Wake Up: 3 Ways to Improve Your Energy

Last Updated on February 18, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

If there is one thing that the majority of us have experienced globally in the past month, it is not only a profound hatred for the COVID-word but also an intense lethargy that settles over us no matter how many coffees we have or how many times we go out for fresh air in the desperate attempt to stop our eyes drooping at the computer screen.

Globally we are tired and fed up. While a lot of that can be attributed to our circumstances, which are, for the most part, out of our control, worry not! There are a few things we can do to help improve our energy in the meantime.

Read this piece to find out how you can stop yourself from yawning every 10 seconds.

Bust Your Stress

Only a tiny bit of stress is good for you, and that is usually when you are in a fight or flight situation, not in your seventh Zoom call with adamant people should have their camera on. The amount of stress we carry around is alarming and can be pretty damaging to our health, not to mention making us feel exhausted.

Relaxation therapies, such as yoga or meditation, can help us release unwarranted and unneeded stress. While the idea of these therapies may make you feel sleepy, they can leave you feeling revitalized and calm. Failing that, unplug your internet connection and delete Zoom forever.

Look at Your Diet

You know when you eat a big meal, and all you want to do after is curl up and take a nap? Both digestion and carbohydrates have a lot to answer for. The neurotransmitters released when we eat high carb foods act as a sedative, making us feel like an afternoon nap is the next best thing after dessert.

Combine that with your body trying to get food through its system, and you will find your energy is pretty tied up. To combat the post-food nap pull, eating low-carb meals in the day and grazing rather than filling up on large meals can do wonders for your energy levels.

And no, you do not just have to eat a piece of chicken and a cube of cheese to feel like you can carry on with your day, there are plenty of delicious low-carb recipes you can try, such as a keto sloppy joes recipe, so you can eat something tasty and manage to exercise in the evening too.

Hydrate Yourself

It is surprising how many times we might reach for an espresso or a café latte over our trusty H20. After all, this is almost definitely what your body is craving if you are tired and irritable.

If you feel like your pillow is calling (which is far more difficult to ignore if you are working from home), make sure to glug down a decent sized glass full of water and wait 10-20 minutes for its reviving effects. Feeling fatigued is often one of the first signs your body is dehydrated, so make sure to keep those hydration levels up.

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