Unique Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

By using traditional floor tiles in non-traditional ways, it’s possible to create a floor that sets the stage for the rest of the bathroom design.

Combine Floor Tile Materials

One way to put a new twist on an traditional floor is to take two different materials in the same shape and size to combine. This works well for children’s bathrooms or bathrooms where some color can give some life to the floor.

Be sure that the glass is the same thickness, or thinner than the field tiles; it’s possible to build up a thinner tile, but not to shave it down. As the field tile is being laid, pop off tiles from the netting, and place a glass tile in the space left.

This can be done to create a flower pattern, a wave pattern going around the edges of the room, or randomly, leaving pops of color scattered through the floor.

This method can also be done by using 12” tiles, and sheets of glass or polished stone mosaic. Simply replace 12” squares with sheets of mosaic to create shimmering sections of color. Each mosaic tile will catch the light individually, creating a sparkling effect. Keeping the field tiles to a matte finish, will intensify this look.

Cut Up Mosaic Tiles

Another way to create a unique floor is to take sheets of mosaic tiles in different colors, textures, or materials, and cut the sheets down into different shapes. Diamonds, triangles, and starbursts can be created and pieced together to create a floor made up of different colors, textures and shapes.

To make the most of this idea, be sure to sketch the layout to scale on graph paper first, and do a dry layout of construction paper cut to the sizes and shapes being used.

Play around with the shapes to get the best fit before cutting up the mosaic sheets, or installing them. Do a final dry layout with the actual tile sheets before the install to be sure that they will work.

Use Mosaic or Tile Drops

A tile drop is a netted or water jet pattern pieced together from several different tiles. A drop can be made of ceramic or stone, and is often the same size as the surrounding tiles.

Replacing a larger field tile with a drop from time to time can create a unique pattern in the floor. Look for drops that are made of the same material or colors as the surrounding field, and let the shapes be the draw.

Create a Tile Rug

If the bathroom is large enough, try creating several small tile “rugs” in front of the bathroom fixtures. Use large tiles as the field of the floor, and then use decorative borders to section off small areas of the floor, and fill the interior with mosaic. Place a rug before each sink in a vanity, in front of the toilet, and before the tub or shower.

Mosaics can help make a floor slip resistant, with their multiple grout lines, so this look can double as a safety measure in homes with small children, or those prone to falls.

By mixing together different sizes, materials and textures on the bathroom floor, it is possible to create a look that is truly unique. Pick up some of the materials to use again on shower walls, or as a border going around the room.

Be sure to always do a dry layout, or to tape off the areas where a rug may go to be sure of the fit before tiling. Think creatively, and enjoy a unique bathroom floor design for years to come.

Unique Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

1. Mosaic bathroom floor tile ideas


Mosaic bathroom floor tile ideas


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Vintage bathroom floor tile ideas

Vintage bathroom floor tile ideas
Vintage bathroom floor tile ideas

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Blue bathroom floor tile ideas


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Wood bathroom floor tile ideas


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3D bathroom floor tile ideas


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Blogule bathroom floor tile ideas


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Gravel bathroom floor tile ideas


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Diamond bathroom floor tile ideas


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Stars bathroom floor tile ideas

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Leaf bathroom floor tile ideas