What To Consider When You’re Refurbishing Your Family Home

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Refurbishing your family home isn’t just about updating the décor, it’s also about improving the way in which your house functions. So, while you’re thinking about aesthetic improvements, you should also be thinking about practical ones. What additions and tweaks can you make at the same time to help your family to live more harmoniously?

To give you some ideas, here are a few things you could consider when you’re refurbishing your family home.

Practical extras when you’re laying new flooring

When you’re thinking of laying new flooring, whether that’s LVT, floorboards or carpet, it’s wise to think about adding in some extras to improve the practicality.

Two big things you can add are soundproofing and insulation. Doing this will boost the warmth and energy efficiency of your home and will help to stop noise traveling through the floors. So, kids can get a good night’s sleep, and noisy activities in the daytime won’t disturb other members of the household.

There are products that do both of these things, making installation easier. Whether you choose an acoustic type of mineral wool, panel or underlay does affect your insulation and soundproofing cost, but you can typically expect to pay from £600 per room.

Improving storage in the hallway and bedrooms

hallway storage

One thing that’s often lacking in family homes is storage. So, when you’re redecorating bedrooms and hallways, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to add some in.

Built-in wardrobes, ottoman beds, and cabin beds are some of the handiest ways to boost bedroom storage. But traditional wardrobes pushed into alcoves and wheeled underbed boxes can also be used to increase storage without taking up too much space.

In hallways, narrow shoe storage units and benches with incorporated storage can help to banish clutter. As can a simple row of hooks. Larger boot room style storage units combine all of these elements, helping you to maximize your storage.

Upgrading your kitchen appliances

The kitchen is one room where practical improvements can really improve family life. For instance, installing a tap that provides both filter and boiling water means you can get rid of the kettle to free up worktop space and do away with bottled water, leaving you with more fridge space.  

If small appliances are cluttering your worktops and in reach of tiny hands, you might fancy using a pantry-style cupboard to keep your electricals safely out of reach. Choose a cupboard with a pull-out worktop and it will make a handy breakfast station.

Another improvement you could make is to move your oven from under the hob to higher up on the wall, boosting safety and convenience. And you could get an extractor fan fitted. One that ducts outside will do the best job of removing steam and smells, making the kitchen more pleasant for dining.

Making room for a dishwasher and installing a two-piece sink will help you to multi-task washing-up and prep tasks, so you can spend less time working and more time around the table with your family.

Making room for family meals

Being able to sit around a table and enjoy meals as a family is something that we can all appreciate. But it’s not something that we all have space to do. Often, that’s not because we’re short of the actual floor space but because we haven’t created a designated space for it.

So, while you’re busy revamping your kitchen, you might also want to consider zoning an area for dining. It doesn’t need to be big as a breakfast bar can be added to an island or peninsula. But you might want to leave room for a table and chairs too, so you can enjoy both relaxed and more formal mealtimes. Having these areas will encourage everyone to take the time to come together and chat about their day.

If you already have a dining room but find it’s barely used, think about merging it into your kitchen by taking down a wall. As this makes the space more convenient to use, it should fall back into regular use.

Practical extras when you’re revamping the bathroom

modern bathroom

If your bathroom is tired and you’re ready to redo it, you might be spending time choosing a nice suit and attractive tiles. But there are plenty of practical elements you should think about at the same time.

Taps that flip up and down rather than turn are usually easier for small children to use. As they look stylish, they will also enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. And if a shower is being installed, choose a head with an adjustable height. This makes it more suitable for young and old to use.

To increase safety, consider a non-slip bath bottom along with anti-slip floor tiles. In addition, consider underfloor heating to make the floor more comfortable to walk on. Finally, a soft-close lid on the toilet should prevent lids from being slammed and save fingers from getting trapped.

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