15 Amigurumi Gnome Toy Softies Crochet Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Have you tried something about the Gnome Amigurumi crochet patterns? They are among the excellent patterns suitable for everyone who wishes to try something from the crochet. Here are 15 Amigurumi crochet patterns you will love.

best crochet gnome amigurumi free patterns

1. Garden Gnome couple

1 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

We are starting our list with a garden Gnome couple which happens to be the best Crochet idea. They look great when they sit on the shelves, the table, or even close to the kitchen fireplace. If you wish to have them on your bedroom wall, they will fit.

Source: https://www.windingroadcrochet.com/amigurumi-gnome-free-crochet-pattern/

2. Little Gnome

2 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Check the knitting instructions for the little Gnome idea. They are easy to follow and will be a nice gift for your child during the birthday. The Amigurumi pattern always comes in a pair, and you should check your crochet skills by following the steps from the source here.

Source: https://lacalledelaabuela.blogspot.com/2018/11/little-fino-free-amigurumi-christmas.html

3. Strawberry Gnome

3 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Express your love for strawberries by trying out something with the beautiful Gnome crochet-free pattern. It is one of the complex Gnome ideas you will ever find, but of course, the steps become more comfortable once you master the art.

Source: https://www.stranamam.ru/post/9887228/

4. The Christmas Gnome

4 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

The Christmas Gnomes is a perfect gift while you are celebrating Christmas. The pattern is free and will deliver a real Christmas theme for crochet lovers. Try the details about the crochet and get something for the upcoming Christmas event.

Source: https://www.windingroadcrochet.com/crochet-santa-gnome-pattern/

5. Wine cork Gnome

5 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Festive seasons are characterized by food and drinks. Do you like wine more than any other drink? Show your love for wine by crocheting this beautiful wine cork Gnome pattern. It looks nice and won’t be a challenge even for beginners.

Source: https://www.1dogwoof.com/crochet-gnome-cork-peg-doll-ornament/

6. Christmas father Gnome Amigurumi

6 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Here is another lovely idea that will look quite appealing during Christmas. You can infer to the manual for inspiration before you start knitting this cute pattern. It will be the perfect pattern to bring the theme of the festive Christmas season.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DncRngdCVP0

7. Amigurumi rag Gnome

7 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Lion Brand presents a beautiful Amigurumi rag Gnome that you will want to crochet in your own free time. Check out the source below for the inspirations to help you get started with the project. It is a familiar Amigurumi crochet-free pattern.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-gnome

8. Hearty Gnome Amigurumi

8 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

The hearty Gnome Amigurumi pattern ranks among the best crochet ideas that use easy-to-follow knits. You will also have the advantage of inferring from the stitching manual when you find issues. Take a look at the Yarnatobia for real inspirations about the crochet pattern.

Source: https://yarnutopia.com/2017/02/13/gnome/

9. Cute crochet Gnome

9 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

The Button nose and the mustache are among the reasons you will admire this Amigurumi crochet Gnome idea. All the knitting steps are reachable, and they will favor everyone, including the beginners.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cute-crochet-gnome

10. Gustav the Gnome

10 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Gustav the Gnome is one of the cute crochet ideas that crochet lovers will appreciate doing. All the steps are reachable, and you will enjoy the simplicity of the instructions in the source here. Try this Gustav Amigurumi Gnome during your free weekends.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gustav-the-gnome

11. Gnome Ornament

11 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

If you love crochet ornaments, you should try the Gnome ornament with all the beauty you will expect to see in an ornament. You can follow the knitting instructions from the source for inspiration on how to crochet it.

Source: http://stellasyarnuniverse.com/crochet-gnome-free-amigurumi-pattern/

12. Simply a Gnome Amigurumi

12 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Simply a Gnome Amigurumi ranks among the best crochet ideas that favor beginners and the experts. It is lovely yet easy to crochet pattern with easy knits. The source has all the details you need to know about the Gnome Amigurumi.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/simply-a-gnome

13. Scandinavian Santa Gnome

13 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

The Scandinavian Santa Gnome could be your next project if you always want to try something new with crocheting. Check the knitting steps from the source and find a reason to crochet it. It is a lovely Amigurumi idea that won’t take lots of your time.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scandinavian-santa-gnome

14. Flower Gnome

14 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

Flowers are lovely, and everyone will wish to have them around. Here I acute flower Gnome that will look smart with you. Take time to learn its stitching instructions and try it at home. It will be a nice gift for everyone who will smile with flowers. It can be your lover, your child, or even your mom! Do something that many people are not thinking to impress.

Source: https://www.zhaya.de/downloads/flowergnome_EN.pdf

15. Bottle Gnome

15 amigurumi gnome toy softies crochet patterns

The bottle Gnome crochet ranks best among the best ideas. It is suitable for people who spend most of their time making crochet patterns. Bottle Gnome won’t be a challenging idea, provided that you have basic knowledge about crochet patterns.

Try the steps from the source below and knit a beautiful crochet Amigurumi bottle Gnome. You can change the colors depending on what best defines your prevalence.

Source: https://nanascraftyhome.com/gnome-wine-bottle-topper-free-crochet-pattern/