11+ Clever DIY Candle Ideas and Projects

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Imagine knowing several ways of using something as trivial as candles for DIY gifts or home decors!! DIY candles are perfect to give your room a unique and nice fresh look at the same time. It can also be used as endearing gifts to loved ones and family. Join me as we embark on 11 ways you can make a DIY candle as gifts or home decors

DIY Candle Ideas

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1. Vintage Tin Candles



Anything Vintage is already a trend and expensive. Imagine being able to DIY something as cool, trendy and expensive as vintage tin candles by yourself and for yourself. Amazing right? Of course, all this is minus the fact that you would have set your kitchen or even your whole house with the chic aroma that these candles exude. Pleasant, isn’t it? Although there’s a technical lay down on how to make candles, this is one of the very few ones that have an alternative and still give the atmosphere, a mesmerizing aura. 

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2. Vanilla and Coffee Candle



A large percentage of people enjoy coffee mostly because of the soothing aroma that it gives. How much more merging Vanilla and Coffee coupled with the warmth from yellow flames? Do you feel that? I most definitely do. 

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3. Wood wick Candle



 Why wood wick candles? They are just everything. Absolutely everything! Apart from the interesting fact that they burn slower which makes them last longer and they don’t produce smoke which keeps the air clean, wood wick candles have a unique quality. Once they start burning, they give out this crackling sound that makes you feel like you’re seated by a dying bonfire. This soothing quality can drain away stress and give you light sleep. The question should be; why not wood wick candles? 

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4. Lemon Candle



When I see lemons, I think lemonades. Who doesn’t appreciate a chilled glass of lemonade on a hot day? Here is something else you can think about; lemon candles. This easy DIY lemon candle is best for that outdoor courtyard night time to chat with family and friend and it is eco-friendly! 

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5. Wine Cork Candle



Who’d have thought you could use wine corks to create a serene look by immersing wine corks into warm water for about 20 – 30 minutes, achieving maximum long-lasting burn time. If you are worried about the smoke it would release, worry no more because it releases non-toxic smoke hence making it a suitable addition to your dining table. 

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6. Pretty Painted Votives



Want to go the extra mile and be artistic with those candles? This is clearly the way to go! Try out this idea of using a glass votive candle holder and filling it with watery colorful paint of your choice. Create your décor by stretching your imaginations and achieve the artistic look you desire.  

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7. Sea Shell Candle



What do you do with all those seashells you gather from the beach? Is it just a random collection lying around your room that you often forget about? Now you can out those pretty seashells to good use by trying out this easy-to-make seashell candles. Keep the flame of your creativity burning! 

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8. Orange Mint Coconut Wax candle



 Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance! Combining orange, mint and coconut wax in making that delightful candle will not only give your corner a cozy look but will also purify the air leaving your room with a dynamic fragrance!  

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9. Gingerbread Candle



How can you give off an accommodating impression with just candles? Gingerbread candle just gives the room a welcoming appeal. The amazing dynamic scent which this candle exudes literally fills the room with a warm and accommodating appeal. This is also good for unleashing your creativity.

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10. Mosquito Repellant Candle

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Apart from being obviously beautiful, this candle possesses interesting qualities. It contains Citronella, which isn’t only a pleasant fragrance to humans but acts as a major repellant to mosquitoes. Also, this DIY candle contains several types of mosquito repellants such as lime, lemon, and other active elements. Having such a candle in your private corner will not only make you relaxed while you are meditating or reading but will also improve your focus because you don’t have to worry about mosquito bites!

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11. DIY Love Candle

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Love is divine. Imagine preparing that romantic evening date with this beautiful love candle to set the mood and the atmosphere. What’s more? It is easy to make and really effective in giving off that love aura. Everyone wants to feel loved and adored. This DIY candle is just perfect for that romantic evening where all of nature is in accordance with the ongoing chemistry. You can also have this candle in your home instead of the regular lone stick sad-looking candle. This can feel the atmosphere with a euphoric feeling. Ah! Magical.  


Candles have a lot in general, to offer either as a gift to that amazing friend or Family relative or as a household item for adding a touch of warmth to the whole atmosphere. Here are 11 options you can pick from to befit your purpose. Good luck with making that amazing DIY Candle. 

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