18+ Creative Fall Harvest Display Ideas

I love this time of year – pumpkins are ripening in the fields, the mums are just about to burst forth, and the apples are getting to their peak. Take advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables to create a welcoming display for your home’s entrance.

Two or three empty bushel baskets, casually arranged at your front door can form the basis of your Autumn Harvest Display. Place pumpkins of varying sizes and shapes in and around the baskets.

Remember to alter the placement of both the baskets and the pumpkins. For instance, have at least one basket on its side, so that you can arrange the pumpkins as if they are spilling from the bushel basket.

Potted mums or realistic silk mums, gourds, green and red apples will complete the display, when they are tucked in between the larger pumpkins.



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