30 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs That You’ll Love (Buying Guide)

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One of the easiest and most practical ways to accentuate a kitchen would be to add a kitchen runner rug.

With the array of designs and texture that you could get from it, a kitchen runner rug gives a lot of visual impact and a cozy, homey vibe to any kitchen design. It also adds more life and color to a supposed dreary looking kitchen. 

If you are looking for the best kitchen runner rugs that you can lay down by the kitchen, we narrow down some of the trendiest choices out there for you to consider. 

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Types of kitchen runner rugs

Runner rugs are as diverse as area rugs but when it comes to material, the following are considered as the major types of runner rugs out there. 

1. Natural fiber

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Airy, durable and non-skid, jute, sisal and other natural fibers are go-to choices when it comes to kitchen runner rugs. They are low-maintenance, come in diverse styles, and offer a lot of organic looks for the kitchen. 

2. Nylon

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The durable, and stain-resistant nylon fibers are another perfect choice for kitchen runner rugs. They can have a braided style, distressed dyed, embroidered, and woven look. They are also an inexpensive choice but with high quality performance. 

3. Polypropylene

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Absorbent, waterproof and easy to clean, polypropylene runner rugs are perfect for the kitchen.

No matter the weave, you can expect this type of kitchen runner rug not to shed. The only downside of this type is that it is not recommended for washing machines and they can also be scratchy underfoot. 

4. Bamboo

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It is not a usual sight in kitchens but bamboo runner rugs are making a wave because of their organic look and durability.

Strips of bamboo are attached to either a mesh or jute backing. With modern, eco-friendly finishes, they look like woven fabric comparable to natural fibers. 

5. Foam

foam kitchen runner rug

Although technically not rugs, runner mats usually made from gel foam or memory foam offer the same purpose as runner rugs so it is right to list it here.

They are functional because of their absorbent properties but also offer greater cushioning for the feet, offering an anti-fatigue feature. 

30 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs That You’ll Love (Buying Guide)

Sure, you might think that any kitchen runner rug would suffice. But if you want to maintain a theme or if you want to upscale your kitchen a bit, here are some runner rugs to choose from.

Hence, moving straight to the best kitchen runner rugs, sift through this list and find the best one that could seamlessly incorporate in your kitchen. 

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1. Washable kitchen runner rugs

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All kitchen runner rugs now in the market are now, thankfully, all washable.

Perhaps with the exception of jute rugs and cushioned rugs which should be hand scrubbed, you should not worry about the range of options for washable kitchen runner rugs because it is virtually limitless. 

2. Farmhouse kitchen runner rug

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The farmhouse design has exceedingly become design versatile and it shows in the recommended kitchen runner rugs for this style.

Instead of going for the traditional plaid, natural rustic colors and handwoven designs, a PVC leather kitchen runner rug with a withered look and customized farmhouse prints give a very unique look. 

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3. Non-skid bamboo kitchen runner rugs

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to non-skid kitchen runner rugs but one of the most standout would be a bamboo floor mat.

With its textured surface, it is good not only for kitchens but also for entryways, bathrooms, powder rooms and mudrooms. Plus, its strong, organic colors are beautiful for neutral design kitchens. 

4. Modern kitchen runner rugs

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Solid colors and minimalist prints are the hallmarks of styling a modern space and that extends even to kitchen runner rugs.

To make it more functional in the kitchen, those with underneath rubber pads and side grippers give it a sleek functionality, fit for its modern flair. 

5. Red kitchen runner rugs

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Sure, you can go for plush kitchen runner rug to your kitchen for a more upscale look but the use of dark red medallion rug or a ruby red floral which are perfect for high-traffic kitchens because they conceal dirt and they are also very absorbent. 

6. Blue kitchen runner rugs

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Blue is a cool and peaceful color so if you want to give your kitchen a more laid back look, blue kitchen runner rugs are good choices.

To intersect function and beauty, this anti fatigue, Moroccan style rug is a fine option. Made of PVC leather rug, it is not just well cushioned but also comes with a support pad underneath and grippers on the side. 

7. Grey kitchen runner rug

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If you are looking for another cool and versatile kitchen runner rug, going for a grey one is a perfect choice.

The neutral look of this kitchen runner rug is already unparalleled but its ornate, damask patterns truly make it an outstanding runner rug option for the kitchen.

Its only downside is that it is made from polypropylene so it is not recommended for washing machines. 

8. Black kitchen runner rugs

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Choosing a black kitchen runner rug is essential in concealing dirt and stains in kitchens.

While cushioned ones are a formidable choice, going for the lighter, cotton woven, runner rugs could give a softer edge for the kitchen and also the convenience of being washable. 

9. Orange kitchen runner rug

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And if a color popping kitchen runner rug is what you prefer, stretch your options to orange kitchen runner rugs.

A terracotta orange runner rug for instance offers vibrance and tonal balance to your kitchen floor. Low-pile, non-skid, and non-shedding options are vastly available. Check this out if you are looking for one.  

10. Black and white kitchen runner rug

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Tufted, patterned, and with a significant depth to support weight and balance, black and white chenille rugs offer a lot of texture, angle and balance to your kitchen flooring.

And do we need to remind you how versatile black and white is as a design contrast?  

11. Turquoise runner rug for kitchen


For coastal or beach house toned kitchens with natural color schemes and lots of neutrals, a turquoise runner rug for the kitchen surely gives a lot of bright color splash in the space.

To go all out for a standout look, choosing a plusher material like faux wool is an underrated yet vibrant choice. 

12. White kitchen runner rug

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Using white runner rugs in kitchens can be a bit tricky because they easily get stained. As such, choosing stain resistant and waterproof kitchen runner rugs are a vital option.

With a plush cut pile, you can have a sophisticated look for your kitchen. The crispness and versatility of white are also beneficial for modern, minimalist, and contemporary styles. 

13. Sunflower kitchen runner rug

Sunflowers are a sight for sore eyes and that also goes for a dreary and dull looking kitchen.

From distressed farmhouse sunflower looks, to hand woven kitchen runner rugs with embroidered sunflower prints, you cannot go wrong with sunflower kitchen runner rugs if you want a cheery and inviting look for your kitchen. 

14. Vintage kitchen runner rug

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The distressed look and ornate patterns of vintage kitchen runner rugs are good for high-traffic areas because its gradient effect is beneficial in masking dirt and mud in the kitchen.

The weathered look of this kitchen runner rug also gives a lot of rustic, farmhouse vibe in any type of kitchen interior design.  

15. Boho kitchen runner rug

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If you are flushed about maintaining the delicateness of handwoven boho kitchen rugs, you can opt for hand painted block print kitchen runner rugs like the one linked here.

Boho style is colorful and geometric at best. Having this design combo in the kitchen gives a lot of natural and cheery vibe for such a high-traffic area. 

16. Braided kitchen runner rug

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Extending the boho and rustic design would be the effect of braided kitchen runner rugs. Made from natural fibers and high-grade synthetics, they are durable, comfortable on the feet, and give a lot of organic tones for the kitchen. 

17. Contemporary kitchen runner rug

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If you want more dynamics in your kitchen, matching an abstract pattern, contemporary kitchen runner rug with your hardwood kitchen flooring is just perfect.

Layered and wavy, with fiber pilers and jute backing, this contemporary runner rug would match any eclectic style. 

18. Persian kitchen runner rug

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The timeless effect of Persian kitchen runner rugs shall be forever unmatched. Persian area rugs are one thing but the rectangular shape of a Persian kitchen runner rug gives a lot of contemporary elegance.

Darker colored Persian kitchen runner rugs are recommended if your kitchen is considered a high traffic area. 

19. Oriental kitchen runner rug


Colorful, low-pile and textured, oriental kitchen runner rugs are made for high traffic areas.

You can choose from a lot of natural tones, or go for the traditional color palette of burnt orange and splashes of black and navy.

Go for bolder tones of oriental kitchen over the distressed look to give a flush of color to your kitchen.  

20. Non-skid rubber back kitchen runner

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From solid colors to stripes and gradient looking, rubber back runners are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry rooms.

They are made to deter moisture and to soften the look of stone and concrete flooring. And the mid-pile cushioning of these kitchen runners, along with an extra underneath pad make it very comfortable to the feet. 

21. Non-slip memory foam runner

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At first glance, this foam runner might look like it is made of cork board but really, it is made from high-end memory foam which cushions and supports balance seamlessly.

It is very absorbent with that microfiber surface and is quick-drying too. It is everything you need for a high-traffic kitchen. 

22. Kilim Turkish runner rug

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Turkish rugs evoke a lot of traditional, boho, geometric feels that are exemplary for low-profile and conventional kitchen styles.

Kilim textiles in particular are very dramatic, with their tasseled edges, making them unique and identifiable from Moroccan and Persian rugs. 

23. Plaid kitchen runner rug

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The good old buffalo checks for the kitchen do not only work for curtains and window treatments or for table runners.

Using a plaid kitchen runner rug works wonders for the flooring too. Made of ultra-light and absorbent materials, any color contrast could work a lot in providing warmth and hominess in the kitchen.

24. Anti-fatigue standing kitchen runner

This is another popular choice for kitchen runners because this innovation is specially designed for chef-grade kitchens.

They are made for long hours of standing in the kitchen so expect them to be well-cushioned and could support various weight loads.

Another plus for this one is its non-skid nature, extreme stability, and workability in different kitchen floor surfaces.  

25. Handwoven jute rug

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Made from eco-friendly, natural materials, jute rugs deserve all the good reviews it has consistently gotten through the years.

Its handwoven effect also gives it a very unique look and it is perfect to make the kitchen earthy, organic, and at the same time light, and airy. And it is super absorbent too so that is a major plus. 

26. Microfiber trellis kitchen runner rug

Giving you the functionality of a quick-drying and absorbent runner rug and the edgy, modern look of a trellis rug, your kitchen can have a lot of sophistication from this two-piece trellis kitchen rug.

It comes with a rectangular runner and a sink rug. The good thing is that it is well cushioned and ultra-comfy. 

27. Reversible kitchen runner rug

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Handwoven, slip and stain resistant because of its microfiber build, and furnished with side grippers for more stability, you would love the low-pile beauty of reversible kitchen runner rugs.

Most reversible kitchen runner rugs are made of natural fibers as well as microfibers. 

28. Geometric kitchen runner rug

This one is a very versatile choice when it comes to kitchen runner rug options. From boho, to farmhouse, rustic, and modern themes, it can be easily incorporated in any kitchen setup.

They come in handwoven, microfiber, and cushioned surfaces so you have a lot to choose from.  

29. Rippled kitchen runner rug

Cushioned and durable, this plush grey, black and white, modern kitchen runner rug with a rippled effect is something that you should check out.

With a plush, faux wool surface, side grippers, a just frame and underpadding, it truly is a head turner in the kitchen. 

30. Kitchen runner rug with food print

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What better way is there to spruce up a kitchen than to thematize it using a runner rug with food print like this one here. Featuring bold pepper prints, it offers a Southern flair and very chef-grade looking kitchen.  

How do I choose a runner rug for my kitchen?

The buying guide to kitchen runner rugs is not that complicated. Here are some tips to remember when it comes to choosing a runner rug for the kitchen. 

  • Size: The first thing to consider should be measuring the space to ensure that everything is covered. Depending on where you are thinking of putting the runner rug, coverage is important to give your kitchen a framed look. 
  • Material: When it comes to kitchens, the recommended material would be flat-weave, low-pile materials such as natural fibers such as jute, cotton and sisal, microfibers, and faux wool. 
  • Non-skid, non-slip: The backing, side gripper, and under padding material of the runner rug are important factors to consider. Runner rugs for the workstation and in front of the sink need to be more cushioned because they require more hours of standing. 
  • Decorative effect: If you are looking for a dash of color, go for florals, bold prints, and ornate patterns in oriental, Persian, Turkish, Moroccan and boho theme rugs. If you want a lot of color pops, fringes, and gradients are the choice to make. Modern and more polished looks with solid colors are the best options. 
  • Maintenance: Some rug runners are more high maintenance than others. For one, some require steam cleaning because they are not recommended for washing machines. Others might need immediate spot cleaning because they are not stain resistant. 


How long should a runner be in the kitchen?

It depends. If you need to spread a kitchen runner rug in the galley, choose a runner that stretches from 6-10-ft. If it is for a sink rug, do not go beyond 3-ft in length.

Of course, depending on the material, there could be variations in the amount of coverage they have. 

What are the dimensions of a kitchen rug runner?

As per rule of thumb, the ideal dimensions for kitchen rug runners are 2×3, 4×6, 5×8 and 2.5×8-12. Choosing the right dimensions for your kitchen runner rugs are essential in making the kitchen look bigger, especially for more compact kitchens that need the illusion of space. 

Where should a runner be placed in a kitchen?

When deciding where to place a kitchen rug runner, determine the high traffic areas of the kitchen.

They should also be strategically placed where stains and spills are more rampant and expected. As such, they should be spread in the galley, covering the stove and oven spaces, in the refrigerator and of course in the sink. 

What is the best fit for a runner rug in the kitchen? 

To give it a symmetrical and furnished look, a runner rug in the kitchen should have six inches of space between the edge of the cabinets or the kitchen walls and the edges of the runner rugs. This way, they could emphasize the floor space that they are covering. 

Are kitchen mats and rugs really necessary? 

If you do not use the kitchen for extended periods or if you are only there for a limited duration, you would think that mats and rugs are not necessary. But aside from giving a lot of layered and tonal visual impact to your kitchen, they are also beneficial in offering ground support whenever you are cooking or doing the dishes. In this regard, kitchen mats are rugs prove to be necessary. 

Can area rugs go in kitchens too? 

If you have a wide kitchen space, considering an area rug instead of a kitchen runner rug is fine. It gives greater coverage for the floor space of your kitchen, giving it a fuller, more textured effect.

However, because spills, stains, and moisture are still around the block, you would have a harder time to clean it should there be compromises. 

Is seagrass a good natural fiber rug? 

Compared to jute, sisal and cotton, seagrass rugs do not get a lot of attention. They are usually bound by leather and cotton edges and often backed with latex or mesh material.

It is typically laid in entryways but overall, it is a good natural fiber so there should be no problem putting it in the kitchen too. 

Can shag rugs be used as kitchen runner rugs? 

This is an unpopular choice but yes, shag rugs can be used as kitchen runners only if they are placed under the table or in the middle of the kitchen. Because they are not stain proof and not that absorbent, these locations are the prime choices for you to incorporate a shag rug as a kitchen runner rug. 


With everything we have covered here, we have proven that kitchen runner rugs offer more than just visual impact.

Their most important contribution would be their function: to prevent slipping, to give a cushioned layer to support extended cooking hours in the kitchen, to absorb moisture and spills, and to mask dirt especially if your kitchen is a high-traffic area. 

Choosing the best styles, the material, and the color of the kitchen runner rug are imperative. This list offered different choices across various categories so, it is easier for you now to set your eyes on what kitchen runner rug to consider.