35 Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas (Before and After)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you have a lot of options. Do you want the space to look modern or traditional?

Your budget will often dictate what type of style you can accomplish in your home, but even on a tight budget, there are many affordable ideas that will help turn your outdated bath into a new and improved one.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 35 different ways to remodel your bathroom, so take a look at these great tips.

best bathroom remodel before and after

1. Transitional

1 remodel bathroom ideas

When designing a transitional master suite, the bathroom needs to maintain this style. The use of traditional and modern elements in the architecture and design will create a perfect transitional look.

The use of contemporary fixtures and materials such as quartz surfaces and stainless steel finishes creates a very sleek and elegant look in this space.

The floor to ceiling glass shower provides for an uninterrupted view from the bedroom into the bathroom.

The use of white cabinetry gives this spacious room a clean and fresh look. The focal point in this remodel is high on the wall opposite the entrance; an incredible feature wall finished in Sherwin-Williams’ High Reflective White paint that is CostCertified.

2. Sky Light

2 remodel bathroom ideas
Design: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Shower in style with a rain shower head and clouds above you. This should be a priority for all homeowners who are planning an update to their bathroom.

The comfort of the rain head is incomparable to any other type, and it should be at the top of your list when thinking about an upcoming remodel.

The pedestal sink in this bathroom is an old-fashioned touch that works well with the traditional vanity. The simple white floor tiles are a classic choice, but you could also consider using all black to make the room feel more modern.

Either way, these types of details can be changed out at any time without too much effort, so they are a great way to update your bathroom on the cheap.

3. Small Spaces

3 remodel bathroom ideas
Credit: Joe Robbins

Space is limited in this compact powder room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. The use of bright colors and interesting wallpaper will make even small spaces feel larger than they are.

This type of decorating idea isn’t for everyone, but it definitely makes for an interesting conversation piece.

When the bathroom is very tiny, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your space. The half-wall creates extra storage and divides the shower area from the rest of the small room.

A larger mirror will also help enlarge this tiny space while still maintaining a modern touch with its frameless design.

4. Refreshing

4 remodel bathroom ideas

Benjamin Moore’s Shoreline can be used to refresh the master bath’s walls. This soothing blue is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

The use of the same color on the ceiling, along with white lights and shiplap paneling, will add an interesting touch that works well for this coastal style space.

A small powder room gets a major update when it’s painted Benjamin Moore’s, Saint-Petersburg Gray. The use of grey, which is slightly lighter than the walls, helps to create more depth and dimension in this tiny space while also making it feel larger.

5. Kiwi Green Bathrooms

5 remodel bathroom ideas
Source: Retro Renovation

A fun addition for any homeowner looking to add some color into their life is an emerald green bathroom. Swiss Coffee color creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with a pop of color.

The white quartz countertops help to brighten up the space while also making it feel more open than other choices, which would have been dark or made this small bathroom even smaller.

This bold green creates a very fun look in the powder room. Swiss Coffee color is an excellent choice for the walls, while the white pedestal sink and cabinet will help to brighten up this green bathroom. The use of a simple black shower curtain is an easy way to add some variety in color without having an impact on your wallet.

6. Traditional

6 remodel bathroom ideas

With white walls and cabinets and rose gold accents, this room exudes elegance in its simplicity. The use of a pedestal sink in the bathroom is a classic choice that never goes out of style.

The mirror, also rose gold accented, gives you an opportunity to add some glamour into this traditional space.

This space combines modern and rustic elements which work seamlessly together. A large white shower stall will help create more depth in your bathroom, while the use of grey floor tiles will bring in some subtle color.

The black framed mirror also helps to tie together this unique space with its modern design. This neutral colored bathroom uses a rustic vanity and claw foot tub for an old-fashioned touch.

7. Black and white

7 remodel bathroom ideas

The herringbone shower wall tile becomes a focal point almost quickly. The black and white color scheme helps to give this bathroom a classic feel, while the brown vanity adds some variety without taking away from that crisp look.

The use of all-black in this powder room is striking. These colors create an intense contrast with the bright white sink and cabinet for a fun design idea which will never get old.

Black and white is always a classic color scheme, but this powder room brings in some life with the use of color. Black accent makes an excellent choice for the walls while still allowing you to keep your accessories all-white.

This bathroom space combines rustic elements such as wood accents on the countertop and flooring that adds a lovely touch to this black and white bathroom.

8. Contemporary

8 remodel bathroom ideas

This bathroom puts a contemporary spin on traditional design with its use of dark wood paneling, sleek stainless steel fixtures and angular black floor tiles. The room is bathed in natural light from large windows that provide plenty of views as well as an abundance of fresh air.

The large window in this bathroom makes the room feel bright and spacious while adding a contemporary touch to the decor with its neutral color palette and sleek metal frame. This space is perfect for calming down after a long day or getting ready for an eventful night out on the town.

Contemporary bathrooms often have unique lighting that sets them apart from other types of bathrooms.

9. Classic

9 remodel bathroom ideas

In this master bath, white subway tiles, smoky grey mosaic tile accents, and lilac wall paint work well together. The sink is a stainless steel Kohler pedestal design with a rectangle vanity top.

A frameless glass shower door complements the chrome fixtures as well as the multi-jet ornamental shower head. One might even think that they are in a spa rather than their own bathroom.

This classic look is timeless. The lighting fixture is essential to creating a balanced look. Balance can be achieved by matching the style of lighting fixtures, whether it’s an ornamental chandelier or wall sconces. The right tile design will provide your bathroom with lasting beauty.

This transitional-style bath has beautiful ceramic tile work in light colors and grey grout lines that enhance its look. The space is balanced by a variety of lighting choices from under-cabinet, wall sconces and an elegant crystal chandelier.

This style can be achieved with simple design elements such as subway tiles in your shower or ceramic floor tile.

10. All White

10 remodel bathroom ideas

All white is a fresh and sophisticated way to go. It gives the room a clean, crisp look that’s bright and airy. But an all-white bathroom can be overwhelming for some people because it doesn’t have any softness or warmth, so you may want to add other colors as well as patterns in order to create some character.

This color makes your bathroom feel more spacious, but only if it’s done right. This is because white paint can create an optical illusion that makes the room look smaller than it actually is. Also, remember to pick a color for your cabinets and countertops in order to make them stand out against all of the white walls you’ll be painting.

11. Cool

11 remodel bathroom ideas
Source: Noble Johnson Architects

The Preeminent Porcelain shower wall complements the ‘yam hamelach’ color of the shower floor tile.

The design also features a black and white shower curtain that is hung on a chrome frame. This stylish bathroom remodeling idea will provide a cozy and comfortable space for bathers to enjoy.

For a more modern look, try using glass tiles for the shower walls. The glass provides an appealing view into your bathroom while still offering plenty of privacy.

This style can be used in bathrooms that are both small and large to create an elegant space with comfortable accommodations.

12. Crisp

12 remodel bathroom ideas

For the shower, a lovely Bianco Dolomite marble mosaic tile. For the tub, an elegant polished chrome ball faucet. For the vanity top, a bright Bianco Carrara marble subway tile backsplash.

Make sure to use low-maintenance materials like ceramic and porcelain tiles for easy cleanup. This style is crisp, clean and stylish. The materials used make it feel crisp, clean and stylish.

To keep your bathroom looking fresh throughout the years, choose one or two colors to use as an accent in furniture pieces like throw pillows, shower curtains and rugs. Mixing up patterns is always fun, so don’t be afraid of using multiple ones around the bathroom room.

13. Modern bathrooms

13 remodel bathroom ideas

You can adapt your bathroom to modern times with this simple combo. A classic white subway tile in the shower contrasts well with black accent tiles and a silver polished chrome faucet which is both stylish and functional.

The use of stainless steel for cabinetry, countertops, bathtub exterior, flooring and ceiling also adds to the modern look while still keeping the room looking clean and fresh. The modern technology in the bathroom should be a focal point as well.

Modern bathrooms are not built with the old-fashioned values in mind but rather focus on sleek, clean lines and functionality.

The use of modern technology such as LED lights to brighten up dark corners should also be used throughout the bathroom for an overall feeling of brightness and cleanliness.

14. Natural stone

14 remodel bathroom ideas

When you are to remodel your bathroom, you should consider the natural stone bathroom design ideas. Natural stone is an inexpensive, natural product which can be used to create a stunning bathroom with timeless appeal and beauty.

The unique features of each individual slab or tile will highlight the wonderful texture, color contrast and veining within every piece so that no two slabs are exactly alike.

Natural stone bathrooms have been popular for many years but are still popular today due to their classic appeal. The beauty of natural stone is that it can be used in any bathroom with a wide range of styles and designs.

It’s hard to go wrong when you use this timeless material for your bathroom, so if budget isn’t an issue, then the sky is truly the limit.

15. Navy theme

15 remodel bathroom ideas
Source: Normandy Remodeling

If you are a military personnel or navy individual, you can opt for the navy theme bathroom design ideas. The Navy theme bathroom is a great way to express pride and inspiration for the navy lifestyle.

The color scheme of this type of bathroom ranges from cool blue tone, white and grey tones with some hints of metal or even wood finishes accents such as towel racks and cabinets can be used which gives it more authenticity to the look.

For the colors, you can opt for the darker hues for the flooring, which can be combined with light tiles. You should also consider using navy blue curtains, shower curtains and towels.

It’s a good idea to have an accent wall or two that are painted in white tones along with some framed artwork pieces of your favorite nautical scenes.

16. Sophisticated style

16 remodel bathroom ideas

If you like to go for sophisticated style bathroom design ideas, then it’s the right time. Sophisticated bathrooms follow clean and crisp lines, which create an overall feeling of calmness, serenity and peacefulness.

The use of white as the dominant color, along with stainless steel or chrome fixtures, can make this type of decor look very classy and stylish.

For the floors, you can go for tiles with intricate patterns or contrasting colors which will give it that sophisticated look, then opt for blue hues in your shower curtain and towels along with some wood accents such as wooden cabinets to bring out the sophistication of these bathroom design ideas.

Sophisticated bathrooms are perfect if you like clean lines, calmness and serenity in your bathroom.

17. Bold color scheme

17 remodel bathroom ideas

If you like to go bold, then it’s the right time. Bold bathrooms are vibrant, energetic and full of life, which is perfect for people who want their personality to be reflected in their decorating style.

The use of bright colors such as yellow, lime green or even blue can be used throughout the bathroom to create a bold look.

The color palette for this type of bathroom is made up of bright colors which will stand out and grab attention, along with neutral shades such as white or wood tones, which help pull everything together, so it doesn’t appear too chaotic.

The best way to use these types of hues is to have either a feature wall or use some of the accents such as shower curtain, towels and cabinets.

18. Industrial theme

18 remodel bathroom ideas

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you can go for the industrial theme bathroom design ideas. Industrial-themed bathrooms are perfect if you like an edgy look, with strong lines and utilitarian accents which give it that real factory feel.

The color palette is made up of grey tones along with black finishes such as cabinets or even towel racks. You should also consider using tile flooring with a brick pattern as it will give that industrial look.

You can have an accent wall or two that are painted in neutral tones along with some framed artwork pieces of your favorite cityscape images, which will bring out the edgy side of this bathroom design idea.

Industrial-themed bathrooms are perfect for people who like strong lines and utilitarian accents in their bathroom.

19. Farmhouse style

19 remodel bathroom ideas
Source: Dress Cori Lynn

Farmhouse style is a very popular design that can be found in homes all across America. This is due to the fact that it has an elegant yet rustic feel, making it simple and easy for anyone to decorate their own space-based on this theme.

The best part about farmhouse décor is the lack of color or pattern, which allows for many different styles to be incorporated into the design.

For your bathroom to have a farmhouse style and feel there are a few things that you need to do and incorporate into your design.

The first thing is an elegant vanity with white cabinets and simple hardware like the ones seen in Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalogues/websites.

Then, add fresh flowers such as small daisies all over the place; this will give it a very natural and earthy feel. Another way to incorporate this style is by adding a small rug with the colors white, brown and green.

The last thing you can do in order to give your bathroom farmhouse appeal is to add dark pillows or rugs along with simple shower curtains that have either barn stars or floral patterns on them.

20. Zen

20 remodel bathroom ideas

When it comes to Zen In the shower, the floor pebble tile is Timor Tan. This style of tile has a lot of tiny holes, which allows for an easier way to clean up the floor.

The use of small pebble tiles is perfect if you want that Zen look and feel in your bathroom as it gives off a more natural, earthy appearance.

The color palette used with this type of decorating style includes neutral colors such as white, yellow and other earthy tones, which make the space seem more calm and serene.

The best way to use these colors is by having a feature wall that’s painted in either white or grey as it will be able to stand out from everything else around it. The idea of Zen In the shower comes from ancient Japanese culture.

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21. Dreamy

21 remodel bathroom ideas

The neutral hues, as well as the wood-style flooring, provide a soothing atmosphere in this bathroom. This bathroom style fits well with small bathrooms, but when done right by using wood-style flooring.

Neutral hues can be used throughout the design, which adds to its calming effect. The bathroom also can utilize a large mirror and statement lighting making it feel like more space than there actually is.

22. Calming, Cozy

22 remodel bathroom ideas

This bath requires minimal effort to make it feel like a spa retreat. The color scheme is based on the green-blue tones that are found in nature.

The bathroom features two sinks, one of which is oversized and provides plenty of space to spread out your toiletries.

The tub/shower combo makes use of the room without taking too much away from other design elements—the color scheme in a green-blue tone that is found in nature.

23. Grey Tiles

24 remodel bathroom ideas

For this transitional bathroom, a magnificent grey porcelain tile is used on the flooring. The white tile wainscoting is a charming choice for this space. A pedestal sink and large mirror with lighting gives the room an elegant appearance.

The grey porcelain tiles make a great design statement in this transitional bathroom by adding visual interest to the walls as well as providing contrast against the furniture pieces that are upholstered in a soft green hue.

25. Porcelain Slabs

25 remodel bathroom ideas

A freestanding soaking tub with a hand shower is installed for a home spa atmosphere. This style of bathroom is timeless with its combination of traditional design elements.

The porcelain slabs on the floor bring a subtle touch to this transitional space while still providing some visual interest in the form of texture and color variation.

The freestanding tub has an old-fashioned appeal that makes it feel like you are stepping into another time period.

26. Luxurious

26 remodel bathroom ideas

This bathroom design is one you will never want to leave. The large bathroom is inviting with its upholstered benches and wall-mounted faucet.

You won’t have any trouble relaxing in this luxurious bathroom because it features a classic design that makes use of timeless elements such as an upholstered bench, claw foot tub, wall-mounted faucet, and a large mirror.

27. Southwestern look

27 remodel bathroom ideas
Source: Nanke Signature Group

Anyone can make their bathroom look like it belongs in a five star hotel by opting for southwestern-style décor.

The earthy hues and natural elements of this theme bring about an aura that will relax you after each shower or bath. If you want to create a rustic look without spending a fortune, you can start by updating the hardware on your cabinets and vanities.

28. Beach style

28 remodel bathroom ideas

The décor of a beach style bathroom is very simple and can be done with just a few items. To start, you will need to replace the shower curtain in your bathroom with one that has light blue tones on it.

Any material with similar colors is good for this décor theme because they all seem to go well together when put into place.

29. Arabic bathroom style

29 remodel bathroom ideas 1
Source: Behance

Arabic bathroom style is one that has décor items in it with an Arabic feel to them. One way you can do this is by using a shower curtain or rug that has patterns on it inspired from the Middle East, including geometric shapes and floral designs.

To make your sink faucets stand out more, pick ones that are shiny brass, gold, or silver-colored.

30. Space themed bathroom

61Th0kIjM1L. AC SL1005
Source: Amazon

Space themed bathroom is a great option for any room in the house. It has become more popular over time, and it can easily be done by purchasing an inexpensive shower curtain with space patterns on it.

You can also include some plush bathrobes, towels or even pillows that feature planets, astronauts or other similar designs to create the look you are going for.

30. Rustic

30 remodel bathroom ideas 1

The vinyl plank, ceramic shower wall tile, and pebble shower floor give the space a rustic character. Rustic bathrooms are very popular, especially in homes that have a cabin-like theme to them.

To achieve this look, use wooden cabinets and vanities with stainless steel hardware for the sink faucets. Add matching towel bars or other accessories that will give your bathroom an earthy feel when you walk in after each shower.

31. Swanky

31 remodel bathroom ideas 1

Marazzi’s glazed porcelain floor tile makes your bathroom look appealing. A swanky look is achieved by picking out tiles that are eye-catching and unique.

One way to go is by picking a patterned tile, but only ones with neutral colors, so they do not clash with the rest of your bathroom décor.

32. Music themed bathroom

32 remodel bathroom ideas 1

Music themed bathrooms are a great way to bring the feel of music into your home. This look features vinyl records that are used as wallpaper, an old-fashioned record player with decorative items on top and matching pillows in the bathtub area.

You can also choose other types of flooring if you want to go for this theme but make sure the tiles you choose are smooth and easy to clean.

33. Wood cottage bathroom style

33 remodel bathroom ideas 1

Wood cottage bathroom style is a great look for people who want to bring the feel of nature indoors. You will need to replace your shower curtain and bath rugs with ones that have leaves, flowers or other similar patterns on them.

The best type of cabinets you can choose are those made from wood because they add more essence and character to this type of bathroom.

34. Shabby chic

34 remodel bathroom ideas 1

The Shabby Chic Bathroom features a Green Chevron shower curtain, floor mat and hand towels with decorative items on top to bring out the beauty in it.

Anyone can achieve this look by replacing their sink faucets with ones that are gold or brass-looking. You can also choose bath rugs, towels, shower curtains or bath mats with delicate designs on them to bring your bathroom décor together.

35. Modish

35 remodel bathroom ideas 1

The modish bathroom has a white and grey color scheme that works well with the overall design of it.

A modish look can easily be achieved by replacing your shower curtain with one that features either plain colors or simple patterns on them. You should also opt for solid-colored bath rugs, towels and other similar items, so they do not take away from the look of your bathroom.

There are so many different types of bathroom remodel ideas that you can choose from to give your bathroom a new look or theme because they all seem to go well together when put into place. You can choose to go with one of the types mentioned above or another that you feel would work best for your home.