What Is The Best Color Rug for Dark Wood Floors? (25 Ideas)

Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Is your house made of dark wood flooring, and you’re looking for the best color rug to match it with? One thing you need to understand is that dark wood floors will make your house look smaller. It will also make the space feel dull to stay in.

However, being playful with the rug’s colors on the dark wood floor will change all these. You can go for lighter shades to brighten the space or use bold color rugs and have a cool space.

We’ll show you the best rug colors for your dark wood floor in this article. Read on!

what color rug goes with dark wood floors

1. Consider Beige Rugs

1 beige rug for dark wood floors

A light beige rug on a dark wood floor will give you a perfect blend. It will match any shade of dark wood floor like brown and red tones. Beige rugs will also not give you difficulty adding other accessories as it works with almost everything.

The natural tone will give you a casual vibe if you work with a rug with jute material. But if you want to have a luxurious feel in your rooms, go for a faux fur beige rug.

2.   Pale Pink

1 pale pink rug for dark wood floors

Another color of rugs you can use on your dark wood floor is pale pink. This color best suits a dark floor with black, brown, or gray tones. With this combination, your floor will have some vibrance, and a soothing feel as pale pink is a cool color.

The feminine color will make your house, which was initially dull and cold, have some life. You can have the pale pink rug in your bedroom to soften the look and make you feel comfortable.

But it can also create a warm ambiance in your living room if you pair it with matching throw pillows. Unfortunately, this color rug will not do well with wood flooring with red tones like cherry wood.

3. Patterned Rugs

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A patterned floor rug will enable you to enhance the look of your dark wood flooring. The classic rug will make your house bright if you opt for colorful patterns. You will also have a beautiful look that will help you divert attention from the dull floor.

Go for your favorite pattern and choose the right color combination that will blend well with your dark wood flooring. Making the room look more stylish by adding other décor elements is also possible in this setting.

4.   Create a Chilled Look with Blue

4 blue rug for dark wood floors

Another color rug that will help you brighten the dark wood floor is blue. It will make the floor look cool and relaxing. If you want a modern but laid-back look, opt for a gray-blue rug. For a vibrant room, choose a cobalt blue rug.

But if you want to have a dramatic look, go for a navy-blue rug. However, the darker shades of blue require a space with enough natural light as it can make your floor appear dark. Adding other colors to this space to brighten it up is also a good idea. For example, you can have yellow cushions, white furniture, or orange throw pillows.

5. Purple

Are you into purple? Why not bring in a purplish rug for your dark wood floor and liven the space. The purple rug will help you add depth to the once dull floor and give you the right ambiance.

5 purple rug for dark wood floors

The lighter the shades of purple are ideal for the dark setting on the floor. A purple and dark wood floor will enable your house to have a luxurious and powerful look and is the right choice for those elegant living rooms.

If your room is big, use more rugs but with different purple shades. Then bring in other luxurious colors like gold to enhance the look. This you can do through the walls or fixtures in the room.

6.   Do a Lighter Shade of Gray

6 gray rug for dark wood floors

Alternatively, you can create contrast in your dark wood floor with a lighter shade of gray. It will create a perfect contrast on the floor and also illuminate it. A white inclined gray rug will, in this case, do your floor justice.

However, if you want a vibrant space, consider adding white or lighter furniture. You can also create attention from your floor by introducing colorful artwork on the walls. If it’s your bedroom, add some indoor plants to improve air circulation and beautify the room.

7. Blue and Beige Border Rug

7 blue beige rug for dark wood floors

Having a bordered rug will help you enhance the look of your dark wood floor. However, you need light colors to achieve this. For example, a blue and beige combination will bring vibrance to the dull floor. Make the border color lighter than the middle of the rug. 

8.  Go Rustic with the Rugs

8 rustic rug for dark wood floors

You will not go wrong by bringing a rustic rug to your dark wood floor. The natural colors in this rug will brighten the floors and heighten the look. It will also not limit your décor choice as long as you’re creative. But choose the right texture that is comfortable with you.

9. Silver

9 silver rug for dark wood floors

If you want to bring some shine to your dark wood floors, consider silver rugs. It will give the floors a sophisticated look and create a perfect contrast on the boring flooring. Go for an easy-to-clean silver rug as it requires regular cleaning to look neat.

10. Brighten the Floor with Light Green Rugs

10 green rug for dark wood floors

You can also bring some life to your dark wood flooring by including a light green rug. The light green color will attract people’s attention because of its brightness. In addition, this will help you hide the dull dark wood floor.

13. Brighten the Floors with a Yellow Rug

11 yellow rug for dark wood floors

Yellow rugs will enable you to restore the look of your dark wood floor, which could be boring to look at. The happy color on your rugs will also make you enjoy staying in rooms with dark wood flooring. Additionally, it will encourage your kids to play around, especially if it’s comfortable.

When you’ve got a light green rug, you can also add in other bright colors in the form of décor if you’re into a bold setting. For example, you can have a dark green curtain and get a natural look. But if you want to tone it down, have white furniture. Any other neutral fixtures can also beautify your house.

11. Blue and White Rug

12 blue white rug for dark wood floors

A blue and white rug will match any dark color wood floor. You can have a patterned blue and white rug to add vibrance to the space. A striped white and blue rug will also work in this space. This combination will give you a modern look and also make your space unique.

12. Consider a Navy Blue and Gray Rug

13 blue gray rug for dark wood floors

A dark wood floor with a navy blue and gray rug is a perfect combination regardless of your room’s size. It will help you have a traditional yet classy look that will shift your visitor’s attention from the dark floors. Such a rug can be patterned or plain, depending on your taste.

14. Bring in a White Rug

14 white rug for dark wood floors

Introduce a white rug if you want to create a perfect contrast on this space with dark wood floors. However, this is for the clean freak individuals since white rugs tend to catch dirt faster and require regular cleaning.

The rug will make you have a sophisticated, modern, and stylish look. But if you want to have a distinctive look, choose the right texture of the rug. You can, for example, choose a white sheepskin rug to make the floor comfortable and cozy.

15. Ivory Rug

15 ivory rug for dark wood floors

An ivory rug will help you spice the dark wood floors. This is because it has some perfect shine that will contrast the flooring. If you have a dark wood floor and ivory rug, consider adding some décor elements to the room, like bright fixtures.

16. Orange

16 orange rug for dark wood floors

Orange is a vibe color that will make your dark wood floor shine. It’s the best choice for those who like bold colors on the floors. If you’ve got an orange rug, consider its softness to have a comfortable feel. 

Also, go for a bigger size, especially if your house is bigger, to make it the center stage in that room.

17. Pop It Up with Red

17 red rug for dark wood floors

You can also have red rugs on your dark wood floors and have a cozy look. The red rugs will be a focal point in the house and also act as a decorative element. So, choose something unique and comfortable on your feet. Don’t fear adding some matchy elements in the room to have a unique combination.

18. Burgundy

18 burgundy rug for dark wood floors

This is another bold but not shouting color you can have for your rug. If you’ve got a burgundy rug and dark wood floor, you need to keep it simple. This means minimizing the décor and having simple furnishing to make your room stand out.

But you can also go for a patterned burgundy rug and have a unique combo for your dark wood flooring.

19. Multi-Colored Rug

You need to throw away that doubt that a multi-colored rug will not look good on your floors. Instead, bring it to your rooms with dark wood floors and see how beautiful and luxurious the space will be. 

19 multi colored rug for dark wood floors

The rainbow hues will bring radiance to your home. If you’ve children or pets, choose a braided rug that will not hold stains. This will give you easy time cleaning.

20. Light Brown Rug

A dark wooden floor and a light brown rug will make your house have a harmonious look. The natural neutral color with some texture will add depth to your house, giving you the right vibe. 

20 light brown rug for dark wood floors

If you feel this will be too plain and simple, introduce some colorful décor to bring pop. Painting your walls brighter colors can also liven the look.

21. Go Black

Who said you couldn’t have black rugs on dark wood floors and have a unique luxurious look? Try this and see how your space will have a dramatic vibe. If you feel the combination is making your rooms darker, add colorful curtains. 

21 black rug for dark wood floors

It’s advisable to have this combo in a spacious room since it can make small rooms appear smaller.

22. Incorporate Nature Indoors with Blue-Green Rugs

22 blue green rug for dark wood floors

Bringing blue, green rugs on your dark wood floors will create a bold statement about your personality.

It’s a sign of your love for nature but will help you have a calm and soothing space. This will be an ideal area for relaxing after a stressful day. One of the best ways to get this is by going for tropical foliage blue-green rugs.

23. Opt for a Bronze Rug

Bronze rugs are an in-thing in most homes as they help individuals keep everything simple yet classy. So, you can consider it for your dark wood floors and have a comfortable yet beautiful floor combination.

23 bronze rug for dark wood floors

You can opt for a bronze rug with different tones and shades to get something extraordinary for your dark wood floors.

24. Black and White Patterned Rug

24 black and white rug for dark wood floors

A checked black and white rug on your dark wood floor will give you a simple yet cool look. It will also add some dramatic parts to the look, making it stylish. Go for a fabric that’s easy to wash since the white parts can give you a hard time with stains.

If you want fewer white parts on the rug, consider one with more black checked space, which will not show dirt easily.

25. What of a Teal Rug?

25 teal rug for dark wood floors

A teal rug will brighten the dark wood floors and make your rooms lovable. It will help you get a modern mid-century look shifting attention from the dark flooring. Having teal rugs and dark wood floors don’t mean you can’t incorporate other fixtures.

So, look for matching colors and make this space warm and soothing. Go for a plain teal rug, but a patterned one will enable you to enjoy the new look.

Bottom Line

You can give your dark wood floors a new vibrant look by introducing a color rug in the space. Go for your favorite colors, and don’t forget to incorporate patterns on the rug. We hope this guide has been helpful to you and will enable your once dull dark floors to shine. If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.