Modern Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

Modern Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

The key to styling a bathroom with modern vintage design is to choose three major pieces in classic shapes. Accessories complete the modern vintage look.

Designing a modern vintage bathroom can be approached from two ways.

First, the room’s major items (bathtub, toilet, sink) can be chosen to suit a sleek, modern design, and then accessorized with vintage pieces.

Second, the major pieces can be more traditional, while the accessories are used to incorporate a modern design.

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Sinks for a Modern Vintage Bathroom

Pedestal sink + wainscoting

1 modern vintage bathroom ideasSource

Gray and White Vintage Modern Bathroom

2 modern vintage bathroom ideasSource

Traditional Taste

3 modern vintage bathroom ideasSource

Pedestal Sink Ship Lap Bathroom

4 modern vintage bathroom ideasSource

French Master Bathroom with Pedestal Sink and Gold Mirror

5 modern vintage bathroom ideas

A popular sink design is the pedestal sink. These freestanding sinks provide the basics: a basin affixed to a “pedestal” base. Pedestal sinks are available in a wide range of designs and styles, from retro to ultra-modern. Pedestal sinks will not offer an ample amount of counter space.

Beautiful Bathroom Sink Consoles Made from Vintage Dressers

6 modern vintage bathroom with open showerSource

Replicates console sinks of an earlier era

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Double Console Sinks

8 modern vintage bathroom ideasSource

Vanity Area with Furniture-Style Cabinets

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Craftsman Full Bathroom with Console Sink

10 modern vintage bathroom ideas

A console sink can either be freestanding with four legs or attached to the wall with two legs. Console sinks can be found in a variety of styles, from decorative traditional to plainer modern. Console bases are available in materials from wood to porcelain to metal.

Modern Vintage Bathtubs

A Beautiful Clawfoot tub Shower

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Clawfoot tub

2 modern vintage bathtubSource

A New Tub Turned Vintage With Lime & Chalk Paint

3 modern vintage bathtubSource

Vintage Clawfoot tub

4 modern vintage bathtubSource

Vintage claw foot tub

5 modern vintage bathtubSource

Repainted claw foot tub

6 modern vintage bathtubSource

A black Tub

7 modern vintage bathtubSource

The ultimate vintage bathtub is the freestanding clawfoot tub. A clawfoot tub is so indicative of traditional style that it will immediately set a vintage tone to a bathroom. Clawfoot tubs can be found in the classic shape, with a rounded front end, or in a “slipper” style, with one or both ends raised and rounded.

Pedestal bathtub

8 modern vintage bathtub

Inspirational Tubs

17 modern vintage bathtub16 modern vintage bathtub15 modern vintage bathtub14 modern vintage bathtub12 modern vintage bathtub10 modern vintage bathtub9 modern vintage bathtubSource

Another freestanding tub, the pedestal tub sits on a short base. These tubs can be found in a variety of materials, including cast-iron, acrylic, or even copper.

Lighting a Modern Vintage Bathroom

Sconce lighting

1 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Wall sconce lighting

2 vintage bathroom lighting

Before and After Bathroom Makeover

3 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Lights on either side of the mirror

4 vintage bathroom lighting

A traditional bathroom lighting solution is sconce lighting. These fixtures are versatile and won’t overpower the space. Sconce lighting is available in styles from traditional Victorian to modern cube fixtures.

Contemporary Master Bathroom

5 vintage bathroom lighting

Glorious master bathroom vanity lighting

6 vintage bathroom lighting

Dat hanging lighting

7 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

8 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Master Bathroom Reveal

9 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Farmhouse bathroom vanity light fixture

10 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom

11 vintage bathroom lighting

DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

12 vintage bathroom lightingSource

Another classic option for bathroom lighting is a vanity light. This option is essentially a strip of lighting fixtures that would be installed above a bathroom vanity.

Accessories for a Modern Vintage Bathroom

Wall paint color is Light French Gray

1 vintage bathroom accessories

Choosing Bathroom Wall and Cabinet Colors

2 vintage bathroom accessoriesSource

Budget bathroom remodel

3 vintage bathroom accessories

There are a number of color combinations that will suit a modern vintage bathroom. Warm colors like a beige or tan are flattering, while pale blue lends a spa-like feel to a bathroom space. Gray is an unexpected neutral which is easy to accessorize.

Pyramid Coat Rack Floating Towel Storage

4 vintage bathroom accessories

Vintage Window Towel Holder

5 vintage bathroom accessoriesSource

Textiles in a bathroom will help set the room’s tone. Bright white towels, mats, and curtains look well against a blue or gray wall color. For a beige or tan room, try light-to-medium blue, deep purple, or dark red textiles.

Decorative accessories

6 vintage bathroom accessories

Less is often more when it comes to decorative items. To drive home the vintage design, try toothbrush holders, toilet paper holders, and other accessories in metals with finishes in silver, copper, or chocolate brown.

Hold extra toiletries and washcloths in simple dark brown baskets. A few key pieces like an antique alarm clock or a vintage bath soap advertisement will complete the modern vintage look.

With a little research and some careful planning, any home can welcome a stylish and functional bathroom. The right pieces and appropriate accessories will give a humdrum bathroom space a chic modern vintage look.

Modern Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas



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