What Not To Do When Painting A Metal Roof?

Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Painting your roof is such a fun task. It is like giving your metal roof a new life. However, if not done properly, you can end up reducing the lifespan of your metal roof.

We’ve compiled all the do’s and the don’t’s which are necessary to follow before painting a metal roof!

Not cleaning the roof before painting

white metal rooftop

A major blunder that individuals make continuously all the time is painting over the same dirty roof. Before painting, it is extremely necessary to make sure that the roof is clean. The best way to clean the roof is by using a metal hose to blast away all the dust and dirt. 

When you’re done cleaning the roof with a power hose, wait for the roof to dry off so that you can sweep it clean. This will ensure that your roof is free from all the debris, dirt, and dust particles.

Removing old paint

Removing old paint may seem like an avoidable task but it is an important step that you are required to take before painting your roof.

If you ignore removing the old paint then it will prevent the primer from getting absorbed fully into the surface. This will result in your paint looking uneven.

To remove the paint you will have to use a scrapper and firmly press it against the painted surface. You will have to be careful or else end up damaging your roof.

Not dealing with the rust patches

If your metal roof is old then you will see rust patches on your metal roof. Rusty patches are normal but you need to get rid of them.

These rusty patches will appear when you will scrape the old paint off. You can use anti-rust treatments to get rid of them.

Avoiding using a primer before painting

A primer is applied to prep your roof before painting. Priming is a necessary step to make the surface more durable and to make it more even.

Primer is an adhesive, it adheres the paint to the surface and it also protects the surface. If you will prime your roof properly, then the paint will last longer and it will also help in preventing the paint from cracking. Using a primer that has a titanium dioxide base is a good option, it lasts longer in sunny areas.

You have to wait for the primer to dry off completely before painting it.

Not spending on a proper paint

The paint market is huge, there are many different kinds of paints available, and not all of them are genuine or reliable. 

If your knowledge of paints, which can go on a metal roof, is not much then we will suggest you head to your home improvement store and ask for a piece of advice and suggestions. You will be able to get expert advice on the matter.

Getting authentic paint that is dedicated to metal roofs is a vital step. These paints have important qualities such as being heat and fire-resistant. A paint that is not engineered for metal roofs can make your apartment vulnerable because it might not be able to protect it from the harsh environment. 

Applying the paint incorrectly

People often apply the paint in an uneven manner which can result in the paint coming off. Consequently, you will have to do retouches sooner which will be costly and time-consuming. To avoid this problem, you have to make sure that paint is applied evenly. Also, you will have to give the paint two to three coats for surviving longer.

Not waiting for the paint to dry

As we have previously stressed the importance of drying the paint. Here, it is necessary to understand that before applying the second coat you will have to make sure that the first coat has dried off completely.

Forgetting to use sealant

Sealant is the top coat, it is a chemical that is used to bond all the coats properly. People skip this step and end up regretting it because ultimately the paint starts to peel off. You have to avoid this mistake to make sure that the life of your paint extends.

Here’s why sealant is so important

Sealant is going to help you seal the paint on the roof so that it doesn’t peel off easily. A perfect sealant is safe to use. It should be able to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions. Also, it is necessary to ensure that it is specifically made for metal roofs and is nonflammable.

Not cleaning your roof often enough

Maintenance is not a very fun task; it is time-consuming and costly but it is necessary to maintain your roof to extend its lifespan.

Cleaning is important because debris, dust, and dirt can cause long-term problems. Debris can reduce paint’s longevity. We will suggest you clean your metal roof every month with a power hose to make sure that your roof stays clean. 

Painting in the wrong weather condition

Another important factor that is overlooked, is painting during the wrong season. When you are planning to paint your roof, then make sure that the weather is reasonable.

The best time to paint is either during fall or spring. The conditions are mild and cooler and very little rainfall is expected. For the paint to dry off and cure, you need at least a day or two without rainfall, you will have to check the weather forecast before painting your roof.

Painting your roof in summer

Painting your roof in summer is not at all a good idea. Metal roofs are most likely to get hot during summers which makes them impossible to paint.


Is it worth painting a metal roof?

A metal roof is a great investment for any home. It is durable and long lasting, and can provide excellent protection from the elements. However, a metal roof will eventually need to be repainted. This can be a difficult and expensive project, but it is worth it to maintain the beauty and functionality of your roof.

If you are considering painting your metal roof, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to choose the right paint. There are special paints designed for metal roofs, and these should be used to ensure the best results.

Second, the surface of the roof must be properly prepared before painting can begin. This includes cleaning the roof and making any repairs that are needed.

Finally, it is important to hire a professional painter who has experience painting metal roofs. With proper preparation and the right paint, your metal roof will look great for years to come.

Can you paint a metal roof with a roller?

Yes, you can indeed paint a metal roof with a roller. This can be a great way to give your roof a new lease on life and protect it from the elements. Make sure to use a high quality paint designed for metal roofs and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Is it cheaper to paint or replace a metal roof?

Replacing a metal roof is typically more expensive than painting one. The cost of materials and labor for a new roof can be quite high, while the cost of paint and other materials needed to repaint a roof is usually relatively low.

In addition, painting a roof is often a much easier and quicker process than replacing one, which can save on labor costs. Ultimately, the decision of whether to paint or replace a metal roof should be based on the condition of the roof and the budget available.

If the roof is in good condition and painting it is significantly cheaper than replacing it, then painting may be the best option. However, if the roof is in poor condition or replacement is not too much more expensive than painting, then replacing the roof may be the better choice.


Painting your roof properly can extend its life and longevity. But, if not done right, it can shorten the life and can end up being too costly. We have tried to compile everything you should avoid doing while painting your roof.