20+ Beautiful Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Has it ever occurred to you when you walked into a lavish bathroom that you could spend an entire day there? Has any bathroom instantly struck a chord with you the minute you stepped in? If the answers are yes, then it is about time for an upgrade.

Bathrooms give you an instant high due to various factors. They could be bath fittings, scent, lights, mirrors and so on. The one that seldom gets credit is flooring. We decided to put together some ideas that could be beneficial in your next upgrade.

best bathroom flooring ideas

What is the best flooring for a bathroom?

The global bestseller in this category is porcelain. Porcelain is sturdy and waterproof. Additionally, porcelain is also stylish and cost-effective. Off-late, vinyl plank flooring is gathering a lot of traction because of their conductive properties to bathrooms.

How to install floating vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom?

Does wooden flooring make you go ‘WOW’? They sure do to the majority of us! Having said that, wooden flooring is extremely difficult to maintain in bathrooms as they get affected by moisture.

Such cases lead to the use of vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring comes in long rectangular strips and is easy to install. The underlying floor needs to be clean and dry in addition to being even. Once these factors are taken care of, the strips of vinyl planks are placed.

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Here are the 20 bathroom flooring ideas that we churned out for you:

1). Honeycomb

1 bathroom flooring ideas

These porcelain honeycomb tiles are unique and tailor-made for your small bathroom.

2). Textured vinyl plank

2 bathroom flooring ideas

This textured vinyl plank flooring looks easy and compact to install. It also has a great look.

3). Grey straight grain

3 bathroom flooring ideas

This grey vinyl plank flooring with straight grains looks classy and matches any shade on your wall. Easy to install as well.

4). Simple ceramic

4 bathroom flooring ideas

This is simple yet elegant grey ceramic tile variant is all you need in your small bathrooms. It has a good grip too.


5). Retro

5 bathroom flooring ideas

This fancy polka dot flooring is for you if retro is your thing. Looks beautiful, elegant and unique.

6). Designer ceramic

6 bathroom flooring ideas

If designer interiors make your world go round, you must try this variant in tiles.

7). Stencil ceramic

7 bathroom flooring ideas

And for more complex stencil style tiles, here’s something that can make you smile.


8). Ceramic beehive

8 bathroom flooring ideas

This scintillating beehive pattern flooring in ceramic looks so classy, you are sure going to love it in your bathrooms.


9). Checkmate

9 bathroom flooring ideas

How about some chess in your bathroom? This classic pattern is quite a safe bet if you don’t like experimenting.

10). Dark plank vinyl

10 bathroom flooring ideas

If you are the one for dark floor shades, try this dark brown plank vinyl flooring.


11). The lavish one

11 bathroom flooring ideas

This is for the lavish ones who like aristocracy. Marble flooring with matching marble walls is something to die for.

12). The combo design

12 bathroom flooring ideas

This is a designer bathroom with combo flooring. A bit of tile and some plank vinyl. Gives it a contemporary look.

13). Wall match

13 bathroom flooring ideas

Another contemporary designer floor made from plank vinyl and a riveted texture to match the walls of this bathroom makes it drool-worthy.

14). Pebbles

14 bathroom flooring ideas

Some bathrooms look for creativity and purpose. This one with pebbles not just gives you a great look but also provides superior grip.

15). Squares

15 bathroom flooring ideas

This simple yet extremely elegant bathroom floor design is sophistication personified. As they say – Simplicity wins!


16). Marble and pebbles

16 bathroom flooring ideas

Some bathrooms are so perfect, you could spend the weekend in it. This is one of them! The perfect blend of marble, pebbles and some greenery.

17). The rustic wood look

17 bathroom flooring ideas

This plank vinyl floor is perfect for you if your thing is rustic.

18). Ribbed wood

18 bathroom flooring ideas

Another one from the rustic collection. Make sure to regularly clean to prevent mould and mildew. A bit of linseed oil from time to time should help.


19). Cris-cross

19 bathroom flooring ideas

For something off-beat, this croc-cross designer floor in your bathroom will sure make for a great spectacle.


20). Dark woody texture

20 bathroom flooring ideas

For the bathrooms that have wood dominating, these tiles complement them perfectly giving them a rustic look.


Flooring in your bathroom can make it look special. In case you go for wood, you will have to make sure of maintaining it from time to time. An ideal substitute would be Vinyl plank flooring that is tailor-made for you.

Some of the designs with porcelain or ceramic tiles that we suggested can also elevate the look in your bathroom. Try giving a thought to some of these ideas suggested. We bet you will thank us later!