25+ Best Basement Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

A basement bathroom is another practical choice to transform your basement into. On days when you are too tired, a basement bathroom can be your sanctuary and have an undisturbed me-time to keep those stresses away.

Interior designers have found a new decorating opportunity with basement bathrooms and it is no wonder that you are considering having one. 

If you are thinking of remodeling your basement or refurbishing an old basement powder room, this post features some basement bathroom ideas that you can consider for that future project. 

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25 basement bathroom ideas 

best basement bathroom ideas

For any remodeling project, finding the inspiration or the design idea is the hardest phase. There are a lot of things you can do, add, change, or demolish from a basement to make it a beautiful basement bathroom. If you are hard up in finding some ideas to work on, here are some designs that you can explore. 

1. Dramatic wallpapers

Dramatic wallpapers

Basement powder rooms and bathrooms are very trendy for women and adding dramatic wallpapers instead of the usual feminine accent wall colors is another level.

A dark floral wall contrasted with a chic dark-colored geometric flooring is a cool combination for a low-ceiling basement that never goes out of style. 

2. Stone tiled basement bathroom

Stone tiled basement bathroom

If you are working on a basement with just a few windows to get natural light from, spare one for a stone tiled basement bathroom.

Positioning the shower head above the window is a scenic feel during daytime showers. Complementing the natural look of the flooring should be darker neutrals and some brass accents and sconce lighting. 

3. Modern subway tiles

Modern subway tiles

This is another variant of the basement tile play. If you are working in an old brick basement and you want to keep the brick aesthetics of the whole place, you can use a more modern brick effect through subway tiles.

While beige or tan are the most common subways, you may also use white subway tiles coupled with dark red grout like this one. 

4. Earth toned basement bathroom

Earth toned basement bathroom

A basement bedroom or basement office needs a compelling basement bathroom. To make a bold look for a basement bathroom, try an earth-toned one. Use a beige, tan, and brown palette for the walls and flooring.

Contrast that with shades of soft pink and cream. Rattan hampers, mats, and a vintage-style mirror also add a fine touch. 

5. Neat sea-side style

Neat sea-side style

Beach houses and sea-side homes dig clean neutrals a lot. For a sea-side style basement bathroom, paint the walls with pearl white especially if you have a windowless basement. To add to the neat sea-side effect, integrate gray, navy blue, black, and gold accent colors. 

6. Repurposed accent furniture on a sea-side style

Repurposed accent furniture on a sea-side style

If you have a lot of existing decors that you can repurpose, might as well pull off a sea-side style basement bathroom using repurposed accent furniture such as bathroom drawers, shelves, customized tissue holder and more. 

7. Marble doorless basement bathroom

Marble doorless basement bathroom

Marble is timeless and eclectic so if you feel like you want to go for an elegant basement bathroom go for marble. Making it doorless also adds to its minimalistic and modern vibe. Adding a marble bench inside the basement bathroom is one unique feature to consider. 

8. Nook style walk-in basement shower

Nook style walk-in basement shower

For a basement bathroom with a lot of privacy and dividers, try a nook style bathroom. This one creates an illusion of spaciousness especially for small to medium size basements. Wood and natural stone contrasts make an attractive nook style walk-in basement bathroom. 

9. Vault style basement tub and shower

Vault style basement tub and shower

If you have a cramped-up basement, try a vault style basement bathroom that looks like it was cut out from the Roman era. Have two separate shower rooms and a central tub. Make use of large and small cobblestones to give it a rough touch and enclose it with sliding doors.

10. Modern boho

Modern boho

If you love the West coast boho vibe, all you need is a white wall, mirrors with black or white frames, wall lamps, an oriental rug, and coral blue drawers like this one below. It is cool, airy, and neat yet speaks of a boho vibe all throughout. 

11. Corner tubs

Corner tubs

Small basement bathrooms benefit a lot from corner tubs. A lot of people worry that they do not have everything in one space but arranging the basement bathroom with a corner tub is an ergonomic solution to have a posh bathroom in a limited basement space.

12. Industrial style bathroom basement

Industrial style bathroom basement

Black floors, exposed beams, a low ceiling, a white toilet, and a vanity mirror in the middle give an industrial and masculine flair to a compact bathroom basement.

Incorporate vinyl walls and a glass shower door. Keep the ceiling raw and unfinished and add some metal or brass touches to complete this industrial arrangement.

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13. Frosted shower and mirrored cabinets

Frosted shower and mirrored cabinets

Nothing speaks of vintage than frosted shower capsules and mirrored cabinets. The frosted shower gives a feeling of privacy, but the exposed bathroom elements keep the whole arrangement grounded. Blend it with granite floors to add more reflection against mirrored cabinets. 

14. Gym-type basement bathroom

Gym-type basement bathroom

You do not need to set-up a luxury bathroom in the basement when you can just install a shower capsule that only requires shower curtains instead of glass doors. Contrast it using rough concrete and complement it with white walls. The exposed ceiling and beams add to its rawness. 

15. Rustic basement bathroom

Rustic basement bathroom

For unfinished wood basements, a rustic style bathroom is a convenient choice. Since this design relies heavily on wood elements, it is easier to incorporate specific decorative pieces.

You could go for a white accent in the wall as well as in the toilet, showerhead, and tub. You can also mount some wood antler decorations and other rustic elements. 

16. Basement bathroom and laundry room

Basement bathroom and laundry room

Combine function and comfort in your basement. This design works best for spacious basements. Just keep it plain and tonal with white walls and blue or neutral ceramic tiles.

If possible, add white or neutral pieces too. With a bathroom and laundry room in one nook, what else could you ask for, right?

17. Basement bathroom and bedroom

Basement bathroom and bedroom

This combination is becoming a popular trend for modern apartments including basement apartments. It exudes a spa vibe that chic millennials love.

Divide the room with stylish transition doors or glass dividers. Choose which one to position in a platform: the tub or the bed. 

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18. Closet type shower room

Closet type shower room

Having a small, closet-type shower room separate from the toilet and tub located inside the basement bedroom is a fine touch to a transitional basement bedroom. It does not amount much to a full bathroom but if you want a unique arrangement, this could really work. 

19. Basement wet room

Basement wet room

If you are tired of cleaning a wet bathroom every now and then, perhaps it is time to create one in your basement. You do not have to worry about splashing. Just make sure that you have a rough floor surface, so you will not slip. Work on neutrals too if you are not sure of what to incorporate. 

20. Funky basement bathroom

Funky basement bathroom

You can also play with colors when it comes to your basement bathroom. If you want a standout bathroom in the basement, be bold with colors. Mix them into a funky wall and then go conventional with the white tub and toilet. Like the one below, a funky basement bathroom comes with a lot of personalities. 

21. Nautical retreat

Nautical retreat

Blue and white on a bathroom is just refreshing. Even a windowless basement with little to no natural light source gets illuminated with this color combination. For better contrast, paint the walls blue and the ceiling white.

Add some recessed or track light around the ceiling for a more ambient night shower. Wood floors are also the perfect match for contrast. 

22. Contemporary sauna

Contemporary sauna

Think about wood, ceramic tiles, and natural stones in one basement bathroom and you get a contemporary style bath. Add some wooden sauna benches on the side of the wood walls and you get a contemporary basement bathroom with a sauna. Complete this with a modern rain shower and glass shower doors and you are good to go. 

23. Bathroom basement with walk-on roof

Bathroom basement with walk-on roof

Having a walk-on roof is not just installed to draw in natural light but also adds to the aesthetic value of a basement bathroom. Install opaque or frosted walk-on roofs if you are weary of privacy. Keep the interior minimalistic with just a square mirror, and some wall drawers on one side. 

24. Trendy marble shower enclosure

Trendy marble shower enclosure

If you cannot get enough marble, you might want to use it for your shower capsule in your basement bathroom. It evokes total privacy compared to the frosted shower enclosure or the glass one. You can also easily complement it with everything white. It can work as a divider for the toilet and tub too. 

25. Luxury spa-style basement bathroom

Luxury spa-style basement bathroom

If you have a wide basement space and money to spare, you can go all in and create your very own luxury spa in your basement bathroom. Invest in a lot of ambient lighting from dim recessed lights to accent lights for the vanity mirror and the drawers.

Elevate the tub and position a glass shower room beside it for a more luxurious effect like this one. 

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Basement bathroom ideas – FAQs

How do you put a bathroom in a basement?

The construction part is essentially like putting up any bathroom. So for this question, you have to be wary of four considerations before having a bathroom in your basement. 

The first thing to consider is existing zoning requirements and other permits. You need to contact your local building authority and check for specific restrictions on basement bathrooms. Second, assess your electric wires and plumbing system in the basement. If you have an intact system, it will save you a lot of money moving forward. 

Third, will you go for a half bath or full bath? Consider your space, ventilation as well as other functions that you can incorporate. Fourth, make sure that you have a good drainage system. For these four, you must get a professional for a consult. 

How much does it cost to put a bathroom in the basement?

Weighing it all in, the average cost of a basement bathroom is $10,000-20,000. This range includes the cost of materials, zoning requirements and other permits, assessment and plumbing consultation, and labor. 

For plumbing techniques to base your estimates for a bathroom basement, here is a comprehensive guide from Basement Finishing Man. For basic wall finishing and arrangement, here is a clip from Home Renovision DIY

What size should a basement bathroom be?

If you are working on a transitional basement with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, you need to set aside three-quarters of the entire space for the bathroom. If you want the whole basement to become a bathroom oasis, consider the following figures: a half bath requires 30sq.ft. while a full bath requires 60sq.ft

However, we featured here some bathroom designs that go for less than 30sq.ft. We want to clarify that these designs are meant for transition basements and you should always comply with the basement bathroom standard of your locale.

This is the reason why you have to be in the know of local protocols about what should and should not be added when setting up an additional living space for basements. 

Is it worth putting a bathroom in the basement?

Investment-wise, yes. An unorganized basement is a waste of space and transforming it into an added livable space such as a bedroom, living room furnished with a bathroom, the more that it becomes a selling point for real estate. According to Home Advisor, a furnished basement upscales the home value by up to 60% of the total cost of renovation. 

But beyond real estate value, having a basement bathroom is also a good investment for a household especially those with a lot of family members or those who are frequently hosting parties and inviting friends over. 

Can you put a bathroom in a basement without rough-in?

If you are remodeling a basement of an old home, chances are, it does not come with a rough-in. And if you do not have one, you might have to install one in. 

Structure-wise, a rough-in is important because it sets up key parts of a basement bathroom: plumbing vents, drains, and pipes. It is where you break into the concrete to install piping and vent systems as well as upflush toilet systems. 

How hard is it to put a bathroom in the basement?

In between working out a functional design that is apt for the structure of the home and the cost of achieving this desired design for a basement bathroom, to say that putting in a bathroom in the basement as hard is an understatement. 

The challenge of putting up one is due to many factors. But rounding them up, it is hard because first, you need to assess your basement condition. Is it roughed-in or not? Is the rough-in finished or not? Should you consider having new plumbing? 

Aside from this, are you prepared for the cost of everything? The more intricate the design, the more adjustments, the more specific the needs and the more expensive the cost. These are the reasons why setting up a basement bathroom poses a lot of challenges for the homeowner. 

How do you put a bathroom in a basement without breaking concrete?

Traditional bathroom systems require a lot of drilling for the tub, toilet, and shower to be put in place. To avoid damaging pre-poured concrete, consider installing an upflush bathroom system. An upflush bathroom system is positioned on top of the concrete floors. 

You can just hook the tub, toilet, and shower system to the same pump and macerator. This mechanism saves you from adjusting the existing plumbing of the basement. An upflush does not only save you from breaking concrete but also makes plumbing at ease. Plus, you are also adding a lot of functionality in your basement bathroom with an upflush system. 


A basement bathroom is one of the best decisions you will make for your empty basement if you pull off a good design. However, we have covered that more than the aesthetic idea behind a basement bathroom would be important considerations that must be carried out first. 

Upfront, you must know the protocols of building a bathroom or an additional living space in your basement. You must comply with local decrees about how to build one before finalizing your design. Second, you need to evaluate your existing basement situation. Most importantly, you need to assess the condition of your basement walls, flooring, and most importantly, the electric and plumbing system. 

Lastly, basement bathrooms can be very costly overall. As such, you need to prepare enough budget to make sure that the first two considerations are met. If all these requirements are fulfilled, we can say that you are now ready to put up a basement bathroom of your choice.