15+ Best Basement Office Design Ideas

best basement office design ideas

Hi guys! Today I would like to share about Basement Office Design Ideas. For me, basement might be the perfect place to be an office. It is because many basements are spacious, secluded and quiet, so this is the advantage to build an office inside the basement. Well guys, if your feel curious yet about this today’s topic, see below for more complete information!

It is true that many basements are spacious, secluded and quiet enough to be an office space. Most of the basement poses a design challenge and it is require some work before becoming a suitable work spaces. The basement will seem like it is made to be an office space with a few strategic moves.

The first challenge in designing the basement to be an office is the lighting system. Here you have to make the basement seem like less of a dark dungeon and even more of a light, feel airy, productive space.

You can start it by painting the basement wall. Of course you have to paint it with a bright color such as white, or cheerful color like yellow can be great, or robin’s egg blue, mint green, peach or even light rose. By picking out the decorative lighting fixtures which provide the light to the ceiling, corners and area above your desk, commit to a lighting scheme you like so the whole room is illuminated.

If you decided to build a home office in your basement, the next challenge is screening. You can deny that your basement may be filled with boxes or even old furniture which you have yet to relocate or throw out.

I have to tell you, you do not these all for your home office, instead you can buy the folding screens with maybe three panels which made of chalkboard or dry erase board. It can conceal the basement’s clutter, so your work space truly looks and feel like a home office.

You have already known that every office needs a break room. I consider you create it inside the basement so you can take a break from your computer or desk.

Well guys, that’s all I have got. I hope this little information is useful enough for you. Have a nice day!

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