38 Best Space-Saving Beds For Small Rooms (Ideas and Designs)

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The time for space-saving beds has come to its peak thanks to the glamour of contemporary styles and minimalism.

No matter how modest your home space is, you would be glad to know that there is a whole range of bed choices for small rooms.

While the standard platform beds are still popular, new bed designs are gearing towards better space efficiency. 

If you are looking for the best beds for small rooms to choose from, this post narrows down some of the best options that you can consider. Hence, without much ado, read on and sift through the list of the best beds for small rooms. 

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best beds for small rooms

38 best beds for small rooms 

Designing a small room involves a lot of calculated choices and that includes, first and foremost, making a go for the right bed. If you are working on a compact bedroom or a studio type space, here are the best beds for small rooms that you should consider. 

1. Murphy bed

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During the day, this bed looks like an ordinary cabinet but at night time or when you feel like it, it could be pulled down and folded into a bed.

Innovated to be installed using a recessed wall, it can come in single beds and bunk beds. When not in use, you can easily tuck them in the wall and do your thing. 

2. Trundle bed

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Also known as the pullout bed, trundle beds are the perfect choice for sleepovers especially for kids and pre-teens.

There is also a version of trundle beds called stackable beds that can be pulled out from a higher elevation compared to the floor-level pullouts of traditional trundle beds.

3. Loft bed

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To maximize your floor space into different activities, you can benefit from the extra space underneath this raised bed.

Aside from being stylish and minimalist, you can easily theme the space beneath into a living room, a gaming den, or a study area. You can also incorporate steady storage systems like shelving and cabinetry. 

4. Sofa bed

71jI3BlvweL. AC SL1500

Sleeper sofa beds do not feature built-in storages in them but when it comes to ease and comfort at any position, it is definitely a good choice for small rooms.

It is often found in home offices. As the term implies, it is a full sofa at first glance but you can pull out the cushion underneath for it to transform into a twin bed.  

5. Bookshelf bed

71T0ijQurFL. AC SL1500

If loft beds do not appeal to you because of their height, or if the space between the ceiling and the loft bed makes you claustrophobic, opting for a low bookshelf bed would be a good idea.

This bed refers to those single or bunk beds with lots of built-in storage. There are drawers on the frame, and shelving or additional drawers by the headboard. It is perfect for kids and adults’ rooms alike. 

6. Air mattress

81 eZJcv1FS. AC SL1500

If you are working on a small guest room, having an air mattress instead of regular platform beds would be a better and more practical choice.

Inflating them only when needed makes a good use of space when there are no guests. Having elevated frames to install on the air mattress when pumped is also a fine touch to make it look like a regular bed. 

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7. Corner bed

7 space saving beds for small rooms
Source: Anna White

To make use of the corner spaces and give your small room a structured view, you can DIY corner beds for kids’ shared rooms.

Incorporating built-in storage on the edged platform is one way to make it tidier and more functional. With this type of bed, you can have an open floor space for other things. 

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8. Under the stair corner bed

71YGozl83lL. AC SL1500

Another way to make use of that extra space under the stairs in a basement bedroom would be designing an under the stair corner bed.

All you need is to make an elevated concrete or wood platform that has the dimensions of your mattress of choice. It is a cozy and space efficient space for teens and adults.  

9. Bunk bed

81BmVdCaszL. AC SL1500

Sure, two twin beds cannot fit a small room but having two bunk beds in one bed frame is the name of the game for bunk beds and that is why they are a practical solution to maximize space in a compact room.

It is perfect for kids’ shared rooms and are also often found in student dormitories for space-saving solutions. 

10. Folding bed

81SeHGirhGL. AC SL1500

If you are not comfortable with air mattresses or if you want a comfier bed for your guests, an old-fashioned folding bed would suffice.

Made of sturdy metal frames and folded accordion style when not in use, it is a dependable choice that could fit one to two people at a time. 

11. Daybed

One of the best space solutions for a small room would be a daybed. During the day, it is a longer sofa with an extended seating space. This gives it ample space for sleeping anytime.

All you just need to do would be to reposition the pillows and make it into a bed. The option for daybed with trundle is also now becoming more popular. For small rooms with irregular layouts, this is a good option. 

12. Tatami bed

71ioK+XXrcL. AC SL1500

If you want an Asian inspired, low-profile platform bed, the tatami bed is a fast-rising bed style not just in popularity but also in terms of functionality.

Even at floor level, it offers a lot of sleekness and drawers are also now incorporated in newer models so this is a prime choice for small rooms. 

13. Sleigh bed

31+eAwkRTIS. AC

Reminiscent of the Cleopatra sofa, a sleigh bed can look counterintuitive but its rolled up head and foot rest are all it takes to give it the most comfy sleeping space.

It is best for kids who love a thematic look for their small bedroom as they come in different frame materials including wood and cushioned frames. 

14. Underbed storage platform bed

91frJVpLA1L. AC SL1500

Sleek and modern, this type of bed is your traditional low-key platform bed but offers a lot of modern functionality.

Aside from built-in drawers on the sides, you can also lift the mattress to find more open storage space. You can also partition the underbed storage for different items.  

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15. Platform bed with headboard and ottoman storage

919FuVd7HzL. AC SL1500

This low-key platform bed is one of the most functional bed sets to have in a small room. It comes in twin to queen size variations.

It has an indented headboard which you can use for additional storage. It also comes with a matching ottoman which can also be transitionally used for more storage space. 

16. Shelved murphy bed

51bW275MnSL. AC SL1080

Right now, the market is full of multifunctional murphy beds. As space saving as it already is, going for an all-in-one shelved Murphy bed with accompanying sofa is the best minimalist setup to choose.

In the day, it could be a low-profile cabinet with side shelves but at night, you can turn and fold it and it becomes a bed. 

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17. Floating platform bed

71QCq8lvMqL. AC SL1500

Floating beds or mezzanine level beds are again one of the turning points of modern, small room designs.

They are the fusion of bunk beds and loft beds as they are really raised near the ceiling for a wider floor space underneath.

The most commonly used bed for floating bedrooms would be low-key platform beds or tatami beds.  

18. Reclining queen bed

81IkoY+R5sL. AC SL1500

The space saving innovation for beds made for small rooms is limitless. For one, you can have a queen bed with a remote-controlled incline adjustment for the head and the feet.

With this kind of frame support, not only is it recommended for small rooms but also for picky sleepers or those with sleeping conditions as you can set your bed into your desired angle. 

19. Curved storage platform bed

41gTtn 3sIL. AC

This one is a larger and wider sleigh bed with a futuristic look. The whole bed frame is cushioned, curved by the headboard and inclined at the feet.

The headboard comes with a linear LED light of 16-colors. Aside from space saving, the lights can also be used in mood settings for better sleep quality. 

20. Convertible sofa chair bed

81Dy4YdKQlS. AC SL1500

If your home office is also your bedroom, investing in an all-in-one, convertible sofa chair bed would be a good go for your money.

It can go as a small, tufted couch in the morning, extend it out a bit as a cozy half bed and at night, you can fully extend it out and pull out the side arms for more comfort. 

21. Framed futon bed

813Oz46L0cL. AC SL1500

Futon beds are timeless but if you want to make it more functional, you can incorporate a frame with lots of storage around it.

The side arms are customized with cup holders on one side and a book desk on the other. The pull-out drawers are in front and the whole back is made of partitioned shelves. 

22. Modern convertible futon bed

81XBJZaNqcL. AC SL1500

This tufted convertible futon bed has a reclined backrest in the day that can be folded flat at night to make a twin to queen size bed.

When it is in its sofa form, you can also pull out the cushioned cup holder in the middle, making it a two-panel couch. With the durable build and avoiding the unnecessary bulk of traditional couches, this is one of the best deals for small bedrooms. 

23. Chaise lounger single sofa bed

91zkX4J8XVL. AC SL1500

Functionality, streamline and stylish look are the best descriptions for this chaise single sofa bed.

It features five adjustable positions: as a chaise, a lounge chair, loveseat, and a bed with an inclined headrest and footrest. It is durable and offers a lot of stylish and modern designs. 

24. Twin triple bunk bed

81vc3 mVjWL. AC SL1500

A rectilinear, triple bunk bed frame is a perfect space-saver for a kids’ room and for all ages in general.

The twin bed is spacious enough for comfort and coziness so it does not feel like it is too cramped up.

The space in between the bunks are also well-gapped so there is a lot of legroom and breathing space to move around the small room. 

25. L-shape bunk bed

71hUATkBFIL. AC SL1473

To give the room owners a sense of privacy and to maximize the space of asymmetrical rooms, an L-shape bunk bed is of the best choices to consider.

Made from different frames, you would not go out of stylish options. Function wise, each side space has sufficient area for two personal desks: one is at floor level while the other is loft style, extended from the stair’s rails. 

26. Daybed with trundle

81lj6Q9vUXL. AC SL1500

Speaking of functionality, a well-framed daybed with sufficient space underneath can have a trundle bed attached to it.

This way, you can accommodate two people at the same time. The only downside to this style is that the mattresses are almost always sold separately.      

27. Hideaway ottoman bed

This one works a lot like foldable sleeper sofas. Upholstered with the most comfortable cushioning, you extend out one corner of the ottoman into an inclining head rest and a reclining footrest.

The middle cushioning, when it is folded up into an ottoman, can be lifted for storage. 

28. Platform twin sofa bed

81VHQhWszjL. AC SL1500

Technically, this is a sofa bed, only the cushioned coverage is the size of a twin bed. It comes in a wood and metal frame.

When you are done using it, you can fold it up and hide it away. It does not only make the room space efficient, but also keeps it light and airy. 

29. Pull-out inflatable sofa bed

71aEauE17vS. AC SL1500

You would love the firm and velvety surface of this pullout inflatable sofa bed. This is perfect for guest rooms as they are only pumped when needed.

When it needs to be stored, the deflating and storing process is easier. And if you just need extra seating for your room, you can just inflate it to act as a floor level couch. 

30. Trifold mattress

81KO0E5oJ4L. AC SL1500

Be it in your child’s reading room, the yoga room or just a low-cost, space saving floor bed for a small room, a tri fold mattress is a cheap alternative for compact rooms.

Made of high-density foams, it can be folded into an ottoman for movie nights. And do not worry about cleaning it because the mattress cover is easy to wash. 

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31. Rectilinear twin bed

816faQ2LkNL. AC SL1500

Measuring at just 30×75-inches, the conforming memory foam mattress of the rectilinear frame gives a lot of body support and corrective cushioning for those with posture problems.

The narrowness of this twin bed is also beneficial for light and modern kids’ rooms. 

32. Cabinet bed

81BAVhCpKRL. AC SL1500

Featuring an open enclosure and a solid, hardwood construction, this trifold, compact cabinet bed is already fully assembled when bought.

It is more lightweight than how they look and they offer a floating bed effect when they are overextended for the night. They can also easily pass as a comfy couch when they are just pulled out up to the middle. 

33. Bunk bed couch

81GGhaDHU L. AC SL1500

This multifunctional bed features a futon couch on the first level that is wide enough to pass for a bed, and a comfy bunk bed in the second level.

The finish is very sleek and it has a lot of safety features which makes it a top choice even for kids’ bedrooms. The integrated ladder at both sides also offers a childproof mechanism that parents would enjoy. 

34. Sleeper sectional bed

81SQKEWbzHL. AC SL1500

This one is easily one of the best modern marvels for compact living. The sleekness of the sectionals creates a streamline effect for the bedroom and living room.

Pulling the underneath cushions in the main sofa line converts into a bed. The chaise lounge chair at the end becomes the headrest of the sectional bed. 

35. Shiplap corner daybed

81DUBeOJurL. AC SL1500

If bed mattresses are too deep for you, the firmness of the daybed can give you a modern retreat for your small living room.

The shiplap enclosed frame of this corner daybed gives it a polished look. Extend it out as a bed and then pull it in as a sofa. Having built-in front pullout drawers also add to its stylistic functionality. 

36. Folding bunk bed

61v 2jfHfYL. AC SL1500

With an in-wall mount system, a folding bunk bed has a dramatic and smart effect even for a small bedroom.

You can pull it out manually or push a button for it to fold open. And if it is no longer in use, you can push the same button for it to automatically fold in. Make it an accent piece for the room when it is folded in.  

37. Modular loft bed

91+lHCRI2JL. AC SL1500

If you would rather have the space underneath the loft bed as a full-on closet, storage, and media divider, you can do so by choosing a modular loft bed.

You already have everything in one bed and that is something that this style of space saving bed could fully offer.  

38. Tent style canopy cabin bed

71bZ301WKkS. AC SL1500

If you want to incorporate the outdoors into the small indoor space of your bedroom, you can do so with a tent style canopy bed.

The rectilinear memory foam is the size of a twin bed and the canopy is made of pongee fabric with four openings for more breathing space.

It is a dreamy look that is beautiful to incorporate in a kids bedroom but is also very cozy for teens and adults alike. 


How do you maximize space in a small room?

Maximizing the space of a small room is dependent on many factors. Most of the time, these factors play around layout, design, and décor. To get the most out of small rooms, here are space maximization tips to follow: 

  • Simple and symmetrical layouts
  • Play on dark contrasts
  • Go big on natural light
  • Throw in lots of colors
  • Forget the night stands 
  • Smart storage 
  • Choose mounted decors and lighting
  • Prioritize dual function furniture 
  • Bring in light and inexpensive decors
  • Customize it depending on your needs and floor space

Is a platform bed good for a small room?

It depends on what platform bed we are talking about. The traditional, bulky platform beds on one hand are not good for small rooms but the sleeker, more low-profile types of platform beds with lesser headboard sizes, lower heights and customizable frames are still good choices for small rooms. 

Is a low bed better for a small room?

Most of the time, small rooms have medium to low height ceiling making low beds a finer choice in giving the compact room a sense of spaciousness. But for attic rooms with higher ceilings or simply a small room with high floor to ceiling height, tall beds are still the recommended option. 

Can you put a regular mattress on a platform bed?

Platform beds are specifically designed to support any type of mattress so yes, you can put a regular mattress on it. However, if you really want to get the best sleeping experience out of a platform bed, the recommended mattress choices would be latex, hybrid mattresses and memory foams. 

Can a queen bed fit in a small room?

Yes. As a matter of fact, even a 10’x10’ room could fit a queen-sized bed. The trick to this is to be tacky and creative. Setting up a minimalist room and smart room layout and design are the main factors to consider if you are thinking of a queen bed in a compact room. 

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The variety of bed choices in the market is getting more practical than aesthetic. As such, no matter how small a room is, there is a bed option, incorporating functionalism and style, that is available for you to choose from. 

From this list of best beds for small rooms, we have affirmed that beyond minimalism, creativity and innovativeness are the principles behind a good small room setup. As long as it is neat, well thought of and organized, your small room can be a standout space from others.