30+ Best Walkout Basement Patio Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on October 21, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

As a homeowner, you should not let your basement lie so much underground. Basements can create several walkout ideas perfect for any home.

You can use a basement walkout to shed some light at your home space. Do not ignore that ground at your home because it can bring a lot of walkout basement ideas.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ideas you can find out here.


best walkout basement patio ideas

1. Let Your Kids Enjoy the Playground

Let Your Kids Enjoy the Playground

With enough light, a walkout basement is the ideal place for your kids to have a home ambience. Don’t let your kids get bored at home due to lack of space yet there is a space lying idle at the basement of your house.

Well, adults are also not left behind as they can as well enjoy working out at the walkout basement. Get out to the patio using your sliding glass doors and get on with your workout.

2. Turn it to Relaxing and Fun Point

Turn it to Relaxing and Fun Point

Using a few decorations such as a stone-tiled floor and some furniture, you can turn your walkout basement into a relaxation and fun point. Use the underground space to enjoy some moments with your family and friends.

You can as well hold your important meetings down there because of the peace it offers. This transitional courtyard can make a good relaxation point.

3. Enjoy your Parties Down There

Enjoy your Parties Down There

We’ll know that home parties are the best. Fix that generous underground space with a banquet table and classy wooden chairs. With all that there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your parties.

You don’t go outside for a party if you have a walkout basement at your home. Turn it to a party ground as you invite your friends to join you.

Create an inviting environment by hanging some lanterns on the available space above. Additionally, you can provide some shade by adding a patio to the available space.

4. Make it a Walkout Grill

Make it a Walkout Grill

Don’t just hold parties by yourself as you spend on your buddies, be enterprising. Turn that lovely space into a money-minting project. Create a walkout grill down there. 

With that contemporary look, there’s nothing stopping you from making it great. The quiet atmosphere and the beautiful sceneries make it fabulous for some walkout grill. This can wreck in some cash for you.

5. Turn it to Gymnastic Basement

Turn it to Gymnastic Basement

There is so much you can acquire by having a gymnastics studio in your basement. You can stay fit all the time by spending some time at your basement gymnastic. You can also make it a training ground for people from outside and at the end charge some fees.

Generally, you can get extra money from your basement space which you can use to sort out some of your house bills. With that space down there, you have added a source of income.

6. Make it Perfect for Walkout

Make it Perfect for Walkout

Generally, a walkout basement is the walking stage at any home. You wouldn’t want your walking stage to look so pathetic. So make sure you provide some nice looks at your walkout basement.

Ensure those good looking folding doors lead you to somewhere appealing before getting to the patio. Add some decorations to bring out the best into your walking stage.

7. Turn it to a Living Room Sometimes

Turn it to a Living Room Sometimes

Some home spaces can sometimes be limited, especially if you intend to have a lot of guests such as friends and in-laws thronging your home. What can you do in such a situation? First, relax and don’t get yourself worked up if you have the walkout basement. Turn that underground space to the living room.

Transform the walkout basement by putting chairs, tables, and some nice decorations. Ensure you don’t run out of ideas if you have that underground space.

8. How About Making It Watching Room

How About Making It Watching Room

If you are a movie fan, then this is the perfect place for you. Adding a flat, a couch, and a bar will not do you any harm. Enjoy your movies plus your lovely TV series at the walkout basement. You can invite your friends as well to watch or watch alone if you are not in the company mood.

9. Incorporate French Doors into Space

Incorporate French Doors into Space

Your walkout basement should be bright and comfortable. French doors will provide the much-needed comfort and brightness in the basement. French doors provide very nice crisp shiplap panels. You would not want to miss out on a welcoming feeling.

10. Walkout Basement Leading to the Outside Pool

Walkout Basement Leading to the Outside Pool

You wouldn’t like to have a pathetic walkout to your classic home pool. The French doors should lead you to the walkout basement. Just as your pool looks spectacular, the same way your walkout basement leading to the pool should look. You will love the nice experience.

11. Talk of Fresh Air

Walkout basement acts greatly in allowing fresh air from the outdoors. So make sure you don’t let your basement be much stuffy. Get rid of anything you see interfering or blocking outdoor air from getting inside.

Then you should also know that the larger space allows much needed fresh air inside. So make sure you utilize that basement space properly.

12.  Make It Green

Make It Green

Everybody loves greener scenery, especially at home. Patch some grass in your walkout basement patio. This will not only bring that aesthetic look but will also ensure your kids have a safe playing ground. You will love it because there will be no hurting aspect to your kids and you will be able to monitor their movements.

13. How About Study Room

How About Study Room

A walkout basement patio can work so well as a study room. Think of that quietness in that basement space. It is so cool and comfortable down there. Studying requires such an environment. Use that opportunity to dig deep into your books.

You can as well advise your kids to be doing their homework. Study down there whenever you feel disturbed and want to be alone.

14. Make an Adventure Out of That Space

Make an Adventure Out of That Space

Don’t just let that cool basement lie unoccupied. If you are a lover of sports, you can place your sport’s wear in that basement. Those swimming attires can have a good storage room. Placing your sporting attires down there makes them easier to access.

15. Consider Walkout Basement Landscaping Ideas

Consider Walkout Basement Landscaping Ideas

Create a unique and dynamic landscape if you happen to have a walkout basement patio. Landscaping not only gives your walkout basement a great look but your entire home will be lit.

You can do landscaping naturally or with man-made elements. Let anyone stepping into your home sense something different and exciting at your pathways.

16. Think about the Value of Your Home

Think about the Value of Your Home

That great touch of vibrancy matters a lot if you are a homeowner. Maybe you are planning to sell your home in the near future or you are a private developer, how do you increase the value of your property? Well, you got it right here. Maintaining and improving the walkout basement increases your home value.

17. Talk of Stamped Concrete Patio

Talk of Stamped Concrete Patio

Of course, there must be a walking space at the walkout basement patio. A stamped concrete patio provides that much-needed walking space. You also have the space to decorate your walkout basement with furniture and other ideal decors. You can as well use patio covers.

18.  Think of Tiered Staircase

Think of Tiered Staircase

How does it feel showing off your great exterior designs? Or moving with trends? Definitely, it is a great feeling and no one can deny that.

Tiered beautiful staircases ensure your showcasing is real. These staircases lead you down to your walkout basement patio, providing you with extra space to show off your favorite design.

19. Use Natural Stone as a Decor

Use Natural Stone as a Decor

Get the best out of your walkout basement patio by creating low walls and stairs using stone. You can still make the basement space stand out by providing some natural sense of style in your seating arrangements.

Make sure your private relaxation space looks incredible. The natural stone will bring in that natural look within your home.

20. Try out Wooden Patio Deck

Try out Wooden Patio Deck

Your walkout basement should be more serene. That serenity is provided by the wooden patio deck. Wooden patio deck ensures the availability of space in the basement is utilized.

You can expand the wooden patio deck to incorporate your favorite furniture or include stairs. This is a true expression of serenity and proper utilization of walkout basement space.

21. Think of Water Walkout

Think of Water Walkout

Turn that big empty lying space into a swimming pool. Again, who doesn’t like swimming pools? Let your French door lead you to the spectacular outdoor pool.

Set some time to indulge yourself in the walkout basement pool and enjoy the serenity. Swimming is not only for fun but your body also stays healthy and fit.

22. Alternate your Dining Table to the Walkout Basement Patio

Alternate your Dining Table to the Walkout Basement Patio

Ideally, replacing your regular outdoor seats with the dining table and chairs in the walkout basement patio is a perfect idea. You can place your favorite dining table and seats in one place and the other regular seats in another place.

You don’t want to be in a tricky situation where you have guests but there are no seats. Do not forget that you also need those regular chairs for relaxing and studying. Have them both but in different places if you have enough space.

23. Walkout Basement Patio with Traditional Seats and Stunning Landscape

This depends on how much space you have available in your home so that you can incorporate a walkout basement patio with a stunning landscape. You can make your compound look fabulous by designing it in a great way.

With ample space, you can place your traditional seats under a roof and others under a roofless area. Make sure the patio design is paired nicely with the landscape.

24. A Walkout Basement Patio with Complete Features

After you have planned, built, and landscaped your walkout basement patio, furnish it. Yes, you have an outstanding walkout basement outdoor, where will you and your friends sit, eat or hang around? Make sure your furniture can withstand any fading element from the direct sunlight.

Choose anything that suits your budget and then furnish it. You have to add several features in order to get more functions in your outdoor design.

25. Walkout Basement Patio Sunken With Hot Tub

A walkout basement patio is not only limited as an outdoor living, kitchen and dining space, but you can also build a sunken hot tub to add on the patio. The location of the patio plays a very role in building a sunken hot tub. You can even erect a wall in case you want some privacy in the hot tub area.

26. Think of Walkout Basement Patio with a Pond

Think of Walkout Basement Patio with a Pond

A pond is a very good landscaping aspect in the walkout basement patio. Think of the amazing waterfalls from the pond. So you have a huge home and you always love anything related to water like fish and plants. Do not hesitate to bring that natural look to your home by making a pond.

27. Classic Roofless Walkout Basement Patio with Fire and Grilling Pit

Classic Roofless Walkout Basement Patio with Fire and Grilling Pit

Think of gathering outside while you are seated or warming yourself in the fireplace during those cold summers. What a thrilling moment. Or think of you and your team grilling and barbecue outdoor. You are really in fun-making.

28. Walkout Basement Patio Outdoor as Living Room

Walkout Basement Patio Outdoor as Living Room

Do not let lack of space deny you the opportunity to own a living room. Build a living room in that walkout basement patio. You will also be able to utilize the available space in your home. Nonetheless, don’t hold back if you have enough space for a living room. Give your living room that fabulous exterior look.

29. Give Your Living Room a Fountain Feature

Give Your Living Room a Fountain Feature

Make sure you pay all the attention both interior and exterior by creating this focal point. The focal point builds a relaxing atmosphere within the area. You can try out the water feature because of its cool sound. All these are to ensure you and your crew feels more relaxed.

30. Keep Walkout Basement Patio Simple and Amazing

Keep Walkout Basement Patio Simple and Amazing

However much we love transition, it is important to remain simple with a walkout basement patio. Do not complicate your outdoor look with so many unnecessary things. But keep the relevancy. Do not also stuff the space with items that have no use.


Having that walkout basement patio at home is really important. There are a lot of things you can do or enjoy that beautiful space. But it all depends on how or what you intend to do it. Always use it to your advantage.