31+ Impressive DIY Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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When choosing a bathroom vanity it is important to keep a few things in mind. Functionality, budget, style and flow all matter when choosing a vanity.

When you decide to remodel or choose a design for your bathroom, one of the most important features that sets the stage for the rest of the bathroom fixtures and accessories is, of course, the bathroom vanity. You can get just about any style of vanity nowadays within a reasonable price range, however, you may love a vanity that is totally wrong for your bathroom or the rest of your home.

What is bathroom vanity?

The closet space or the bedroom vanity that extends into the bathroom, where one can spend time in decking up is a bathroom vanity.

How to build a rustic bathroom vanity?

The use of rustic wood, pallet wood, uncut stones, metal and a plethora of elements that give you a feel that is non-sophisticated makes for a good rustic bathroom vanity. We researched on this one and look to bring to you some ideas that could inspire to build a great rustic bathroom vanity.

Considering Whether a Bathroom Vanity Offers Enough Functionality for Your Needs

First things first, let’s talk functionality. Consider how many people will be using this particular bathroom and what kinds of things they will be doing there. Will it require lot’s of storage space underneath for a main bathroom shared by teenagers, toddlers and adults alike?

Would pull-out baskets be more functional, perhaps designating one for each family member to neatly stash their bathroom accessories? These things may not be the first thing to come to mind when you are shopping for that perfect bathroom vanity, but, they are certainly critical factors which should be part of the equation.

A single adult would usually be able to opt for a more minimalist look, if desired. That same minimalist sleek-looking vanity may not be the best idea with a growing family of five.

Budgeting for Your Bathroom Vanity

How much are you willing or able to spend on a vanity, and what kind of features are you hoping to get? All of these things will, to some degree, be dependent on your available budget. Are you looking for Marble, Glass, Laminate, Stone, Ceramic, etc.? Each have very different costs associated with them.

You can buy a prefabricated bathroom vanity from a local big-box store like Wal-Mart for around $200 or you can buy a custom made unit with built in lighting and space for a makeup area, slide-in chair and so on, for $3000 or more. It’s really all dependent on the budget you have and how crafty you can be in searching for deals both online and offline.

How to Decide on a Bathroom Vanity Style

We all care about how things look, well most of us do anyway, and your bathroom is no exception. Choosing the style of bathroom vanity is an important facet of how it will tie in with the rest of your bathroom accessories and design ideas.

If you are going for a sort of shabby-chic look with wicker basket accessories and frilly lace shower curtains, you wouldn’t want to have a slick black ultra-modern bathroom vanity smack-dab in the middle of all the toile and fluff. Same goes for minimalist themes as well. You need to have an end result in mind. Visualize your future bathroom and how it would look.

What kind of vanity would look appropriate? Think back to places you have visited or seen in magazines, styles you really loved. The vanity should have something in common with the rest of the bathroom.

With so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming, but narrowing it down by visualizing what things you know you want to have (whether it’s baby blue towels or a large vase of orange flowers) will help you narrow down what could and couldn’t work in the long run.

If you rarely get the financial opportunity to swap out your bathroom for a new look, think carefully about what styles might look ridiculous in five years as opposed to a more classic or muted bathroom vanity that could stand the test of time when it comes to style. Consider styles of bathroom vanities which can be accented by a variety of different themes, wall-colors and accessories.

Your Bathroom Design Should Flow With the Rest of Your Home

If you are remodeling your bathroom and putting in a new vanity, you really need to consider how well it will flow with the rest of your home, from kitchen cabinets to flooring and furniture. Throwing too many unrelated styles together in different rooms of your home can make it seem like you don’t know what to do design-wise.

Try choosing a vanity that will look right with the rest of your home. Walking into a bathroom that is shockingly different to the theme of the rest of your home is just weird. Try to tie things together and choose something that will blend in, while having it’s own distinct feel.

Looking for a bathroom vanity idea for your farmhouse? Luckily, we have curated 33+ unique and simple farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas to help you take your bathroom from drab to that rustic farmhouse dream.

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32+ best rustic bathroom vanity ideas

The broad vanity

32 rustic bathroom vanity ideas 1

The mirror gives you a ‘larger than life’ feel and the rustic unfinished wood puts you in a country state of mind! Notice the minimal effort put in, to make this one look beautiful.


Towel Closet with Tin and Wood

Source: Etsy



Light Barn Wood Simple Style
Source: hemtrevligt.se


Weathered Wood with Barn Doors

Source: Etsy


Simple Rustic and Modern Vanity for Bathrooms
Source: architectureworld.me



Rustic Bathroom Vanity Idea with Dark Wood
Source: bigwoodtimberframes.com

This one is an impressive rustic bathroom vanity that draws an instant connect if dark is your thing.


 Raw Wood with Iron Handles for Bathrooms
Source: homebunch.com

Stone and wood combo

Dark Weathered Wood with Dark Sink
Source: aasecim.com

Try this for a deep rustic look. Stone and wood blend in well and the play of lights spices it up. 

Worn out

Distressed Teal and Brown Vanity
Source: sofiasrusticfurniture.com

This worn-out vanity table in your bathroom will give the rustic lovers the perfect feel of country living.


Dark Wood Bathroom with White Countertop
Source: countryliving.com


Barn Door and Weathered Dark Wood
Source: woodlandcreekfurniture.com


Light Wood Distressed Small Bathroom Toilet-table
Source: countryliving.com


Dark Rustic Bathroom Table with Bowl Sinks
Source: architectureartdesigns.com



Simple Rustic Vanity with Iron Handles
Source: gabberts.com


His and Hers Rustic Weathered Wood
Source: homeastern.com


Small and Simple Rustic Gray Wood
Source: shadesofblueinteriors.com

Compact rustic

41 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This compact rustic vanity is spiced up with the use of metal sheets and is perfect for homes that don’t have much space.


Weathered Table with Farmhouse Sink
Source: houseofrumours.com


Bathroom Vanity with Distressed Weathered Look
Source: made2style.com


18 rustic bathroom vanity ideas
Source: mylifefromhome.com


42 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Apart from being rustic, the speciality of this vanity is the light piece above. Unique and bright, to give you the superstar vibe.


19 rustic bathroom vanity ideas
Source: mydesignchic.com


Dark Blue and Raw Wood Idea
Source: onekindesign.com


21 rustic bathroom vanity ideas
Source: casaclaudia.abril.com.br


Tiny Vanity with Light Counter
Source: svenngaarden.com


Old Barn Wood Bathroom Table
Source: memorabledecor.com


Bowl Sink Bathroom Toilet-table
Source: houseofturquoise.com



Bowl Sink Rustic Vanity with Storage
Source: magnolia.com


Gray Distressed and Weathered Wood Idea
Source: pinterest.com


One-Sink Bathroom Table with Dark Wood
Source: theletteredcottage.net


Large Rustic Vanity with Weathered Wood
Source: houseofturquoise.com


Small Space Idea with Raw Wood
Source: futuristarchitecture.com


Rustic Wood Double Bathroom Table
Source: kerrylifeeducation.com


Light Barn Wood Idea with Farmhouse Sink
Source: jacquelynclark.com


Dark Wood Bathroom Idea
Source: potterybarn.com


Rustic Rough Wood with Bowl Sink
Source: casatreschic.blogspot.com


Large Dark Wood Bathroom Idea
Source: codecsys.com


Dark Weathered Barn Wood Vanity
Source: avantimorocha.com

The tree vanity

34 rustic bathroom vanity ideas 1

Uncut granite and complete rustic wood decor give this vanity a complete rustic look.


35 rustic bathroom vanity ideas 1

This vanity is so raw, it strikes a chord with the rustic lover instantly. A combination of battered wood and a contemporary vanity mirror with the special play of lights makes this one of our favourites.



36 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This is so vintage, We can’t wait to lay our hands on this vanity piece.

The cottage vanity

37 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This rustic vanity gives you a cottage feel to it. Simple yet elegant.

The weathered one

38 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This is the epitome of ‘rustic’. Weathered wood and scrap metal makes for great rustic bathroom vanity.

Woody rustic

39 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This all-wood rustic bathroom will sure make the rustic lover drool.

Double vanity

40 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Couples that dress together, stay together. This double vanity with light rustic wood has so much storage and looks rugged.

The bare vanity

43 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This one is for you if you like it underprepared and crude.


44 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

The stone textured wall with a rustic wooden slab makes this vanity desirable.

Hanging vanity

45 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

We just can’t stop falling in love with this rugged piece of art. The use of wood is spot on here to give it a rustic feel. The dim lights also contribute to making this an instant success.

Simple vanity

46 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This is a simple bathroom vanity design, made of pallet wood and is portable as well. Look at the mirror that complements the vanity.


Cabinet vanity

47 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Another simple, affordable rustic vanity idea. This one has a cabinet that conceals your essentials but gives you that perfect rustic look.

Triple-decker cum cabinet

48 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Another one made of rustic wood that is simple and affordable. This has a completely battered look.

Wood and checkered interior

49 rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This one is a combo of a contemporary checkered wall and a woody vanity that tickles the senses just right.

A lot of you would love spending time in of your vanity and some might like extra privacy. Bathroom vanities are perfect in such scenarios. We brought in a twist by bringing in a rustic angle to it just to spice up things. We’re sure this has got you thinking on your next upgrade.

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Looking for a bathroom vanity idea for your farmhouse? Luckily, we have curated 33+ unique and simple farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas to help you take your bathroom from drab to that rustic farmhouse dream. #bathroom #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign #rusticfarmhouse #farmfoodfamily