Black Color Feng Shui for Interior Design and Clothes

Last Updated on November 26, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

In Feng Shui, the color black represents the element of water and, as a very powerful color, should be used in clothing and interior design very carefully.

The color black captures all the other colors of the spectrum. For that reason black is considered an unfavorable color for decorating the interior of inhabited rooms.

The peculiarity of black is that it absorbs energy, just like it absorbs light. This feature of the color may, of course, be used for protecting oneself from negative energy. On the other hand, however, it should be always remembered that black absorbs not only negative energy, but good one as well.

Therefore, black should be dealt with very carefully because, instead of protecting the individual, this dark color may, on the contrary, work as a vampire, leaving the person with less of vital force.

Feng Shui Tips on Using Black Color in Interior Design

black in decor

However, it does not mean that black color cannot be used as an element of interior design. On the contrary, it may become a beautiful accent, especially if combined with blue or silver.

  • As a color of water, black can be successfully used in rooms related to water – such as a bathroom and a toilet. These rooms will look very elegant and modern if decorated with black.
  • Another good premise for black accessories is a kitchen. In this room black will be representing wealth and prosperity that is attracted by Feng Shui element of water.

Use black for:

  • Claiming independence
  • Expressing power and solidarity
  • Creating an atmosphere of mysteriousness and intrigue

Avoid using black for:

  • Children’s rooms
  • Places for reading
  • Situations when sincere communication is needed

Black Clothes Feng Shui

black clothes

Besides, black is the color of mystery. It looks very elegant when worn. Furthermore, in some situations black clothes are associated with sexuality (remember the classic ‘little black dress’ that never loses).

Those, who wish to add some spirituality and mystery into their appearance, should definitely wear something black or purple.

At the same time, black, just like blue and dark grey colors, may help an individual to look serous and imposing.

Black is the color opposite to white and, in some cases, may symbolize a gloomy perception of life. People that prefer black to other colors are, in many cases, diffident, unhappy, and see life as just a series of troubles.

They may believe their goals to be unachievable and such their attitude to the world often makes things seem really bad. The negative attitude, in such cases, just worsens and intensifies the influence and impact of any hardships on the person.

Along with white, black is one of the two most powerful colors of the spectrum. However, just like those of other colors, the natural qualities of black may influence a person in both positive and negative ways.

Therefore, though black might be an excellent element of décor for a bathroom or a kitchen, this color of water should be used very carefully. An excess of any color, and especially black, may bring rather negative consequences to an individual. So, do not go to extremes: everything should be balanced.