Wi-Fi Controlled Garden Lights 101: Set the Mood with Smart Outdoor Lighting

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

We live in a time where technical developments are largely aimed at reducing human effort. These improvements have not only made our jobs easier, but they have also improved the quality of our lives. Wi-Fi-controlled garden lights are a great example of this. 

Smart outdoor lighting is a modern solution to garden illumination. You have more freedom and control over how the lights are used with smart systems compared to standard options. You can switch bulbs on and off, adjust brightness, and more using a tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of Installing Wifi-Controlled Lights in Your Garden

benefits of installing wifi controlled lighting

Aside from convenience, wifi-controlled outdoor lights have other advantages that cannot be overlooked. First and foremost, they help improve your sense of security by illuminating dark regions surrounding your house, hence discouraging prospective invaders.

Second, smart outdoor lighting integrates modern technology such as motion sensors and timers, which ensure that bulbs only turn on when needed, eventually saving you both electricity and money. 

Last but not least, features like voice command, remote control, and mobile app connectivity make managing your outdoor lights easier than ever! Take advantage of the benefits and invest in wifi-controlled garden lights to make your garden an eco-friendly, safe, and hassle-free haven.

Features of Garden Wifi-Controlled Lighting

features of garden wifi controlled lighting


This is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial characteristics of outdoor smart lighting. Once you spend the time, effort, and money on installing this lighting system in your garden, you’ll want to make sure it’s on when it’s dark. 

Without a schedule, it can be easy to forget to turn your garden lights on; simply take a walk down your neighborhood at night and you’ll notice lots of houses with their exterior fixtures turned off. Schedules allow you to switch your outside lighting on and off at predetermined intervals without having to touch a button. This is also beneficial for home security since your property will always appear lived in, even while you are away on vacation.


Scenes are useful in landscapes with various outdoor lights. A set of lights is called a “circuit”. For example, the bollard lights will be one circuit, and the festoon lights will be another.  

Generally speaking, you’d have three different switches, each of which could be turned on/off individually. A smart lighting system allows you to build a one-touch scene that switches some or all circuits on and off at once.

You may also create scenarios with varied brightness levels and even different colors by using compatible lights. As a result, you may program “BBQ Mode” and “Stargazing Mode” and simply recall them using your smartphone or voice control. This will not only make your life easier and more convenient but could also help decrease wall clutter caused by several switches. 

Voice Control 

The ability to turn your lights on and off using Amazon Alexa is a significant advantage of smart outdoor lighting. Once linked, you can just say, “Alexa, turn on the garden lights.” to bring your landscape to life.

Color and brightness may also be adjusted using compactable lighting. You can even save scenarios so that you can say, “Alexa, set party mode!” and your landscape will react accordingly.

APP Control 

You can control your smart lights via either iOS or Android phone apps. Lights can be readily monitored and controlled, including turning them on and off as well as modifying brightness and color (on compatible lights).

You’ll be able to do this from anywhere on the globe, so if you forget to switch off the lights, you can quickly do so from your phone.

What Kind of WiFi-Controlled Lighting Should You Choose for Your Garden?

what kind of wifi controlled lighting

You’ll find bulbs and fixtures available labeled “smart lights”, but these options are pretty limited. A wifi garden light controller system, on the other hand, can enhance any type of light, including LED lighting, and allow you to manage your lights via a smart system.

This is possible due to the location of the intelligent control, which is located in a central control panel to which everything is linked. 

Your existing lights can be made smart with this type of system, either through a retrofit using wireless dimmer modules or, ideally, when the electrical connection is connected.

You can fine-tune the color of the light fittings to match the time of day, the mood you want to create, and the surroundings when used in conjunction with appropriate light fittings.

The greatest thing about this technology is the ability to tailor your solution to your own house and needs. A skilled professional will use cutting-edge technology to develop a smart solution that does not limit your possibilities. 

What Else You Need to Know About Wifi Controlled Lighting 

One of the misconceptions concerning wireless lighting is that it is inferior to wired lighting. Your lights will not go off just because your internet connection gets lost.

If your app has your lighting turned on, you will most likely lose momentary control of your smartphone. In many situations, wireless lighting will also include manual override!

Wireless lighting is also a lot simpler to install and use than many imagine. The sheer nature of an app-based solution makes it simple to use.

As a result, comprehensive instruction manuals or user guides will be unnecessary. It basically implies that you may start utilizing your lights and experimenting with their functions right from the beginning. 

Pricing is also a concern for some. However, as compared to the usual option, wireless illumination can provide significantly superior value over lengthy periods of time.

You may efficiently meter your energy consumption, for example, by controlling when your lighting turns on and off. Set up a schedule and a motion sensor instead of leaving your security lights on all night!  

It can also be said that wireless lighting for your garden will not be more expensive than the norm. In truth, wired lighting can often be more comprehensive in terms of upkeep.

Consider what you’d do if an animal chewed through a cable or a light bulb blew out—that’s more money! Long-lasting, wireless garden lighting systems eliminate most of the possible expenses.