Feng Shui in the Bathroom: How to Create Good Luck in a Home

Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Good feng shui in the bathroom can improve a homeowner’s fortune, physical and mental health, and overall prosperity.

Although many homeowners never consider the bathroom when it comes to applying the principles of feng shui in order to improve their luck and increase their prosperity, the bathroom is just as important as any other area in a home. In fact, bad feng shui in the bathroom can negatively affect every aspect of a homeowner’s life.

The main consideration when it comes to bathrooms is location; but even a less than ideal location can be countered by applying the principles of good feng shui.

using feng shui in bathroom

Location of the Bathroom

Bathrooms should be located on the sides of a house, preferably an outside wall; but it is bad feng shui to have a bathroom in the northeast or the west of a house. This is because a northeast location attracts spirits that bring disease and decay; and a west location is unfortunate for women.

Moreover, bathrooms should never be located in the exact center of a house, for this positioning encourages an accumulation of si chi and sha chi, two forms of negative energy, and it also depresses chi (positive energy) throughout the entire house, leading to homeowners, as well as guests in the home, feeling depressed, bellicose, fatigued, and/or anxious. This location also increases the likelihood of physical illness.

Since the bathroom is the abode of yin spirits (they are drawn to water), neither should a bathroom be situated close to the main doorway of a home because yang spirits enter the home through its main doorway; and if a bathroom is close to the main doorway, yin and yang spirits will constantly clash, resulting in unrest and anxiety for homeowners.

Overcoming Bad Feng Shui

If a northeast or west location is unavoidable, homeowners can counter the bad feng shui by painting a bathroom in the northeast a shade of white (vanilla, eggshell, cream, etc), flooring it with white tiles, and outfitting it with white fixtures and cabinets. A bathroom in the west, though, should be painted a shade of yellow (gold, ocher, etc), floored with stone or clay tiles, and decorated with clay objects (pots, jars, statues) in earth tones.

In addition, for a northeast or west location, homeowners should place a full-length mirror on the outside of the door to repel negative energy.

If a bathroom is located in the exact center of a house, however, not only should a mirror be placed on the outside of the bathroom’s door, mirrors should also be positioned inside the bathroom so as to reflect one another.

Ideally, mirrors should be placed on each of the bathroom’s four walls, but positioning two mirrors so they oppose one another is enough to activate the flow of positive energy (chi). For example, a decorative mirror could be placed on a wall opposite the mirror over the vanity.

Other Steps to Create Positive Feng Shui

Although location is extremely important, homeowners should keep other guidelines in mind in order to create good feng shui in the bathroom:

  • The plumbing should be in good repair because leaking faucets, pipes, and toilets indicate a loss of money. In fact, each drop of water is equivalent to a dollar’s being flushed away.
  • Even when a bathroom is not located in the northeast or the west of a house, if it does not have any windows and is at the money point of a house, a full-length mirror should be placed on the outside of the door to repel negative energy.
  • If the commode is on an outside wall, homeowners should place either a vase containing tall flowers, cattails, or reeds, or perhaps a tall live plant, or even a tall statue, on the back of the commode. Either object will work as long as it appears to be reaching upward, for this upward-motion directs positive energy away from the drain and prevents it from escaping whenever the commode is flushed.

Ultimately, when it comes creating good feng shui, homeowners need to remember that the bathroom, just like every other room in a house, can be the center of either positive energy or negative energy, and which type of energy resides in that room is entirely up to them. After all, even the most negative of environments can be altered for the better by the applying the principles of good feng shui.