5 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Space More Comfortable

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The best interior designers always say that the house’s interior design should express the unique personality of its owner and directly respond to all their needs.

However, we all know that it might be hard to make a living space both chic, comfortable, and personal at the same time. Whether due to limited resources, financial issues, or lack of creativity, you might find yourself stuck in your dull house, feeling like the exquisite feeling of comfort and functionality is missing.

If that’s the case, we’ve got great news. In fact, you can make your home feel much more comfortable in just a few steps.

simple ways make living space comfortable

Invest in Good A/C and Space Heaters

air purifier

You might not be giving much attention to your A/C or space heater since those devices work in the background. But just think about it: loud or stinky A/C can disgust any house guest and make spending time in the house unbearable. It creates funky smells and mildew. The same goes for space heaters, which might malfunction due to old age or lack of proper maintenance.

To make your space more comfortable, you should invest in quiet, good-brand space heaters and air conditioners. If you’re unsure how to make a choice, you can read expert reviews on space heaters and air conditioners to ensure you’re choosing a good quality product.

Changing your old device is a great way to add a high-quality feature and feel to your room, as well as make your life feel more comfortable and healthy. Fresh air makes up the atmosphere in your house!

Declutter It!

To make your living space seem like it’s refreshed and new, you should devote some time to eliminating all clutter from it. Contrary to popular belief, the feeling of coziness does not come from the number of gadgets lying around! Rather than that, you should focus on designing the room in one coherent style.

Make it your mission to get rid of the items that you’re not using. The rule is: if you haven’t used an item in months, and it doesn’t bring any excitement or purpose to your daily life, put it into the box. Then, the contents of the box you can sell on the flea market or give to charity.

You’ll see that your living space will get more spacious in seconds, which will instantly give your home the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Think About Colors

living room colors

The reason why you don’t feel good in your living room might be the colors surrounding you – they create “the mood”, even if you’ve stopped noticing them.

In fact, the colors we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our feelings and behavior,  and may be setting actions in motion that eventually affect our whole lives. That’s why it is crucial to choose happy, positive, and encouraging colors for your home, so it can become a space that brings out the very best in you and your whole family.

For example, green and orange are typically said to evoke positive feelings. On the other hand, dark blues and black might be too overwhelming and negatively affect your mood, so use them in small doses, as accents or details. Red or crimson, though, might be too overstimulating and irritating in the long run.

Ensure Natural Lightning

The amount of natural light in your living room makes a lot of difference. Even when you might be irritated by rays of sunshine in your face while waking up, in reality, that’s just what human bodies need.

In fact, we get naturally energized because of good natural lightning in our living space. Exposure to natural light,even through an open window, helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, allows us to focus, and makes us generally happier.

To achieve this effect, you may get rid of curtains or limit them to a bare minimum. To increase natural light in your house, you can also repaint your walls in light colors or use higher gloss paint or tiles to make them reflective. Lastly, you might install a few mirrors, which will reflect the light even more.

Make It Smell Nice

To improve the atmosphere in your home, you should ensure your interior smells nice and fresh. Spending time in a place that smells nice takes your mind off of the day’s negatives and might even work therapeutically.

To check it for yourself, you can invest in good-quality candles, essential oils, or incense. Before placing your order, check the available smells, and decide on the ones that work well for your body. Search the web to find information regarding each scent’s effects on the body, and mind.


As you can see, it’s possible to make your home feel and look better without spending tons of money. In fact, for the most part, you can simply add a few details that can further define the ultimate warm and cozy feeling of your living space. In the long run, a small makeover may also highlight your style and personality.

If you want to get inspired, you can find more help and tips regarding equipping your personal space online, for instance, on such websites as Pinterest. Soon you will find out that you have the inspiration to style your dream home by yourself, even without a specialist’s help. Don’t hesitate to come up with your ideas, too; the main rule is to create a space that will be comfortable and inviting to you, not to anyone else. Good luck!