The 7 Best Dice Games to Learn in 2023

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Dice games are a fun way to spend time with friends and family. The best part is there are so many options to choose from. The only challenge is picking which dice game you’ll want to play with your next gathering. Yahtzee is a fun dice game with Spiderbite (which has been around forever), Atomic Fireball, and more!

Dice games are old and tried and true. You can play them at home or at a party, so you don’t have to worry about having a good time.

If you’re looking for an activity that you can try next time you will attend the gathering, check out these top dice games:

1.  Yahtzee

the best dice games to learn in 2023 2

The game often gets referred to as “Yahtzee.” The name comes from the cupholder dice holder that is shaped like a dice. It has many different designs and colors of cupholders.

Yahtzee is a dice game that has been available for decades. The game is straightforward at its core and can be played by children and adults. The player’s primary goal is to score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations.

A player is allowed rolling a dice three times in a turn to make various scoring combinations. The dice must stay inbox during all three rolls but can be manipulated in front of the player while they prepare their move.

2. Backgammon

Backgammon is a two-player table game and has been played for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest dice games in the world that has gathered millions of fans.

Backgammon is played on a board with twenty-four triangles called points. Each player has fifteen pieces (checkers or players) that move between twenty-four triangles according to the roll of two dice. The game’s objective is to move all fifteen checkers off the board, also known as the first to bear off.

3. Boggle

Boggle is one of the most popular dice games for adults, which is also a word game. It is also called Boomz (UK), Bong (France), Bohr, Bohrk, or Boggle (Norway). It was invented by Allan Turoff, who invited Parker Brothers to distribute the game in 1977.

The rules of Boggle are simple. You use a 4×4 grid of plastic dice and then attempt to make words composed of letters found in adjacent squares. There is an official set of rules, but you can customize the game to work for you and your group. The game is easy to learn and has simple rules, yet it offers many hours of enjoyment.

4. Dice Chess

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Dice Chess is a board game first invented in Asia and later spread to Europe, where it evolved into different variations. In this game, the dice are used to determine the moves. Some of these variants take place on a chessboard, while others only use the traditional dice and some objects such as sticks or stones.

One variant of dice chess is one player against two or more opponents. Each player selects two sets of numbers from 1 to 6 (dice), one from each group being selected at random. The number chosen represents the sides of the dice used and corresponds to the rank of the piece to be moved by that player.

5. Shut the Box

What’s in the box!? Oh, nothing, actually. In fact, in Shut the Box — which is just a wooden frame with numbers on it — your aim is to lower panels of wooden slats so that they all add up to zero. You do this with two dice or a pencil and paper if you want to get fancy while only worrying about the dice total at the end of each turn.

Shut the Box is a game that’s easy to learn but requires real skill and strategy. The rules are simple enough to get in and start playing immediately. Yet, it still holds plenty of challenges for those who want to get all the way to victory.

6. Farkle

Farkle is interesting, fresh, and fun. The rules are well-established, but there are a lot of variations in scoring and playing the game. The primary goal of each player is to get rid of all their pieces before the opponent does the same. The scoring system varies depending on the variation you want to play.

Farkle is not a well-known game, which is why it’s called the “hidden gem” of gaming. The word ‘Farkle’ has an unknown origin, but some say that it originates from the name of Chance, who invented this game in the late 1930s.

7. Tenzi

Another dice game for your list of the best dice games is Tenzi. It is a fast game; if you play right, you can win it in less than two minutes. Unlike all the other dice games, every player gets 10 different dice.

As a result, the player will need to roll their dice as rapidly as possible and assemble dice with matching numbers as soon as feasible.

Tenzi will be shouted, and the first person to complete the objective will win the game. The rules of the game contribute to the diversity, interaction, and challenge of this game, which also includes several versions.


If you are looking for a new dice game to try at your next party, gathering with friends and family, or even at school, these games should definitely be on your list. And if you need some help deciding which one to play, a quick search of them will bring up some very helpful videos showing you how to play.

This short list should be able to provide you with some great ideas for dice games to try next time you go to your next get-together. Try one or try them all; there’s nothing wrong with doing a little taste testing and figuring out which is best for you.

Dice games are sure to entertain, but be careful. This could get addictive!