31+ Best Basement Laundry Room Ideas and Designs

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The dampness of the basement is one of its unique characteristics which makes it a central space for refurbishing and total renovation. One of the common spaces setup in the basement would be a laundry room.

With the aid of dehumidifiers, basement windows, and the enclosed space of the basement, it is a solid area for quiet washing, drying, and ironing. 

If you are looking for some ideas that will help you in your basement laundry room project, this post contains a list featuring styles and designs that you can draw inspiration from for your basement laundry room. 

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basement laundry room ideas on a budget

Unfinished basement laundry room ideas

1. Exposed beams and plumbing

1 farmfoodfamily.com unfinished basement laundry room ideas

If you have an old cellar room by the basement, you can take advantage of its compact space and raw ceiling and turn it into an unfinished basement laundry room.

You just need to ergonomically position the washing machine and dryer to maximize the space and build useful storage all in a vertical arrangement. 

2. 50s flair

2 farmfoodfamily.com unfinished basement laundry room ideas

Well, you have seen this style a lot in the movies. Leave the ceilings and the block walls raw and unfinished. Set partitions and laundry room enclosures using curtains or drapes.

Set up the cabinets on one side, position the washing machine and dryer beneath the sink, install the warm pendant lights and put on the old iron table in the middle. This is how a 50s laundry room looks like. 

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Basement laundry room makeover ideas

3. From dark to cozy

3 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room makeover ideas

To amend the dark, damp and dungeon-y feel of a compact basement laundry room, you can incorporate the easiest trick in the box and that is to paint the area with bright white.

Re-organize your stuff by stacking shelves instead of just lining them all on the floor. Remove unneeded items and just stick to your washer and dryer to conserve space. 

4. Compact to spacious

4 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room makeover ideas

Sometimes, a basement laundry room feels compact because of the many items that are stacked there. To create an illusion of space, upgrade your washer and dryer into the smaller models for you to get the most out of the space.

Start setting up the cabinets and the floor shelf where you can tuck in your washer and dryer. Add wall ledge for easy access to most used laundry items. Refurbish your flooring too if needed. 

Finished basement laundry room ideas

5. Packed basement

5 farmfoodfamily.com finished basement laundry room ideas

If you have a large basement and you want to transform it into a loaded laundry room complete with shelves and cabinets all around, you can refer to this idea. The washer and dryer are discreetly tucked in one space, surrounded by floor cabinets and top shelves.

The built-in ironing and folding board in the middle also give it a notch up in terms of completeness and elegance. 

6. Wainscoted ceiling

6 farmfoodfamily.com finished basement laundry room ideas

For a polished, contemporary look, wood paneling for the ceiling or a wainscoted ceiling is one of the best choices. Accent it with a long fluorescent light in the middle to break the monotony.

Make a 3-in-1 hanging storage composed of a hanger rod, a cabinet, and shelves. Build additional floor storage and top it with a countertop for folding. Tuck the dryer and washer in between the floor cabinets and drawers. 

Basement laundry room flooring ideas

7. Natural stone tile flooring

7 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room flooring ideas

For a laundry room slash mud room, natural stone tile flooring is still one of the best fits. It is less slip resistant compared to ceramic tiles. It also slides off dust and in terms of aesthetic value, it goes well with any color given its range of hues. 

Having built-in shelves for the washing machine and dryer along with drawers below help in making the whole arrangement an old school laundry room style with a bit of southern contemporary in it. 

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8. Concrete herringbone

8 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room flooring ideas

Another good flooring material for a laundry room and mudroom would be concrete. However, just poured concrete can look very standard. To notch up the look of the laundry room and to match the deep colors of gray or black washing machine and dryer, go for a charcoal black herringbone flooring like this one. 

It is also a good flooring material for compact laundry rooms because its added angles make it look spacious. 

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Small basement laundry room ideas

9. Laundry room by the sink

9 farmfoodfamily.com small basement laundry room ideas

Most of the designs on small basement laundry rooms incorporate the washers and dryers at one side of the sink. This way, the square arrangement of the room is not disturbed.

Other than that, the laundry equipment looks inconspicuous on the side making the whole style evoke a continuous vibe. Here is something to consider if you have a small space for your basement laundry. 

10. Tan and brown arrangement

10 farmfoodfamily.com small basement laundry room ideas

Small spaces benefit a lot from dark neutrals like brown and the complementing hue of tan. They offer depth and texture for a small laundry room. Aside from this, the combination gives a rustic feel while the wood countertop gives the room an elegant touch.

Put the washer and dryer cabinet beside the sink to preserve the square shape of a compact laundry room. 

Basement laundry room ceiling ideas

11. Plain ceiling

11 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room ceiling ideas

You do not need to be very elaborate on your laundry room ceiling. Sometimes, a plain ceiling is enough if you complement it with proper lighting. In this idea, the homeowner used white paint walls and plain white ceiling and added recessed can lights. With this, there is a sufficient source of natural light all day for your laundry basement. 

12. Finished ceiling with exposed beams

12 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room ceiling ideas

For aesthetic purposes, you can create a beam like structure in the ceiling’s frame. You can use a concrete ceiling with steel lines along with these exposed beams. Vertically arrange the cabinets and shelves in one angle and just leave an open floor plan for a more spacious feel. 

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Luxury basement laundry room ideas

13. Wood and concrete

13 farmfoodfamily.com luxury basement laundry room ideas

There is nothing more luxurious looking than the classic combination of wood and concrete. Install hanging wood cabinets, ceramic tiles for the half ledge effect and tinier ceramic tiles for the sink wall.

The wood countertop sheltering the washer and dryer is also an elegant addition to this arrangement. There is nothing low-key about this laundry room design. 

14. Aisle style luxury basement laundry room

14 farmfoodfamily.com luxury basement laundry room ideas

You do not need a very spacious laundry for it to be styled luxuriously. For a laundry room packed with shelves, cabinets, and upscale amenities but within a compact space, try the aisle style laundry room. 

This relies on vertical arrangement so pack one side with the washer and dryer as well as hanging cabinets and shelves. Add a long countertop with a built-in sink at the end. On the other side, you can have a washroom or more cabinets and drawers for storage. 

Basement laundry room wall ideas

15. Marble walls

15 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room wall ideas

Marble walls can be used for bathrooms, but you would not typically find it in a laundry room. This type of wall material really upscales a laundry room especially if it is a compact one. It matches well with patterned flooring like herringbone concrete.

To top it all off, only add neutral colored accent pieces, preferably white. Add a white marble countertop for easy access to small laundry materials and add some hanging shelves more storage. This is how elegant, marbled wall laundry rooms can look like. 

16. Wood panels

16 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room wall ideas

If you have a farmhouse style home, you do not need to refurbish your old cellar room just to transform it into a stylish laundry room. The washer and dryer are separated by the sink with floor cabinetry.

The wood panels are white which complements well with the open shelves and the granite countertop. Adding recessed lights and a focus light by the sink are fine touches. 

Basement laundry room bathroom ideas

17. Open floor bathroom-laundry room

17 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room bathroom ideas

To conserve space, you can incorporate an in-wall washing machine and dryer in a corner by the sink. It goes unnoticed and seamlessly blends with the room because they look like circular drawers on one side.

Getting a matching color washing machine and dryer is a must for a cohesive arrangement like this one. 

18. Laundry room and tub

18 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room bathroom ideas

This is a laundry and bathroom plan that you can consider. The shower room is enclosed with a ceramic tile wall and glass door. On its side would be the tub. On the other end of the rectangular room would be the sink and the toilet.

Positioned adjacent to the shower enclosure would be the washer and dryer. With the complement of the mirror, cabinet and towel rack, everything is a cohesive design.

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Hidden basement laundry room ideas

19. Stored in the cabinet

19 farmfoodfamily.com hidden basement laundry room ideas

For this idea to work, you will need a built-in cabinet with a full space inside made especially for the washer and dryer. You can make the most out of this cabinet by making sure that there are enough shelves and drawers for all items needed in laundry.

Add a sink on the other side and a stylish hamper on the other. Here is a commendable look to achieve. 

20. Under the stairs

20 farmfoodfamily.com hidden basement laundry room ideas

If you do not want to tuck the washer and dryer in a cabinet just to be opened every now and then, you can make a hidden laundry room under the stairs. You can position the washer and dryer in the space under the stairs.

They will look like just another accent piece out there. Make sure that they fit perfectly so that they would not obstruct the way. 

Basement Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

21. Pendant lights

21 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room lighting ideas

This type of lighting is perfect for unfinished or industrial style basement laundry rooms. The pendant lights must not necessarily be draping very low near the washer and dryer. Having something that pops out of the ceiling is enough to add depth and layer to the damp laundry basement. 

22. Recessed can and accent lights

22 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room lighting ideas

The go-to choice for basement lighting is still recessed lights. They are powerful enough to illuminate the damp space when natural light from the walls and windows are not enough. But to upscale the overall look of the laundry room, you can add accent lights on the spaces that you want to emphasize. It could be in the countertop area or along the shelves and cabinets. 

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Storage ideas for basement laundry room

23. Surrounded with shelves

23 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room storage ideas

If you really want to have a laundry room which you can also use to store cleaning and sanitation items like toilet paper, and other household chemicals aside from the detergent and laundry items, go for an all-in shelving and cabinetry.

From hanging shelves to floor cabinets as well as hanger partitions, you can easily have a storage laundry room like this one.  

24. Vertical storage

24 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room storage ideas

The good thing about washing machines and dryers is that they are easy to squeeze on a shelf. But if you want a customized storage for your detergent, fabric conditioner and stuff in the hamper, you can go for the traditional vertical storage.

You can have a floor to ceiling cabinet and drawers beneath it. Here is something to consider for this idea. 

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Basement laundry room paint ideas

25. Pastel and tiles

25 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room paint ideas

Bright colored walls for a laundry room emanates a calming effect when you do the laundry. Aside from this, pastel colors can complement any washer and dryer color although white is the most used.

Infuse ceramic tiles to act as an accent wall and to serve as demarcation for the hanging cabinets and the countertop shelving the laundry equipment. 

26. Cherry red

26 farmfoodfamily.com basement laundry room paint ideas

Another way of veering away from the conventional white color and other neutrals, you can opt for a cherry red color. It can be the dryer and washer, or it could be a popping color for the shelves and cabinets to break the monotony of white walls and ceilings.

You can also add other bright colored pieces like for the hangers, vase by the countertop or the countertop itself. As long as you are working on more neutrals, choosing brighter colors to add is never a risk. Here is an idea that you can consider. 


How to make an unfinished basement laundry room look nice

There are various ways to make an unfinished basement look more presentable even with the exposed beams and plumbing. Here are some tips that you can go for to make an unfinished basement laundry room look nice: 

  • Flooring: Most often, the flooring of unfinished basements is just poured concrete. The cheapest way to refurbish the flooring is through installing vinyl floors or even floor mats. If you have the resources, you can go for stone tiles for it not to be slippery. In doing so, you can also have a mudroom in your basement laundry room. 
  • Lighting: This is a very important tip to veer away from the dark and damp character of the basement. Illumination can also impact the vibe of the basement laundry room. The most cost-effective lighting type is through string lights and recessed lights. Adding ambient and track lights in scenic portions of the laundry room could also enhance its overall appeal. 
  • Storage: Having a good and ample storage in the basement laundry room is not just one way of making it more functional but also polishes the look of the laundry room. When the laundry room is organized, it will look seamless, neat, and cozy. Having ample space for your fabric, detergent supply, and a place where you could neatly tuck in your washer and dryer are also major upscaling effects of storage. 
  • Curtains and divider: This is not a usual thing for basement laundry rooms but for a more comfortable washing time and some privacy and added functional spaces in the basement, setting up curtains and dividers are also good options. With the ornate trims of dividers and beautiful colors and patterns of curtains, you are also adding more color pop in your basement laundry room. 
  • Ceiling: There are a lot of ways to notch up your unfinished basement laundry room ceiling. For starters, you can put a fabric canopy to conceal the exposed beams and pipes. Another is to paint the raw ceiling with white or other bright colors for natural light. If it is made of wood, you can just seal it for a glossy and finished effect. 

Ultimately, the most important thing to do for unfinished basement laundry rooms is to keep it organized. Make sure that it is decluttered, that everything is tucked in a box type style or in a vertical organizing. 

What is the best flooring for a basement laundry room?

There is no one flooring that can be considered as the best flooring for a basement laundry room. The main consideration for a laundry room’s flooring is that it should not get too slippery and that it should be a good absorbent of water. Here are some of the best flooring materials for a basement laundry room: 

If there is one flooring material that should never be considered for a basement laundry room, it is carpet or floor mats/foam. 

What is the best dehumidifier for the laundry room in basement?

There are some factors to be considered in choosing a dehumidifier for your basement laundry room such as basement size and dehumidifying coverage. You also have to note that for a laundry room, dehumidifiers can also be used in aiding drying.

As a matter of fact, some homeowners completely depend on dehumidifiers for air drying clothes because they consume less energy. Here is a rundown of some of the best dehumidifiers that you can consider for your basement laundry room. 

If you want to know more about these dehumidifiers or if you want to further diversify your choice when it comes to dehumidifiers fit for a basement laundry room, we recommend that you check viable reviews from reputable sites for further information and actual testimonies from fellow homeowners who have used the product. 

How to insulate laundry room in basement

Good insulation in the basement and laundry room lessens the noise of washing and drying due to the vibration and whirring sound they create. Good insulation also prevents mold growth since possible entryways are blocked. Since this is an important thing to do for your basement laundry room, here are some insulation tips that you can install for your basement laundry room. 

  • Install anti-vibration pads in the windows. 
  • Place a soundproofing blanket underneath your washer and dryer. 
  • Check air sweeps in the window (or in the door if there is one). 
  • Attach soundproofing blankets in the walls (like wallpapers). 
  • Soundproof the floors using soundproofing rugs or foam mats. 
  • If the whirring sound or the vibrations are too much, have your washer and dryer checked for possible internal damages. 
  • Give your walls some layers by adding shelves, racks, or cabinets. They can absorb vibration too. 

Overall, here are the easiest ways to insulate a basement laundry room. These are cost-efficient tips and you can do them DIY. 

How to build a laundry room in basement

Building a laundry room in the basement is a lot of work. You have to prepare everything to beautifully transform a dark and damp basement into a cozy laundry room. For you to do this, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Assess your basement and then declutter. Shut the main valve if needed and check for leaks in the pipes. 
  • Measure the basement area and prepare the blueprint of your remodeling plan. 
  • Install the new drain and vent pipes. 
  • Check the electric lines. Replace the supply line if needed. 
  • Start installing the sink system and connect the washer and dryer to the pipes. 
  • Work on the interiors (flooring, ceiling, and walls). 
  • Install storage (cabinets, shelves, racks, etc.)

For visual reference, here are tutorials from DIY Huntress and Komar Project


Setting up a laundry room in your basement is another functional way of transforming the basement into a functional area. Whether you are working in a big or small basement, there are limitless ways to turn them into a laundry room. While there is a lot of work included and a lot of considerations to master, at the end of the day, having a cozy space to do your laundry is worth it.