27+ Creative Built-in Storage Ideas & Designs

In a day and age, where real-estate is skyrocketing and new home buyers are optimising, storage becomes paramount. We are here to help you clear the clutter and make your home compact and desirable. Some of the best homes are the ones that have been subject to space optimization.

What are the benefits of built-in storage?

To begin with, we say, storage is everything you need to make your home look spectacular. The benefits are plenty and you get optimal space to display what is essential and conceal what isn’t.

You need to build a home that can create a ‘wow’ factor amongst your family and friends who visit you.

Here are 27 best built-in storage ideas:

1. A sliding storage space

Bathroom essentials need to be placed well. This is a great way to store them optimising space.


2. The laundry

This storage idea is so perfect, you wouldn’t need to bother about laundry segregation anymore.


3. Kitchen countertop decluttering

Kitchen countertops

are quite a menace. Here is how you could look to clear the clutter.

4. Sliding bedroom closet

Doors are old-fashioned. Sliders are in. This helps in space optimisation and they look stylish.


5. The walls

How about making your walls into storage space? This terrific hack is just about perfect to optimise storage and make your home look compact.

6. A concealed bar cabinet

Get rid of the countertops and conceal your bar cabinets to optimise space.

7. Tuck-away study

A study so compact will make you want to spend all day there.

8. Another Tuck-away home office

For the ones who love to work from home, how about this?

9. Entryway cabinet

Store your cloaks, shoes and hats in this aesthetically designed cabinet in your entryway.


10. A multipurpose 4-sided rotating cabinet

This one is all you need at home if you have a toddler or two. Arrange their stuff perfectly. you could use this idea to arrange your office stationery as well.

11. Cleaning essentials

This cleaning-essentials rack makes your home look so organised. It just needs a channel to be inserted with a few hooks and you are ready to go.

12. Drawer charging stations

How about using your drawers as charging stations as well. This declutter the house with wires hanging around.


13. Entryway key-holder

Look how classy that key-holder is. This is a multipurpose wall unit that helps in charging gadgets and holding a few documents as well.


14. Multipurpose shelf

A shelf that can accommodate so many things is a hack you need to learn to optimise space in your home.

15. A vertical bar

How about this all you wine connoisseurs out there?


16. Standing vanity

This is a unisex standing vanity that can accommodate just about the right things to optimise space in your home.


17. Tuck-away entryway bench and cloak holder

This unique entryway set has so much storage space. Thank us later.

18. The mini side cupboard

You need to utilise every bit of that cupboard. This floating shelf on the side of the cupboard helps store many things and de-clutter your home.

19. Pull-out cabinets

This one organises pans and coffee mugs so beautifully, you needn’t worry about cluttering your kitchen countertop.


20. The slider

This kitchen slider brilliantly utilises space and stores so many essentials.

21. Drawers built in stairs


22. Sliding shelves for bathroom

23. Toy drawers


24. Paper towel cabinet


25. Kitchen storage

26. Inside cabinet bathroom


27. Cabinets under the stairs



Building a home isn’t an obligation. It is an experience. A home needs to be compact, welcoming and classy. These built-in storage ideas are surely going to change the way you think when you build or refurbish that dream home of yours.


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