What to Consider When Putting in a Backyard Pool

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A backyard pool can be an exciting addition to any home. It provides hours of entertainment for family and friends and is a great way to cool off in the summer heat. But before you take the plunge and invest in your backyard pool, there are some things to consider.

From the type of pool to cost, space/zoning restrictions, and safety considerations, here are six essential factors to consider when planning your dream pool.

what to consider when putting in backyard pool


This is the most significant factor when putting in a backyard pool. Installing an in-ground pool will be much more expensive than an above-ground model.

Nevertheless, this may change based on the kind of liner or material used and various features such as a cover or heating system.

Consider future costs such as repairs and maintenance, too — this could mean purchasing additional equipment, hiring contractors for specific jobs, or investing in chemicals for water treatment.

Type Of Pool

The type of pool you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, and backyard size. In-ground pools are more expensive than above-ground pools, with a wide range of additional features available.

If you have limited space (or a smaller budget), then an above-ground pool might be more suitable — they’re easier to set up and can be taken down in winter if required. You can also choose from different shapes or sizes; consider whether you’re after a traditional rectangle shape or if something more rounded suits your needs better.

Space Or Zoning Restrictions

When putting in a backyard pool, one of the first considerations should be local zoning restrictions. Each locality has different requirements regarding swimming pools and what type of property can legally have them.

It’s important to research whether zoning ordinances limit the size of a pool or if there is any setback requirement that needs to be observed when building it. The setback distance represents the minimum amount a pool must be enclosed from any property lines or rights-of-way.

Safety Considerations

No matter the type of pool you opt for, several safety measures should be considered, including fencing and locking gates. This is especially important if you have young children because drowning is the #1 cause of death in children aged 1-4.

Ensure the pool area is well-marked with signs and that any gates or doors leading to it are kept securely locked at all times. Electric fences can also provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.


Before you take the plunge and install a backyard pool, it’s essential to consider what maintenance will be necessary. A pool needs to be adequately maintained to become a delight instead of a danger.

Proper upkeep requires keeping up with chemical balances through regular testing, regularly vacuuming the bottom and walls of the pool, skimming debris off the surface, and ensuring filters are clean. A lack of routine care can cause problems such as green and murky water, algae build-up, cloudy water, and staining from accumulating dirt or minerals.


Finally, you should consider the aesthetics of your pool. Various options are available, from natural stone finishes to safety covers and liners, depending on your budget and personal taste.

If you prefer a more natural look for your backyard pool, incorporating rocks or wood into the design is a great way to create an attractive landscape feature. Putting in a backyard pool is an exciting investment that many homeowners make, but it’s essential to factor in all the considerations discussed above before taking the plunge.

Planning for a backyard pool requires considering several factors, from cost to zoning restrictions and safety measures. You can create the perfect relaxation spot in your backyard with careful consideration and planning.

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