34+ Best Basement Home Office Ideas and Designs

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Hi guys! Today I would like to share about Basement Office Design Ideas. For me, the basement might be the perfect place to be an office. It is because many basements are spacious, secluded, and quiet, so this is the advantage to build an office inside the basement. Well guys, if your feel curious yet about today’s topic, see below for more complete information!

The acoustics and compactness of the basement make it a fine location for a home office. Depending on the basement office design that you are going for, it is easy to squeeze some desks, chairs, couches, and other office decorative pieces to complete the arrangement. 

If you are scouring for some basement office ideas that you can easily pull together, this post will give you a rundown of probable designs that you can work on for your basement office.

It is true that many basements are spacious, secluded and quiet enough to be an office space. Most of the basement poses a design challenge and it is require some work before becoming a suitable work spaces. The basement will seem like it is made to be an office space with a few strategic moves.

The first challenge in designing the basement to be an office is the lighting system. Here you have to make the basement seem like less of a dark dungeon and even more of a light, feel airy, productive space.

You can start it by painting the basement wall. Of course you have to paint it with a bright color such as white, or cheerful color like yellow can be great, or robin’s egg blue, mint green, peach or even light rose. By picking out the decorative lighting fixtures which provide the light to the ceiling, corners and area above your desk, commit to a lighting scheme you like so the whole room is illuminated.

If you decided to build a home office in your basement, the next challenge is screening. You can deny that your basement may be filled with boxes or even old furniture which you have yet to relocate or throw out.

I have to tell you, you do not these all for your home office, instead, you can buy the folding screens with maybe three panels which made of chalkboard or dry erase board. It can conceal the basement’s clutter, so your workspace truly looks and feel like a home office.

You have already known that every office needs a break room. I consider you create it inside the basement so you can take a break from your computer or desk.

Well, guys, that’s all I have got. I hope this little information is useful enough for you. Have a nice day!

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34 basement home office ideas

best basement office ideas designs

Be it a minimalist desk-chair design to a loaded basement office, you need ideas to draw inspiration from. Or if it works, you can lift the design totally and use it for your basement office. To get a head start about what you can do with your basement office, here are 34 ideas to consider. 

1. Clean walkout basement office

Clean walkout basement office

If there is an outdoor view awaiting, a simple furniture arrangement goes well with white walls and neutral-colored floors. Position the desk and chair facing the sliding door or the window, add a small white-couch, accent with tall plants, and use beige or other neutral rugs. 

2. Sit and stand basement office

Sit and stand basement office

For small-sized basements, having corner workstations where you can stand while working on your computer is a fine touch for a basement office just like the picture below. It is unhealthy to sit down all day and if you are catching a deadline, you can still stand up occasionally as you work on it. 

3. Closet basement office

Closet basement office

If you want to maximize the best out of a medium-sized basement, you can create a closet-like basement office. Choose narrow wood desks that are positioned against the wall and a chic office chair.

Go for wall shelving to provide an accent and good use of space. Install a door or a divider that shuts you from the world so you could work silently. 

4. Curtain dividers

Curtain dividers

For a chill and airy workplace, you can consider curtain dividers instead of doors and shelves. You can use it to separate two different workstations or as a divider transitioning to a game room on one side, a home office in the middle, and a living room on the other end. 

5. Hallway basement office

Hallway basement office

There will always be an unused or bare hallway in the basement that you can maximize and turn into a basement office. Install an L-shape floating desk by the wall and mount shelves for your books, instruments, and others. Adding a false window is also a fine touch to make it look like a complete office. 

6. Rustic vibe walkout basement

Rustic vibe walkout basement

If you want a space-saving design full of rustic vibe, build on wood accents, chairs, decks, and shelving. The fun in wood is that you can incorporate a lot of space-saving storage designs by adding drawers to the tables and chairs like this one. 

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7. Basement office in a basement apartment

Basement office in a basement apartment

Most of us are working from home due to the pandemic. If you are living in a basement apartment with minimal space, you can incorporate a corner office by transforming one side of your closet or bookshelf into a workstation like this one below. 

8. Add the illusion of depth and space

Add the illusion of depth and space

This type of basement design works best for small basement offices. You can add geometric patterned walls, colorful accent walls, and other graphics to give off an illusion of depth and space. This also adds personality to your basement office beyond the typical desk and chair arrangement. 

9. Entryway basement office

Entryway basement office

If you want your workstation to be the first view after descending from the basement stairs, set-up an entryway office. It is low-key and does not grab so much attention so if you have other spaces that you want your basement to have, an entryway office will not come in the way. 

10. Unfinished basement office

Unfinished basement office

Capitalize on the raw vibe of an unfinished basement by incorporating a low-profile workstation behind a couch or sofa bed. You can maximize the other spaces by adding rattan or wicker chairs, some rugs, and floor lamps.

You can also add inconspicuous storage shelves in between the office and the drawers like this one. 

11. Modern chic

Modern chic

For a millennial, modern look that looks furnished and concise, uses the help of industrial style floor lamps, glass chairs, and mounted desks and drawers. Also, add floating shelves for storage and keep the walls and floors neutral. 

12. Traditional office in a basement

Traditional office in a basement

If you want to have a feel of a traditional office but in a basement, you can do so if you have the right space and if you can infuse the right elements. Wood and metal are still the best combinations for this. Here is a design that you can get inspiration from. 

13. Wider basement office with track lighting

Wider basement office with track lighting

Another variant of the traditional office in a basement would be this chic design from Sebring. The ambient lighting of the track lights enhances the modern feel of this basement office. It looks formal, neat, and perfect for important business meetings and online business presentations. 

14. Basement office with a conference table

Basement office with a conference table

If you want to take your meetings down the basement and get the job done with some colleagues to invite over, throw in industrial lamps, rustic wood tables, floating shelves, and a long conference table in the middle like this one. 

15. Writer’s nook basement office

Writer’s nook basement office

This is another variant of the corner workstation and closet office. If you really have a very tiny space, make it open and free-flowing.

Just mount in a continuous work desk, some tall cabinets in between, or bookshelves and you are good to go. Transition basements will benefit from this type of basement office. 

16. Chic and feminine basement office

Chic and feminine basement office

If you are setting-up a feminine basement office, play with neutrals and spruce it up with a burst of citrus colors paired with warm pink or peach tones. With this, you can still have daytime illumination even in a windowless basement. Add in a center table, a corner workstation, and some recessed lights

17. Cramped and cozy workstation

Cramped and cozy workstation

This one is another design to consider for entryway basement offices. It looks like a hotel reception desk, but it is actually a compact workstation composed of customized desks with a lot of drawers and a tall cabinet. 

18. Straightforward entryway basement office

Straightforward entryway basement office

For a more upfront, entryway office, connect the desk to the stair rails and in the finished wall. It creates a seamless, compact office design that looks neat and comfy. 

19. Basement gym and office combo

Basement gym and office combo

For a multi-functional basement that supports home and brain exercise, try a basement gym and office combo. If you have space and the budget, your basement can be a stress-living, productivity-inducing nook for you. 

20. Cosmopolitan transition basement

Cosmopolitan transition basement

For a basement office that extends to a cozier basement living room, try an all-white, cosmopolitan design to bring in a formal flair to your basement office.

This creates a sharp contrast with the more colorful living room. The effect is enhanced by a mirror, sliding door. 

21. Moody man cave office

Moody man cave office

Your basement office need not be bright and colorful all the time. If you want an ambient man cave office that exudes very masculine tones and moody lighting along with leather furniture and industrial decorative pieces like this one. 

22. Contemporary brick wall basement office

Contemporary brick wall basement office

The fusion of neutrals and brick walls is always a sight to behold. Taking this contemporary idea for a basement office is one of the most refreshing ways for small-sized functional offices like this one. 

23. Seamless basement bedroom office

Seamless basement bedroom office

If you feel more comfortable having the bed nearby or if you are more productive if you have your favorite blanket on the side, why not just add desks and chairs in your basement bedroom. It is an easy way to incorporate two functions in just one basement and a stylish one for that matter. 

24. Basement bedroom office with dividers

Basement bedroom office with dividers

If you are not a fan of the all-at-once, seamless bedroom office design, you can always opt for one with dividers. Aside from the transition in work mood, it also gives more spaces to store your stuff in.

For instance, a divider that is a clothes cabinet on the side of the bed and a bookshelf on the other side is a beautiful addition. 

25. Family basement office

Family basement office

If the whole family benefits from a basement office, it might be best to construct long, continuous desks divided by cubicles or simple wood dividers. Foldable desks are also a fine touch to utilize the spaces in between after the work is done.

This is a good thing to consider if you have a cramped basement space that could only accommodate two to four people at once. 

26. Small basement office interior design

1 small basement office interior design

27. Office meeting room interior design

2 office meetin room interior design

28. Modern Basement Office Design Ideas

3 modern Basement Office Design Ideas

29. Modern basement office interior design

4 modern basement office interior design

30. Basement home office

5 basment home office

31. Creative basement home office interior design

6 creative basement home office interior design

32. Basement Office Design Ideas

7 Basement Office Design Ideas

33. Attractive office interior design in basement area

8 attractive office interior design in basement area

34. Basement home office design ideas

9 basement home office design ideas

Basement office ideas – FAQs

How do I make my basement office brighter?

You do not need to add many light fixtures to your basement office just to make it brighter. If you wish to illuminate your office basement, here are some amendments that you can add: 

  • Paint the walls with bright colors.
  • Go for light-colored and glossy flooring. 
  • Add glass doors or mirrors.
  • Incorporate plants. 
  • Consider multiple light sources.
  • Diversify accent decorations, furniture, and walls.

How do I make my basement office cozy?

The best way to make a basement cozy is by installing ambient and task lighting. Adding warm accent colors like pink, peach, yellow and orange are good tricks too. You may also incorporate cozy furniture like leather or velvet couch as well as a central fireplace. 

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How to set up a basement office

The basement is already there, and it is not the most spotless nook in the home so the first thing to do is massive decluttering. Check and assess the cracks in the walls, the dents in the flooring, and what fixtures can be saved. After doing this inventory, embark on painting and fixing the basement flooring. 

Infuse the accent walls and mount the lights. Next, connect the desks, the dividers and then incorporate the furniture that will go with the basement office design. Lastly, install the electronics specifically the internet cables, the desktop computers, and the wiring. 

For a full video of how to set up a simple basement office, here is one from Ian Cramer.


To conclude, basement offices are beautiful spaces that you can create. They can be anything from formal to cozy nooks to bedroom offices to cramped up ones.

As long as you choose the best desks and chair designs to complement your chosen basement office aesthetics and add complementing fixtures that enhance the look, you are building a space where you can relax and be productive at the same time. 

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best basement office design ideas