30 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas On A Budget And More

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Homeowners tend to be wary with a kitchen renovation or upgrade as they fear it can be extremely expensive or out of reach. That’s why they hesitate to give it the shape and form they desire. But you don’t have to give up on this.

If you want your kitchen to wear a farmhouse charm on it with an unmistakable rustic or countryside hint, explore different affordable interior decoration ideas to achieve your goal.

Once you know how you can put each of them together, it will be easier to bring a cohesive look in your most frequented and busiest place of the house without breaking the bank. In the process, you can build on them to create the perfect theme on a budget.

Since a farmhouse kitchen cannot come to life without an apron sink, you know this element has to be there in the center of everything that you plan to do. As for the other designing aspects, let’s get into the 30 farmhouse ideas for a start.

farmhouseApron kitchen sink 3

30 interior decoration concepts for a farmhouse kitchen

1. Open shelves

Mid-sized country medium tone wood floor kitchen photo in Austin with a farmhouse sink, concrete countertops, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and open cabinets

Keep your storage area open and fill it with plants, photos, and ceramic materials. Open shelves with such items look trendy. You don’t have to buy brand new racks to get this design. Instead, consider removing some of the cabinet doors to fulfill your need. It will have zero cost.

2. White cabinets

This Transitional Farmhouse Kitchen was completely remodeled and the home is nestled on the border of Pasadena and South Pasadena.

The hallmark of any farmhouse kitchen tends to be its bright and well-ventilated appearance. In that case, the color white can do the trick. The modern farmhouse kitchens support white cabinet look massively. If you know painting, you can do this yourself. With cabinets, you can color your walls also in the same hue to work around with neutral and light ambiance.

3. Subway tile backsplash

Farmhouse kitchen with subway tile backsplash

A staple choice in such a theme, subway tile backsplashes can also be a way to create the coveted design in your kitchen. Since covering the entire kitchen with this can be costly, you can focus on the areas behind the sink and the stove. If you wish to save more, look for a peel and stick subway tile.

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4. Wall accent with shiplap

Wall accent with shiplap

A modest budget may not allow you to experiment this look, but you can again buy the most affordable peel-and-stick version of this to get going. Or, you can also consider using reclaimed wood wallpaper. The sneaky imitation can offer you the same amount of satisfaction.

5. Runner or rag

Farmhouse rag rug for kitchen

Since a farmhouse kitchen is all about comfort and ease, you can buy a rug or runner with a vintage vibe to achieve this. Don’t get stuck if you feel it will consume your budget. You can go with affordable choices, such as a linoleum mat with textures.

6. Pendant light

farmhouse kitchen Pendant light

Industrial elements blend well with farmhouse kitchens. So you can get some brand new hardware of brass or wrought iron for lighting. You can even use a bell jar.

7. Wood items

7 farmhouse kitchen with wood cabinets

When you place a butcher block on your counter, it gives off an instant sense of the rustic vibe. But its price can be the barrier. If you can’t afford this, don’t worry about it. You can buy cutting boards, cake stands, and some utensils in this base.

Some stores offer accessories with their farmhouse sinks; you can rely on them to cut down the cost. Besides, peel-and-stick wood wallpaper can also come to your rescue.

8. Striped towel

Farmhouse kitchen with striped towel

Adding affordable essentials can be the easiest way to get the right farmhouse vibe. It will be surprising, but it can be as simple as placing a striped towel on the sink.

9. Island cabinet

Farmhouse kitchen island cabinets

The cabinets on the island can be different or the same as the rest of the kitchen areas. Since you need to be cost-effective with your approach, it will be better to choose simple shaker designs for island cabinets. If it is already there, you have to paint them for freshness. Deep navy color with a wee bit of gloss can look incredible.

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10. Island cabinet doors

Farmhouse kitchen island cabinet doors

You can jazz up the inexpensive cabinets with some attractive details, such as cabinet pull. Gold hex cabinet pull, for instance, can make your job easy. These pulls can be pricy, but you can get just a few of them to add a bit of oomph. Adding these to an island area can be enough to draw attention.

11. Towel bar

11 farmhouse kitchen towel bar

You can also add a towel bar on the island’s side to hang your hand towels for quick access. Select the golden color for this part. It will enhance not only the functionality of this space but also its attractiveness.

12. Old dresser or kitchen cart

Farmhouse kitchen with old dresser

You may not have a permanent kitchen island in your cooking zone. Since building one can be beyond your budget, you cannot think about it. Still, you don’t have to let go of its utility and functionality entirely.

You can use your old dresser or a kitchen cart with wheels to enjoy the convenience of extra storage and space. If these have drawers and shelves, it will be even better. And if they have wheels, you can always move them around to clear a few inches whenever required.

13. Countertops

Farmhouse kitchen countertops

Since your sink is a farmhouse model, you will need a sturdy countertop to match its powerful presence. The choice can be between granite and quartz. As you need to stick to your investment plan, going with granite can be wise; you can avail this at a cheaper rate than quartz. Or, you also have the option to explore laminate, which looks luxurious but doesn’t cost much.

14. Library ladder

Farmhouse kitchen with library ladder

If the upper shelves and cabinets’ height is significant, you can add a library ladder or something like this to access them quickly.

15. Pottery and crocks

Farmhouse kitchen with pottery and crocks

You cannot complete any farmhouse kitchen theme without earthenware. So, bring some local crock collection and put on display. These can go in your open shelves to elevate the appeal.

16. Woven baskets

Farmhouse kitchen with woven baskets

With farmhouse kitchens, you get multiple elements to experiment with and utilize. For instance, you can have a few woven baskets. You can hang them over the island area to indulge in a rustic appeal.

17. Metal awning

Farmhouse kitchen with Metal awning

You can replace the stove hood with metal awning, creating which should not be too much work. Plus, it can be another cost-effective way to take your farmhouse theme a little forward.

18. Fridge

farmhouse kitchen fridge

In the background of white color and wood-like elements, adding a steel or white-colored fridge can also be a good idea. You can check online shopping sites for the best deal to make it fit into your economics.

19. Wall paintings

Farmhouse kitchen wall paintings

Leveraging all the empty spaces and leaving space wherever required can be the perfect way to create a balance in the interior décor. Since your walls also deserve some attention, you can buy an animal, floral, or other suitable paintings to hang them at strategic locations.

Local stores should be able to provide some of the best creative pieces for a small price. You can have a look there to add some regional flavor to your kitchen. Simultaneously, if you also know this art, you can use your paintings to display on the walls. It can feel like a double whammy.

20. Exposed beams

Farmhouse kitchen exposed beams

Any farmhouse interior theme can look incomplete without exposed beams. If you can get old materials for this, it will be great. Your kitchen will get a character of its own.

21. Antique signs

Farmhouse kitchen with Antique signs

Another no-brainer addition can be adding vintage signs all over your kitchen and home. You can ransack shopping stores for signboards like “Grocery” or “Market Fresh Produce” to decorate the right spaces. These are not expensive stuff; hence, you don’t have to stress about your overall budget. If you have the proper tools and a creative bend of mind, you can collect relevant items from your home to make something like this. It will save all your costs. And even if you have to spend some amount, it will be considerably less.

22. Repurposed items

Farmhouse kitchen with repurposed items

For a more eclectic farmhouse style, you can use reclaimed materials also. These may look unique, but your kitchen will always feel cozy. For this, you can cover kitchen island stools with old shirts and the sink with a pleated skirt. The old balusters can be the decorative legs of the island table.

23. A mix of materials

Mix of materials

When you replace cabinets with open shelves, you get the freedom to experiment a bit more with diverse elements. You can add antique zinc items on the countertops, reclaimed wood on the walls. Just make sure the modern appliances should not be visible on the island or countertops. You can keep them inside, particularly if you wish to revive country charm.

24. Retro appliances

farmhouse kitchen with Retro appliances

However, you can proudly show off a few aging items to keep up with the theme’s real spirit. To be precise, your stove can be lemonade color against a mossy-green tile. The combination can work wonder if your kitchen gets ample sunlight. It will make the whole area even brighter.

25. Baking cupboard

Farmhouse kitchen with baking station

Some people love baking. If you belong to that category, then getting a special cupboard for this purpose is a must. You can store all your canned jams, cups, and baking supplies in the cabinet. And its outer wall can have lots of decorations that echo farmhouse designs.

26. Window decorations

Farmhouse kitchen with window decorations

In a farmhouse kitchen, windows play an essential part as they take care of the brightness and ventilation. There are many ideas to explore in this area. For instance, you can hang white sheers or install gathered fabric shade or opt for window shutters. Some homeowners use burlap curtains with side hooks also to decorate the space.

27. Flooring

Farmhouse kitchen flooring

When you use the same material throughout the house floor, it creates an illusion of spaciousness. Many people love deploying wood flooring. But it can be a problem if you are on a shoe-string budget. The hardwood floor can be pretty expensive. Hence, looking for something super reasonable can be mandatory. Going by this, your choice can be wood-like tiles. When added to the layout, these exude warmth and can be an ideal match for any budget farmhouse theme. Or another option can be a reclaimed-style linoleum sheet; it is also quite versatile and cost-effective. But it may be more suitable just for kitchen flooring.

28. Faucet

Farmhouse kitchen faucet

Your apron sink can be granite or stainless steel surface. You can pair it with an industrial or commercial-style gooseneck tap to optimize the sink area’s functionality and aesthetic value. The commercial faucets with spiral-like design on the neck of the tap add glamour. Plus, the ease of operation is also a huge thing.

29. Pot and pan racks

Farmhouse kitchen with pot and pan racks

Whether you place it in your island area or somewhere else in the kitchen, it can emerge as a thoughtful yet straightforward addition. The onlookers can find it a bit funny and exciting also. And since it can maximize your storage space, you shouldn’t have any issues with this. If you are a DIY person, you can refer to straightforward rack ideas to replicate the same in your décor. It can feel immensely fulfilling within a small budget.

30. A small coffee nook

Farmhouse kitchen with small coffee nook

If your kitchen allows, you can build a tea and coffee corner there with a little bit of creativity. You can install a wood rack in a cozy space and place the cups and machines there. You can make it more inviting by adding cast iron or reclaimed wood stools.

So, are you excited about this? It can convince you that creating a farmhouse kitchen on a budget will be easy now. However, you cannot afford to be casual with this. Even buying a farmhouse sink by itself is a significant task.

You may believe that it will not take much time to buy a kitchen sink. While it can be valid to a certain extent, you will need to commit your time and mind space to quickly accomplish your task.

The numerous choices can be overwhelming. But you have to determine what you want and why. For instance, you can be excited about farmhouse designs for their copious size, intelligent engineering, and the beautiful surface. You can also be at ease because you trust its versatility to blend with any background, whether expensive or budget-friendly.

You may be aware that it can be your kitchen’s hero if you wish it to be so. Or, it can be a silent contributor to the overall ambiance as per your desire.  Considering this, the decision to buy a farmhouse kitchen sink can seem simple. Still, there are certain things that you need to check with your choice for the best experience.

To be precise, you can look at the position of the drain in the basin. You may wonder why it is so vital when everyone has been using center drain for ages and never complained about it. There is no denying that most traditional basins came with either center or rear center formats, and people accepted them as such.

However, as a modern customer, you may want to examine your options based on their value-addition, considering the price, performance, or aesthetics. Talking of their enhanced utility, the drain hole’s location in the sink can play an important role. The center drain can easily get covered with all the dishes that you pile inside the basin. However, offset or off-centered drainage located in one corner can avoid this issue quickly. The drain hole will not get buried under the heap of soaped dishes. If you pick a single bowl apron front sink, this feature may seem even more advantageous. How? Let’s delve into this feature a bit.

best farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget

Why should you opt for an offset drain in your farmhouse sink?

No-load on the drain hole

As hinted already, offset drainage systems can remain free even if you create an overload in the sink because of such location. With the center sink drain, you have to maneuver your way through cleaning and washing. You can place your pan in an angular way and spin clean it to avoid congesting the hole. You can also clean the top part of the pan, turning it 180 degrees to wash away one side of the soap while scrubbing the other side. But this can create puddles on the countertop and make you wet. Isn’t this quite uncomfortable?

Some people avoid this situation by letting their pan sit flat in the bottom where soapy and dirty water slush around inside due to the blocked drain opening. The scene is pretty imaginable if someone doesn’t use bottom grids.

You have to take all these things into account and think of a better way to deal with this. With center drains, you don’t just sign up for a clumsy but stressful experience too. Scrubbing pots on the drain can cause damage due to increased pressure. To avoid these inconveniences, you would want to make sure your apron sink has an offset drain.

A pleasure of double bowl sink

A single farmhouse basin with an offset drain can give you the experience of double bowl design. The branded stores offer you such choices to enable you to wash fresh produce and prepare your meal side by side while the dirty dishes remain in the other corner. You cannot expect this luxury with center drainage. Some companies provide custom accessories also. You can read their product details to understand what your choice will bring with itself for you.

The increased cabinet storage

If you sneak-peek into a cabinet where your sink sits, you will notice that the center drainage system will have plumbing right in the middle of it. Due to this, you don’t get enough space either side. You cannot keep your trash bin or anything else there because of the limited space. After spending a decent amount on the cabinet storage, it can be a ruthless situation for you to have no scope to utilize it the proper way. You can put your cleaning supplies to calm down your nerves. That’s it. However, you will not have to put up with all this if you have an offset sink drain.

Better sink room

It may not bother you much because you believe your farmhouse sink is already spacious. Hence, you don’t have to do anything extra. But wouldn’t you like to optimize the space if you have a real opportunity? The offset drain allows you to keep your dishes in the sink tension-free because of its corner position. You don’t have to worry about blocking the drain holes. Since the plumbing is to the side, you can store your pots and pans comfortably. 

As you can see, while the decision of going with an apron front sink is appreciable, you can make your choice more functional by paying attention to its unique features. Many branded stores offer this design. You would not have any problem with the options. Just make sure that these drains have a strategic slope around them for faster drainage. Otherwise, water can take time to leave the sink. Since the faucet spout can also be away from it, you can struggle with slow drainage.

You will not have to take tension about these things if you visit a trusted and credible online store. They make the best designs to fulfill their customer needs after thorough R&D. Plus, you can rest assured that there will not be any compromise with the sink’s quality. Whether it is about surface, finish, plumbing, or accessory, you can expect to get the desired service and experiences.

So, when you shop for your farmhouse basin, focus on features that can enhance its capability and worth. If you pay little attention, you can get the maximum benefit for the same price you had spent anyway. In the end, when you install it amidst the new farmhouse décor that you created, you can have all the reasons to rejoice it even more.