20+ Awesome Chicken Wire DIY projects

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

The chicken wire is a versatile material that can be used to make anything. The chicken wire will perfectly complement the farmhouse style.

All you need is to cut the cord into the sizes that you want and mold it into something practical and applicable! Among the many things that the chicken wire idea can deliver includes the wall shelves, memo boards, and also may have other purposes that are listed below.

diy chicken wire projects

How do you make a wire basket?

Making a wire basket is very simple. All you need is to design the shape of your basket and cut out the chicken wire basket into the preferable size. The next step is to mold the wire to give you the wire basket that you wish to have.

How do you make chicken wire ghosts?

Here is a summary on how you can make a chicken wire ghost

  • Acquire all the materials such as the foam mannequin head, the wire, cheesecloth, and the clear tape.
  • The head wire cut-out, that will loosely cover the mannequin head.
  • Once the head is ready, attach the arms.
  • Now complete by attaching the rest of the body.
  • Now do the finishing, and it will be all done!

The elaborate step by step procedure can be found at instructables.

How do you make a chicken wire lampshade?

All you need are the supplies such as chicken wire, the lampshade in any color, the wire cutters, measuring tape, and the safety type gloves.

Now, wrap the chicken wire on the lampshade after taking all precautionary measures such as wearing gloves and cutting out the size of chicken wire that you wish to use.

20 chicken wire DIY projects

Let’s now consider the 20 chicken wire DIY projects just for you.

1. The floral hanging frame

1 chicken wire projects

Making this beautiful hanging frame is simple. Just look at what the chicken wire can deliver to you? It’s the best chicken wire project that you should consider.


2. The customized hanging lampshade

2 chicken wire projects

You don’t need perfect art skills to design this! Just follow the steps that will accord you with the ideal hanging lampshade.


3. What if you cover a candle with a DIY cloche?

3 chicken wire projects

Isn’t this very appealing? You need to employ this piece of art, and for sure, you will love it!


4. Chicken wire for firewood holder

4 chicken wire projects

Yes, the chicken wire can still do this. Why can’t you use the chicken wire holder to hold your firewood’s?


5. You can also repurpose your drawer

5 chicken wire projects

Yes, some drawers that are entirely covered may be functional, but sometimes, you don’t have to keep them covered. Repurpose your drawer.


6. Hang the magazines

6 chicken wire projects

We love this chicken wire idea! Look how it will beautifully look when it holds the magazines?


7. Design a heart!

7 chicken wire projects

Yes, designing a heart with the chicken wire is one thing. Adding river stones is another thing that will deliver beauty! It’s merely an excellent idea.


8. Replace a lampshade with the chicken wire

8 chicken wire projects

Yes, it’s an excellent idea that you can get when you employ the chicken wire project. We love this idea.


9. Chicken wire can be a perfect frame

9 chicken wire projects

Look at this ideal chicken wireframe? You can use it to pass some messages.


10. Put it as a window frame

10 chicken wire projects

It’s a good idea that comes with the chicken wire! Look how that window appears? It’s a cute way to employ the chicken wire idea.

11. The upcycled mirror frame holding flowers

11 chicken wire projects

It is one of the most amazing practical applications of the chicken wire ideas! Look at the cute appearance, isn’t it appealing?

12. The hanging baskets

12 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire can be molded to give fantastic hanging baskets. You can use it to store fruits and even vegetables!


13. The craft idea

13 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire craft idea is simple and easy to establish! Consider and find reasons to be happy! It’s a perfect craft idea for you.


14. Chicken wire wall sconce with candle

14 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire wall sconce is a project that can give a spectacular design. Put this in practice and get yourself a perfect plan.


15. Easy earing holder

15 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire idea can be so high in creating an ideal earring holder. You can use it to hang other items, including the keys!


16. Protect your Mason jars

16 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire can be used to cover the mason jars! It will ensure that the mason jars won’t easily break.


17. Hanging candle jars

17 chicken wire projects

Chicken wires have also been used to cover the pots that hold the candles. Consider this perfect idea and safeguard your candle holders.

18. The jewelry organizer

18 chicken wire projects

The chicken wire can make a perfect jewelry organizer. Use it and reduce the disorder in your jewelry room!


19. The jolly holiday wreath

19 chicken wire projects

One of the best chicken wire ideas is the creation of the wreaths! Look at this perfect merry holiday wreath? Isn’t it the best?

20. The simple hanging baskets

20 chicken wire projects

We love this three-tiered hanging basket. We like it. You need to put this idea into practical use.



To conclude, the chicken wire DIY project ideas are very appealing. Be creative and make good use of the chicken wire ideas.