20+ Best Thanksgiving Party Decoration Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Thanksgiving is the celebration reminiscent of different traditions. Thanksgiving parties are conducted during its holidays and are celebrated in the United States and Canada. Several attractive ideas, as detailed below, bring forth the charm and beauty to your décor without losing the spirit of the season.

best thanksgiving party decor ideas

1. Some for the party dining

1 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

In this design style, the color palette used is golden and green with a pinch of yellow. This design can be used on the dining table at your Thanksgiving party.

The dinner plates can be arranged with a wider gold-accented plate being used to serve a multi-color plate. A handmade name-card with the name of your guest can be kept on the plate to signify the reserved seat for the person.


2. For the Thanksgiving-themed class party

2 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

This design style is usable for the Thanksgiving party organized for school children in their classroom.

It involves theming table-runners in the shape of flowers and vegetables in bright colors such as yellow, orange, green, and red. You can turn this into a fun activity by involving your students to participate in making these runners.


3. Party style cosplay

3 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

This design element involves creating customized clothing for your guests. Typically aimed at the younger folk amongst your friends, your guests can be asked to select a dress code and stick with it throughout the party.

Cartoon characters can be an inspiration while designing the attire. Along with those, flowers, sun, pumpkin, and Thanksgiving history can be scaled up and down to be converted into various attire and ‘props’ for the themed-party.


4. Written Menu cards

4 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

The Thanksgiving party is incomplete without a sumptuous dinner. This design element adds the spirit of the celebration to the dinner table.

It involves handwritten cards mentioning the dinner menu and can quickly charm your guests. It also signifies the attention to detail the host of the party has thought of while designing the party celebration.

5. Runner with embroidery

5 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

This design element involves the use of ordinary table cloth to be designed with beautiful embroidery designs and knit-design. Keywords of the Thanksgiving season can be knit on the table runner. Colors used can be blue, yellow, red, and green.

6. Rustic cake stand

6 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

In this idea, use your old lumber to create a rustic looking cake stand for the living room. Brown and withered look for the stand helps pop out the vintage feel of the party occasion.

7. Four-wheeled party truck

7 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

This design makes use of your old pick-up truck with its pick-up space used for showcasing elements of the Thanksgiving season. Items such as orange pumpkins, hot water flasks, colorful towels, and wooden baskets can be stacked together on the truck.

8. Pie-shaped place cards

8 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

The host of the party can design the place card at the dinner table in a pie shape. Depending on the expected number of guests, the individual triangular pieces can be cut. The color palette to be followed is orange and golden.

9. Artificial veggies

9 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

In this style, shapes of vegetables and fruits can be made of concrete pieces and hardwoods. They go well with dark shaded flowers. The color for these elements can be matte white.

10. Colored glass and art on the wall

10 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

Your wall can be decorated using the Thanksgiving messages written in calligraphic writing. Combine this with colored glass jars. Use colors such as light blue and grey for the bottles. You can also keep lighted candles to complement the look. These elements go well against a white wooden board or a white wall.

11. Chalkboard with messages

11 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

You can make your party guests participate in your home décor by asking them to write beautiful messages on your message board, made of wood or foam. Paper shapes in the form of leaves can be kept in a bowl beside the board for the guests to write their messages on.

12. Pumpkin on a candle holder

12 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

Wooden candle holders always add a touch of vintage feel to your party décor. Combine it with mini pumpkin figures to complement the look.

13. Fireplace mantle décor

13 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

You can decorate your mantle area with the produce from the harvest season. Vegetables such as pumpkin (different color shades), tomatoes, and hay stems can be displayed. If your mantle area is white, these colors would complement the overall look when placed in front of your pale yellow wall.

14. Not a Thanksgiving without a wreath

14 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

This design element is a wreath for the Thanksgiving party. Made of green leaves, white roses, and blue ribbons, this Thanksgiving wreath can be hung on your front door to express your token of gratitude to the guests of the party.

15. Unique candlelight

15 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

You can cover small shot glasses with precisely cut husks of corn. Maple leaf or feather-shaped embellishments can be tied on to this arrangement to create the Thanksgiving-themed candle lighting.

16. Paper-leaved tree

16 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

In this design, a white-colored coffee pot can be used as the tree holder. The tree can be made from individual twigs bundled together. On each twig, Thanksgiving-themed messages and thank you notes can be hung. Hard paper and cardboard can be used for creating the message slips for the guests to write on.

17. Balloon ‘props’ for the party

17 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

Impulsive design choices for the many, bright-colored helium balloons in your living area brighten up the room for the Thanksgiving party. Party messages are written on alternative balloons to create a filling aura.

18. Pumpkin shaped trays and buckets

18 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

The host can keep their drinks chilled using this pumpkin-shaped ice buckets. The color for the bucket can be selected to be dark brown.

19. Ring for the cloth

19 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

You can cut old linen and kitchen cloth in the shape of roses and create this ring holder style for tying the tablecloth. You can also use corn husks for making this design element.

20. Large-sized banner

20 thanksgiving party decoration ideas

One can go economical and use this design element for your Thanksgiving party décor. Couple this banner with a vintage styled candle stand to give a contemporary look.


Friends and family get together in the Thanksgiving parties to celebrate the tradition and good harvest. They spend their days of celebration remembering the old days of their journey across the Atlantic Ocean, praying, fasting and feasting.