7 Washing Machine Brands To Avoid and 3 Most Reliable Brands

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Aside from refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, and dishwashers, washing machines are another home appliance that is commonly used almost every day. It is not enough that we have one to wash the laundry. The onset of auto rinse and dry in newer washing machines completely changed the game. 

Like all other home appliances, we need a dependable washing machine and for that reason, we must also know which washing machine brands to avoid. To help you narrow down the best choice, this post rounds up the washing machine brands that should not make your options’ list. 

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7 washing machine brands to avoid

This is not to badmouth certain brands, but some just have major issues that are unacceptable for a home appliance that is regularly used by the household. To save you time in coming up with an options list and to save money for future premature repairs, here are some washing machine brands to avoid. 

1. Costway

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This brand takes pride in their compact washing machines that are specially designed for smaller spaces and greater portability. However, their washers have been consistently rated ‘poor’ online and for some good reasons. Its main issue is ease of use because you need to manually shut off and drain the water for each load. 

Another complaint is thrown at its compact size. Customer reviews claim that it is hard to position because it is too short to get to a water source. As such, extension cords are still needed for it to be used. 

2. Deco

61EY0upfi1L. AC SL1500

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As sleek and compact as they are, there have been a lot of complaints about Deco washing machines particularly their front load washers. Customer reviews point to experiences of the washing machine stopping at the middle of the cycle as the main reason behind their low rating. 

A blank display upon power on and having incomprehensible buttons are also major claims about this brand. Plus, it does not have any beeping sound to indicate something, so you literally are kept in the dark when using it. 

3. Danby

danby washing machine 2 1

This one has a solid reputation for appliances especially washing machines but its model DWM04WDB messed up badly, tarnishing all those years of commendable washer reputation. For one, it has been listed as one with the weakest builds. 

Main complaints about Danby include rough washing and water leaking because of the absence of a see-through window. While its energy star rating is above average, these issues affected the customer reviews of Danby washing machines. 

4. Electrolux

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While it has become a fast-trending appliance brand, their washing machine models cannot keep up. In terms of performance, it is rated as a washer with moderate load capacity and with a slow performance. Aside from this, customers note frequent error messages.

Most of all, they do not have the most responsive customer service, so its washers’ consistent ‘poor’ review goes beyond performance. With its expensive price, it is not worth the price. 

5. Speed Queen

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In its defense, this brand is considered as the washing machine brand with the longest lifespan. However, this is not enough to keep its performance rating high. Speaking of performance, it has a low rating when it comes to dirt removal from clothes no matter how much detergent is stacked. Spinning and drying performance are also rated poor. 

Aside from these, it does not have a fast cycle option or a cycle option for wooly items. Auto-sense for water level is absent, time-remaining display plus delay timer are also not there. This is another expensive machine brand that does not live up to the hype and expectations. 

6. Summit

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This brand is another shocking find in this list because it is known for its durable washers and efficient dryers. But for some reason, customers claim that it spins like a turtle. As such, it takes more water even at simple cycles plus the dryer does not work properly.

It also does not come with a water level detector and load sensor, so it is both not cost and energy efficient. 

7. Whirlpool

whirlpool washing machine

It is a premium brand for home appliances, yes, but some of its models keep messing its reputation up. For instance, its washing machines with WiFi connectivity are hard to connect and disconnect from the WiFi every now and then.

Another issue is its performance in removing dirt. On that level, it is poorly rated. So, while it has a good build and sleek designs, it is not that premium when it comes to washing machines sometimes. 

3 most reliable washing machines

With the bulk of work delivered by washing machines in every spin, you would want a brand that is not just reliable but also cost efficient and low maintenance. To that end, you can consider the following washing machine brands here. 

1. LG

51HAG1AroiL. AC SL1000

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This South Korean brand has established its reputation not just on gadgets but also on home appliances like washing machines. Both top and front load washers of LG are highly rated.

Their washing machines’ plus points would be their sleek design, more cycle options, easy to operate and high energy star rating. LG washing machines range from $600-4000 depending on the model, features and design. 

2. GE

ge washing machine 2

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When it comes to product reliability, GE is another consistent top rater in product reviews and on customer website reviews. It is one of those washing machine brands with very rare bad reviews. 

As a matter of fact, GE front load washing machine models had a collective consumer rating of 95% in the first quarter of 2021 according to Consumer Reports. Like LG, it is well-loved for its sleek and minimalist designs, a wide range of home appliances to choose from, high end features, high energy star rating and reasonable price. 

3. Maytag

maytag washing machine

This one is an acquired brand by Whirlpool since 2006. Washing machines from Maytag have been consistently rated 5 stars in major review platforms citing reliability, cost efficiency and being customer friendly as major reasons why.

They offer all types of washers including models with smart features like WiFi connectivity as well as vibration control and very quiet performance. 

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

buying washing machine

Your choice of washing machine should be based on specific factors. More than the overall look and their seemingly upgraded features, you need to know the basics of buying a good washing machine. As such, here is a comprehensive buying guide of what to look for. 

#1. Washing machine type

This might not be common knowledge but there are three major types of washing machines. 

1. Top-load washers: they are the traditional and most preferred washers with a washtub that moves back and forth. 

  • Benefits: lesser risks for mold buildups; runs faster; large tub size
  • Disadvantages: consumes more water; slow spin; high energy consumption

2. Impeller washer: This one works on a spinning disc which spins the load in heavy waves. Compared to the first one, it is more low profile and gentler to clothes. 

  • Benefits: more energy efficient; uses less detergent and less water
  • Disadvantages: expensive; takes longer running time

3. Front-load washers: they are newer washer models and are specifically built to be energy efficient. They are effective in removing heavy stains but are gentle on the clothes. 

  • Benefits: best option for compact spaces; energy and water efficient; gentle
  • Disadvantages: most expensive of the three; shorter lifespan and longer running time

#2. Load capacity

A washer’s load capacity is measured in cubic feet and refers to the internal tub volume of the washing machine. For instance, 2.5-4.5 cu.ft. can take on 5-8kls of laundry load. So, of course, anything higher than that can have a larger load capacity. This choice is highly dependent on the household size. 

#3. Washer size

This factor determines how much space the washing machine would take up in the laundry area. Washers generally range from 24-27-inches. With that in mind, you can start setting up the area where it would be placed. 

#4. Energy efficiency

This one relies on power consumption rate. Not only is this important in regulating your electric bill but also your everyday impact to the environment. For this, you need to check for the Energy Star rating of your washing machine options. You would find the highest ratings among front load washers and other high efficiency types. 

#5. Features

Of course, you also must look for upscale features that would add to the efficiency of the washing machine of your choice. Here are some added features to look for: 

  • Hot wash cycle: this one sterilizes regular laundry through hotter temperatures. This kills bacteria in soiled clothes at a 99.9% rate
  • Quick wash cycle: this feature saves you 20-25 minutes of washing time so if you are the busy type, you can benefit a lot from this feature
  • Stainless steel drums: for heavy laundry loads with zippers and buttons, having a durable washer drum makes a prime choice
  • Glowing control panel: the laundry room is usually dark and damp and if the light switch is not that near, you can easily locate the washer with their glowing control panels
  • Noise reduction: washers with noise sensors that ensure quiet running time is a good investment especially for compact homes where the washers are usually near the living room. 
  • Advanced wrinkle care: This feature definitely changes how laundries are done. Using gentle tumble and hot steam, you can get unwrinkled clothes straight from the washing machine. Just imagine all those times saved from ironing your clothes especially when you are in a rush, right? 
  • WiFi connectivity: you can now just load soil clothes in, wait for it to be soaked and remotely control the running time and other cycles that you want while in the living room, doing your work and more. You can also operate the washer through smart assistants like Google or Alexa and just do the job through voice commands. 

#6. Cost

This one does not only involve the initial payment that you have to spend in buying a good washing brand. It also has something to do with the maintenance of the washer. To this end, you need a reputable washing machine brand that does not derail customer satisfaction with lots of premature repairs in between.  

Washing machine safety tips

If you have already chosen the best washing machine for you, here are some important safety tips that you should always remember: 

  • Power supply: make sure that the washing machine is no longer plugged in after use to prevent fire hazards. 
  • Go through the laundry’s pockets: hard and sharp items would damage the washing machine. As such, make sure that all pockets of the clothes to be loaded are empty of coins, pins, rivets, screws, nails, and knives. 
  • Shut the washer’s door: this is especially true for front load washers and for homes with small kids and pets. Keep the washer’s door always closed to prevent unwarranted injuries. 
  • Never overload: overloaded washers put more pressure on the appliance’s engine. This causes the washing machine to overheat. To prevent this, always opt for the heavy load rinse feature of the washer. 
  • Lint filter: the lint filter is prone to clogging, thus, needing regular cleaning to ensure that the water pipes are doing their job. 
  • Excessive detergent: it is wrong to believe that more detergent means cleaner clothes. Greasy and over-soiled clothes with a lot of detergent are not always a good combo. Sometimes, detergent residues could also stack up, causing clogging. 
  • Repairs: when it comes to premature repairs, you need to always enlist the help of professional appliance fixers because appliances like washing machines require expertise. 


Aside from knowing which brands to avoid and which brands are the most reliable when it comes to washing machines, there are also useful FAQs that you should be aware of. Some take into light some questions about certain brands that are not mentioned in both lists, so this section yields importance in your buying guide. 

What brand of washing machine is the quietest?

There is no one answer to this so here are the top five rated washing machines with the quietest performance: 

  • Bosch 
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • GE

Is Hotpoint a good brand of washing machine?

Reputation wise, Hotpoint has a solid one having been around since 1911. Their washing machines are noted for their durable build dependable performance. Aside from this, Hotpoint is also an inexpensive brand. For these, yes, Hotpoint is a good brand when it comes to washing machines. 

What is the best brand of top loading washing machine?

Each type of washing machine offers a fascinating array of the best brands. When it comes to top loading washing machine, here are the brands to look out for: 

  • Best overall performance: Samsung and GE
  • Best budget: Amana
  • Best in efficiency: Maytag
  • Best high capacity: LG
  • Best compact model: GE
  • Best with steam cycle: Samsung
  • Best for multitasking: GE
  • Best in energy efficiency: LG

Is AEG a good brand washing machine?

Yes. Overall, it has a 4.5 efficiency rating and a high energy star seal. Some of its well commended features would be its large door for easy access and for monitoring the spin cycle, quiet running performance, and efficiency in dirt and stain removal. Its drying performance is also a good plus in the rating of AEG washing machines. 

Is Mitashi a good brand for washing machines?

With its 3.7-star rating on major review platforms, we can say that Mitashi is a medium-tier washing machine. Aside from being an inexpensive brand, it is also uncomplicated to use. Its washing performance is also above average. Specifically, it is a good brand for households with 3-5 members. 

Is Haier a good brand for washing machines?

Yes. It is a reliable brand. As a matter of fact, even its compact models are well-rated too. Washing machine models from Haier are known for their good washing performance, automatic sensors, quiet running time and ability to remove dirt and stains. The build is also durable plus the washing time is short but in good quality. 

Is Kenmore a good brand for washing machines?

This one has been a trusted household brand for more than 100 years. It is commendable for its energy efficiency as it requires less water and with its time saving options. Its durability is also well-rated by customers plus the customer service is highly praised. Overall, Kenmore is a good brand for washing machines. 

Is liquid detergent better than powder detergent? 

When it comes to detergents, it is not right to say that there is no better or worse because all of them do one job because clearly there is a better one. So, yes, liquid detergent is better than powder detergents for two reasons.

For one, liquid detergents are better to use for more stain-free clothes especially for those heavily soiled or greasy ones. Second, liquid detergent leads to lesser washing machine issues by avoiding detergent clogging. This is not to say that powder detergents do not do anything because they do. If you are confronting muddy clothes, powder detergents would be the better choice. 

What are the best rated detergents for washing machines? 

There are lots of well-rated detergents out there and each offer a specific cleaning solution to specific laundry loads. If you are curious about what these could be, check the following best rated detergents for washing machines. 

  • Best overall liquid detergent: Persil Proclean
  • Best overall powder detergent: Tide with bleach
  • Best single dose detergent: Tide 3-in-1 detergent pods
  • Best value detergent: Kirkland Ultra Clean
  • Best detergent for baby clothes: Dreft Newborn detergent
  • Best detergent for dark colored clothes: Woolite All Darks
  • Best deep cleaning detergent: Tide Power pods Hygienic Clean

Are touchpad controls better than dials? 

This is an instant yes. The real catch with touchpad controls is that they give immediate signals, beeping, feedback, error blinks, and cycle time readouts compared to manual dials. These are like the vital signs of a washing machine and immediately knowing the status of each control saves you time in detecting what is wrong with the washer and money because of prolonged washing machine problems. 

Are front load washing machines better than top load washers? 

Yes. There is a reason why front load machines are making top load washing machines somewhat like a thing of the past. They may be more expensive at initial cost, but you can easily recover your expenditure with the range of benefits you get from front load washing machines. Some of these benefits include: less water consumption, less drying time, less soap usage, light on the sewer. 

How many clothes should be put in the washer? 

This one depends on the type of washing machine that you have. When using top load washers, the rule of thumb is to fill in clothes loosely until the heap reaches the agitator. For front load washing machines, just fill it with clothes until there is no more space. This is yet again another benefit of front load washers. 

Are extended warranties worth the money? 

Buying an extended warranty is not required but with the number of premature, simple repairs that you can encounter, this warranty is worth the money. Just a pro tip: you need to fully use the free warranty first to get the most out of your extended warranty. 

How long should a washing machine last? 

Good washing machine brands are expected to last for 14 years at a running frequency of 5-7 loads per week. In an estimated figure, that would be 2500-4000 washes a year. 


Washing machines are indeed, one of the most dependable home appliances ever. It has changed the way we approach washing clothes as a household chore and for that reason, knowing which washing machine brands to choose is an important process. 

Having a heads-up on what washing machine brands to avoid not only saves a lot of money but also time, both in making up your mind and in the toll of problems that need to be fixed in the long run.

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