Spooky Halloween Decorations for the Classroom

Invite students to draw human body skeletons for math, science, and language arts class and use them for your spooky Halloween decorations for the classroom.

Halloween is a great opportunity to teach students about the human skeletal system, as skeletons are one of the main symbols representing the holiday. Instead of the traditional cut and paste skeleton on black paper, invite students to draw a human body skeleton for math, science or language arts class.

Skeleton Drawing Directions for Math Class

Students will draw different shapes to represent the different parts of the skeletal system. After the shapes are drawn, students will assemble the skeleton with brass fasteners or glue. Brass fasteners are ideal as they allow the skeleton to move and to be placed in a variety of positions for displaying purposes.

Each part of the skeleton is a basic shape. Teacher will decide the specific dimensions for each shape. For younger students, circles may be drawn by the teacher or have students trace a circle cut-out or stencil. Drawing the skeleton with basic shapes allows a variety of math questions to be asked.

Students may calculate the area and perimeter of the shapes or reproduce a smaller or larger skeleton using the same ratio of the original shapes. Students describe the shapes and their properties.

Teacher models each of the shapes and students follow the directions of the teacher. After all shapes are drawn, teacher will model how to assemble the skeleton. Students will make eye sockets, nose, and mouth for their skeleton. After the skeleton is complete students will decide on its pose and tape or glue to black construction paper.

Skeleton Shapes

  • Skull: Large Circle
  • Ribs: Square with lines drawn on either side to represent the individual ribs.
  • Pelvis: Rectangle
  • Arms: 2 Rectangles
  • Legs: 2 Rectangles
  • Vertebrae: 8 small squares
  • Feet: 2 ovals and 5 narrow rectangles
  • Hands: 2 circles and 5 narrow rectangles

Skeleton Drawing Instructions for Science Class

Students will draw and label a skeleton to learn the basics of the human body skeletal system. Each child receives a piece of chalk and black construction paper. Teacher will model how to draw a skeleton beginning with the skull. Students will follow the directions and label accordingly. It is best to use scientific names where possible.

Example: Draw a head is better said Draw the skull of the human body. As the teacher draws a circle or oval to represent the skull students will understand it is the head.

After the drawing is complete, students will cut around the skeleton and display for Halloween.

Skeleton Drawing Instructions for Writing

Students draw one part of the human body skeletal system. Teacher has a skeleton on display for students to use as their model. After the bone is drawn, students are to write a descriptive paragraph on how the bone became disconnected from the skeleton. Students will write their paragraph on the bone.

Display the bone stories on the classroom door. Teacher covers the door with black paper and tapes the bones to the door. Teacher may choose to display a complete skeleton, by assigning different parts of the skeleton to the students. Another option is for the bones to be in disarray on the classroom door with them in a variety of positions.

Skeletons are fun to make and are wonderful spooky Halloween decorations. Teach about the human body skeletal system as you infuse art, science, math, and language arts.

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