4 Things to Consider When Furnishing Your First Home

Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Purchasing your very first home is a major life milestone and a very exciting experience, and along with it comes the task of furnishing it to perfection. However, as exciting and fun as this can be, the job also comes with some responsibility and pressure to make the right decisions. Nobody wants to be stuck with furniture and décor they hate, so we’ve gathered a few ways to assist you.

Here are some tips if you’re furnishing your first home, or perhaps you want to refresh your home for the new year.

Color Palette

Consider your ideal color scheme before you start shopping haphazardly for your new home and end up with mismatching décor that drives you crazy to look at. Look at home inspiration pictures online and figure out the group of colors you’d like in your home (or in each individual room).

Often, it’s safest to purchase bigger, more expensive items that make up the main focus of the room in a neutral color and use your smaller décor items for bringing in color. For example, opting for a modern white couch and adding some color with throw cushions and vases is often a much smarter decision than splashing the cash on a big pink sofa you might hate in three years.

Big Investments

This is a time to spend carefully considering how you’ll spend your money. You might not have the budget to purchase high-end furniture and décor for your entire home, but there are a few key pieces that are worth extra financial allocation.

For example, investing in a great couch, mattress, and high-quality kitchen appliances (like a fridge), will help you ensure that you own long-lasting and highly functional items. However, it’s important to know when to splurge and when to save so you don’t waste too much of your money on items that could easily be purchased on the cheap.

Style That Lasts

Interior design style trends come and go almost as quickly as fast fashion but buying a new couch and remodeling your home isn’t as easy and affordable as buying a new blouse because you saw it on a model.

To avoid this, stick with classic, evergreen styles that will outlast the trends. There’s no harm in purchasing some trendy items to add to your space but try to keep these to décor pieces that are easy to switch in and out, rather than things that define the overall style of a room.

Personal Style

However, aside from classic styles and what you happen to see in home magazines, it’s also important that you’re in touch with your interior design style – the trends and designs that make you tick.

A home that’s been styled entirely via the use of Pinterest might look pretty, but it could also be pretty devoid of personality and character. Bring in touches of your own uniqueness to whatever styles and colors you choose. Hang family photos and place your sentimental trinkets around the house – this will make it feel like home.

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