What Color Is Indigo?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the color indigo? The seven colors of the rainbow it is.  But then there’s something special about colors as they brighten the world. It’s rare to find a building without color, nor can you get colorless clothing.

With color, people have been able to showcase their creativity level, and some are turning the use of color into professions.

You’ll get artists drawing using different colors as designers also doing the same. Although there are many colors with everyone having their favorite, we’ll dwell on indigo today. Read along to get a great insight into this marvelous color indigo.

colors go well with indigo

What Color Is Indigo?

indigo blue color 1

At a glance, you’ll see indigo color looking either blue or violet. You won’t easily tell which color it is between the two. So, many people describe it as the color that falls between blue and violet. Although to some people, they see it as a dark purplish-blue color. Indigo color has an appealing natural look that can help promote your concentration level.

The real indigo dye is an extraction from a tropical plant in the form of a fermented leaf solution. To get the indigo color from the leaf solution, you add lye then press it into cakes that are later powdered. Natural indigo has been in existence since the Greek and Romans era.

Indigo is the sixth color of the rainbow and was invented by Sir Isaac Newton back in 1966.

What Does the Color Indigo Look Like?

A lot of confusion comes about concerning the color that indigo looks like. There’s the dark blue color of the dye, which is a primary color. It has a wavelength ranging between 420-450nm, although some people argue it’s lower than that.

If you want to look at it from the RGB side, it contains R=75, G=O, B=130. But remember, on-screen RGB appears different from what real indigo is.

Shades of Indigo Color

Indigo has four different shades. The reason why the color is so confusing with each either resembling blue or purple. The first shade is the electric indigo, a brighter pigmentation that ranges between violet and indigo. It is the most brilliant shade of indigo according to computer approximation.

Suppose you want to locate indigo as a primary color it’s between blue and purple. It has a spectrum ranging between 450 to 420 nanometers.

The second shade is the blue-violet, which is brighter than the color of indigo but doesn’t exceed that of electric indigo.

The other shade is the web color indigo, which is common with the color pencils you use to draw. It’s a color you come across in most instances, more so if you’ve got a school going kid.

The last shade is the indigo dye, which appears different from others in terms of spectrum or pigmentation.

What Colors Go with Indigo?

If you’re a designer and in a dilemma of which color will match with indigo, don’t worry. We’ll show you some great colors which you can combine with indigo and have a perfect match.


indigo with white
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If you want a perfect look that can pass the test of time, white will do it better. If you blend the two colors, white won’t take center stage but allow the indigo to dominate. If you intend to paint your exterior walls, don’t hesitate to work with a white indigo combination since it’s a striking look.


indigo with yellow

Blending yellow with indigo is another excellent idea. It can give you a cool look since it can make the décor cool. If you want a modern look go for bright yellow and indigo combination. You can paint it on your walls or use it on the seats.


indigo blue with red

Another color that can blend well with indigo is red. For ages, the red and blue combination has been a great pair and is a reminder of the Americana look. Although if you don’t like the deep red, pick on a lighter shade. With this pairing, you can decorate them in your living room or dining room. But it can also do well on the exterior.


indigo blue with brown

You’ll never go wrong with brown since it blends with almost everything. Combining indigo and brown will create an attractive and calming environment. From different brown shades to those of indigo, you can comfortably decorate your rooms with any combination of your choice.


indigo with orange
indigo with orange 1
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You can play along with orange and indigo and get a perfect blend. Although if you pair them, ensure the orange color is bright and bold enough to bring out the contrast. Having this combination will give your room a modern, appealing look that’s sure to attract everyone.

Using Indigo in Home Decor Elements

If you intend to give your home an aesthetic look, work with indigo color for the décor elements. The color will not only give you a serene feeling but also power and harmony. It’s capable of giving your home a personal touch if you carefully put in a unique design.

You can always use indigo on your bed sheets or pillows to bring out an attractive look. Suppose you use the blue shade, you’ll for sure like it since it will brighten the room and give it a calming effect. Ensure you pair it with the right color, though.

Indigo in your ceiling beams is a killer as it can give a fine but powerful contrast. You can paint it at the edges to get a distinctive look taking the room’s center stage. Pick on the shade you like to have an appealing look.

You can also spice your window decoration by introducing indigo color on them. Color the window frames with indigo to have a unique and outstanding look. Working with indigo will give you an easy time blending other decorations as you’d wish.

Don’t forget indigo can also blend well on your seats or the throw pillows. You can have indigo cushions. Or have it in the couch’s main material. All you need to do is pair rhyming colors to avoid getting a weird combination.

Indigo in your walls can also spice the room’s look. Remember indigo’s calming effect and the aesthetic look it can give your room, so try this out. You can either mix it with other colors like white or do a plain indigo painting.

Working with indigo on your décor means it won’t limit you on its use since it can blend with almost everything. But ensure you pick on the right shade that will bring the look you desire.

I believe you’ve seen indigo in most of your denim jeans, meaning it’s also important in the clothing industry.

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For years indigo has been dormant color with fewer people working with it. But now, it’s gaining popularity with lots of designers picking on this fabulous color. Its cooling effect and aesthetic look sell it the most.

You can use indigo on your clothing, walls, or the seats. Please don’t limit yourself to one color but instead mix them up with indigo to get a great combination. Remember to work with an appealing shade to get a desirable look.