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Decorating your coffee table requires more thought that simply putting in the right size of table cloth and coffee table book. You want something elegant. Something with pizzazz.

Something that you can drink coffee too since the table will probably serve as a centerpiece of your living room, guest room, and so forth. Let’s see what more we can do to spruce such a table up!

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20+ Coffee Table Decor Ideas

best coffee table decor ideas

#1. Coffee Table Step by Step

1 coffee table decor ideas


#2. Shabby-chic tray

2 coffee table decor ideas


#3. Metal bowl with glass vase

3 coffee table decor ideas


#4. Marble vase and tray

4 coffee table decor ideas


#5. White ceramic candlesticks

5 coffee table decor ideas


#6. Marble oval coffee table

6 coffee table decor ideas


#7. Back to nature

7 coffee table decor ideas


#8. Wooden tray with gold candle holder

8 coffee table decor ideas


#9. Holiday decor

9 coffee table decor ideas


#10. Basket on the table

10 coffee table decor ideas


#11. Side table

11 coffee table decor ideas


#12. Coastal living room with wooden crate

12 coffee table decor ideas


#13. Cement vase with pink flowers

13 coffee table decor ideas


#14. Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table

14 coffee table decor ideas


#15. Woven basket

15 coffee table decor ideas


#16. Large vase with wire candle holder

16 coffee table decor ideas


#17. Bohemian chic style with wire basket

17 coffee table decor ideas


#18. Add natural things to table like moss balls, twig balls, and potted flowers

18 coffee table decor ideas


#19. Glass vessels as flower vases

19 coffee table decor ideas

#20. Bench coffee table with driftwood candleholders

20 coffee table decor ideas


Modern coffee table decor

1 modern coffee table decor


In order to properly decorate a modern coffee table, you should pay attention to modern 21st Century interior design trends and sensibilities.

Barring that, you can at least match your coffee table coverings with your drapes and carpets. The easier thing to do is to buy a coffee table in accordance to your living room’s modern theme. What does that entail? Something functional, minimalist, and manmade in accordance to modernist sensibilities.

Round coffee table decor

1 round coffee table decor ideas



2 round coffee table decor ideas


If you have a round coffee table and you’re presumably not following the modern coffee table décor, you can start off by going against modernist philosophies.

How about something Art Deco instead? What about putting in a potted plant or at least a plastic one as the table centerpiece? It’s as opposite to modernist as you can get.

Have a couple of books and tea cozies lying around and you’re good to go. You should have a round table décor that’s as comforting as a hug or a mid-afternoon nap.

Coffee table decor tray

1 coffee table tray


2 coffee table tray


3 coffee table tray


Common sense dictates that you should style your coffee table tray in accordance to your table as though you bought them as one set.

Otherwise, go the opposite direction and find something that mismatches the table to get a nice, shabby chic contrast. For example, if you have a wooden round table, get either a steel rectangular decorative tray or a wooden round one.

What is the difference between a coffee table and a cocktail table?

The obvious difference is that a coffee table serves coffee whenever you’re on a personal coffee break and a cocktail table serves cocktails when you have guests around.

They’re sometimes interchangeable because of their shared centerpiece function but they’re different things. A cocktail table is usually rectangular and a coffee table is usually round or oval in shape. Both are placed in front of the sofa to make drinking easier.

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How do you place a coffee table?

Coffee table placement should be done with a mix of style and function. Form and practicality. Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, so place it at the center.

However, it shouldn’t be dead center like a target as any photographer should know. Slightly off-center will do. Your coffee table should be placed near the chairs so that you can have a literal coffee break while sitting down and having a cup of Joe near you right on the table in question.

How far should a coffee table be from a couch?

There’s no set rule to how far a coffee table should be from a couch. However, as a rule of thumb, the sofa or couch should be 12-18 inches away from the table.

This is to give you enough leg room but have enough reach to set your drinks down or grab hold of appetizers without you getting up from your seat. You shouldn’t stray too far from the 12-18 inches range or else you might have a table that’s too close or too far from you.

How big should my coffee table be?

The heights of such tables vary, so make sure the seat and table height are about 4 inches from each other when push comes to shove.

Some websites and magazines outright claim that the range between coffee table and couch height should instead be 1-2 inches instead, if not the same height altogether. The table should also be ⅔ the entire length of your couch for good measure. This ensures that you won’t end up with a table that’s too big or small for your couch or seats.

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