20+ Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Party Game Ideas

Last Updated on October 26, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, love and appreciation to everyone around us. Some people like to go above and beyond to share the spirit of thanksgiving and some people would like to—if you’re like one of those people then this is the perfect article for you, but have no idea how to.

So in this article, we’ll be sharing twenty inspiring thanksgiving party game ideas that are sure to spark your ignite your holiday spirit.

best thanksgiving party games

1. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

1 thanksgiving party game ideas

This high fun and low cost scavenger hunt is perfect for playing with the entire family. Break out the cards and organize the game, this is sure to bring together your family and friends for a fun time of solving riddles.


2. Gratitude Game

2 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun box of cards is a fun game to play that surely embraces the thanksgiving spirit. It is perfect for kids and for adults who need to take time to find things they’re grateful for.


3. Thanksgiving Bingo

3 thanksgiving party game ideas

Bingo is always great fun for all ages. This particular Bingo game revolves around Thanksgiving and is a perfect game to play while waiting for the turkey to cook or just as a party game.


4. Thanksgiving the Price is Right game

4 thanksgiving party game ideas

Have fun trying to guess how much these Thanksgiving meals are worth. Much like the namesake gameshow, this game will choose a winner based on who guesses either correctly or the closest.


5. Thanksgiving Would You Rather

5 thanksgiving party game ideas

There are TONS of things we’d rather do. And the game would you rather is a fun game for everyone involved. Now, this Thanksgiving themed Would You Rather game is a quick and easy game you can play in between anything!


6. Turkey Talk and Turkey Tasks game

6 thanksgiving party game ideas

This is a fun spin off on truth or dare and a little bit of Simon Says. This game is fun and is bound to be a great ice breaker to get everyone clucking and clawing.


7. Turkey Land

7 thanksgiving party game ideas

Have you ever played Candy Land? Did you love it? Well, there’s a Thanksgiving edition named Turkey Land! Let the kids have fun while the adults brush shoulders and enjoy a sip of wine.


8. Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games

8 thanksgiving party game ideas

Minute to Win It is always fun to watch! It gets even better with family and friends around playing with—or against you. Try out these twelve minute to win it games that ensure twelve minutes of absolute fun.


9. Turkey Hunt

9 thanksgiving party game ideas

You’ve heard about the Easter Egg Hunt but have you heard about the Turkey Hunt? This fun game will have the kids squabbling around looking for hidden turkeys! Isn’t that fun? And pre-occupying for the little ones *wink*


10. Turkey Tag

10 thanksgiving party game ideas

Is a spinoff on the classic game. Turn it into a family affair by creating teams of players who have to tag each other with turkeys.


11. Autumn Charades

11 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun game of the classic charades is fun for the whole family! Have a bit of rowdy fun with everyone howling out answers and laughter with this printable autumn charades game.


12. Thanksgiving Bowling

12 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun game of bowling will have the kids hooting with laughter while trying to knock down these turkey pins.


13. Flying Turkeys

13 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun Nerf game is perfect for kids and adults alike create these little Turkey targets for a fun game of shooting turkeys!


14. Holiday Family Feud

14 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun game is a spinoff of the classic Family Feud game! Have fun playing against each other in a battle of wits and skill.


15. Right Left Turkey Game

This is a game of skill and listening. Use it as the perfect excuse for handing out small gifts or prizes to winners!


16. Thanksgiving Pictionary

16 thanksgiving party game ideas

This pictionary game is a spinoff on the original Pictionary game! Have great fun with the kids and the family guessing drawings themed around thanksgiving.


17. Thanksgiving Scramble

17 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun game is perfect for keeping the kids preoccupied while the adults work. This game can keep them occupied for a long time depending on the difficulty.


18. Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey

18 thanksgiving party game ideas

The classic game of pin the tail on the donkey gets a fun spinoff this thanksgiving with the turkey needing your help to pin back its gobbler!


19. Roll a Turkey

19 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun dice game is perfect for the kids! Keep them preoccupied trying to put together a turkey.


20. Don’t Topple the Teepee

20 thanksgiving party game ideas

This fun game is a spinoff from the game Treehouse! Let the kids take turns picking a pencil until the teepee crumbles!



Thanksgiving is a fun time but it can also be stressful. Putting together games and activities ensure everyone has plenty to do while having lots of fun! We hope these ideas inspire you to put together the best thanksgiving party ever!