What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops? (22 Ideas)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

The kitchen is the heart of intimate bonding, food preparation and conversations. Be it in your kitchen island, peninsula or general countertop, the effect of black granite countertops is supreme, luxe, and all things in between.

While black is a very versatile neutral, there are still standout colors especially for cabinets that would go best with it. 

If you are wondering about what color of cabinets are most beautiful with black granite countertops as contrast, you have to the right post because we shall list them down for you. For your future revamping or kitchen construction, you can use this list for inspiration or reference. 

color cabinets go with black granite countertops

22 Color Cabinets Go With Black Granite Countertops 

Kitchen countertops are essential fixtures in a kitchen because this is where food preparation happens. Aside from its function, it is also imperative that it matches the visual appeal of the kitchen in general. Hence, here are some of the colors for cabinets that best match black granite countertops. 

1. White cabinets

1 white cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: April L Interior Design

On top of the list would still be the classic combo of black and white. The bright white cabinets not only provide separation in the kitchen but also adds a modern appeal to the space.

Combining it with steel touches and other neutrals would truly make your kitchen an eye-catcher. 

2. Birchwood

2 birchwood cabinet with black granite countertops

The natural and organic effect of birchwood cabinets is unmatched when it is contrasted with black granite countertop and white wall backsplash like this one here.

The lighter tone of birchwood makes it one of the best compliments to neutral-colored countertops. This one is very neat and oriental-looking and we dig how complementing the whole look is for this compact kitchen. 

3. Subdued gray cabinets

3 gray cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: H. Ryan Studio

Gray is another neutral color which really evokes modernity, minimalism and contemporary elegance in one. While black could work with any shade of gray, the use of subdued gray cabinets in this one gives the kitchen a sleek and layered look. 

It also gives it depth and an illusion of space, making everything cohesive and upscale looking. Incorporating the steel elements are also fine ways to make it look more expensive. 

4. Cream or off-white

4 cream cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: Mandarina Studio

If you are not a fan of bright white, cream or off-white is always a go-to alternative for black granite countertops. This combination is famous among rustic or farmhouse style kitchen aesthetics.

The cream color brings warmth to the bold, dark tone of black. The complementing wood flooring and the stainless-steel appliances in this kitchen also brings out a modern, farmhouse feel in this kitchen. 

5. Dark brown cabinets

5 dark brown cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: Beres Design Group

These stained, hardwood cabinets, white sink area, and black granite countertop for the kitchen island are symbols of opulence.

The dark brown cabinets in particular breathes warmth to this transitional style kitchen. The combination of the elements is also refreshingly modern. Everything is on point in this kitchen. 

6. Royal blue

6 royal blue cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: Donald A. Gardner Architects, Dreams & Design Building

Settling with neutrals to complement a black granite countertop is one thing but going with more colorful undertones for cabinets is everything.

It is very compelling to have brighter tones in the kitchen like this color popping blue tone here. From gloomy neutrals to compelling, pastel colors, you can invoke a Victorian feel, a high-end retro vibe anytime. 

7. Bright green

7 bright green cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Aside from blue undertones, you can also cook-up in a backdrop of apple green for your kitchen cabinet. The combo of green and black is very underrated.

They offer a sublime, organic look and that jet black granite really makes everything grounded. The glistening effect of stainless-steel appliances also add to the chic and contemporary look of this bright kitchen. 

8. Sour apple

8 sour apple cabinet with black granite countertops

And if you want a more muted and safer color combining hues of yellow, blue and green, you should go with a tinge of sour apple for the cabinets in a pool of black granite countertop.

The lighter shade of green is never overwhelming. It is versatile and very workable. It offers the perfect tonal balance to a contemporary kitchen like this one. 

9. Black on black

9 black cabinet with black granite countertops
Source: Studio Sven

And who says black on black cannot work? In this kitchen, the grained black granite countertop works well with the matte black cabinets.

It offers a crisp and modern take to kitchens and a hint of minimalism. Everything is sleek and cohesive. Plus, the dirt would not be visible in a look like this. Black on black is never a bad decision, indeed. 

10. Aegean teal

10 teal cabinet with black granite countertops

If you want a highly coastal look, you can always turn to Aegean teal for your cabinets and contrast it with black granite countertops.

The fusion of green and blue in this teal shade may look gloomy at first but with the right amount of natural light and ambient lighting, you could get the best it has to offer especially that its bold color is emphasized by the black granite countertops. 

10 teal cabinet with black granite countertops 1

11. Mellow yellow

11 yellow cabinet with black granite countertops 1
Source: Le Gourmet Kitchen Ltd.

For a happier, warmer feel in the kitchen, going for monochromatic colors is always a good option. In the range of monochromes, you can always mix and match.

In this case, the mellow tone of yellow gives a lot of nod and emphasis to the moody look of black granite countertop. It is very airy, it is light, and gives off a lot of charm and positive energy in this kitchen. 

12. Purple craze

12 purple cabinet with black granite countertops 1
Source: スタジオクランツォ, Дизайн-студия Малина

The sleekness of this purple and black granite countertop combination shall bring you a sci-fi, modern feeling at any time of the day.

Aside from that, there really is something retro and high-end with the color purple and if you are settled with monochromes, here is something which you can really consider. 

13. Coffee brown

13 coffee brown cabinet with black granite countertops 1

There is something about brown which really matches well with black. If you want greater depth in your kitchen, going for coffee brown colored wood cabinets is the perfect idea.

This look, for instance, gives off a lot of rustic tones to the kitchen. Using the same wood material and color for the island, counters and the entire cabinetry give it a very balanced and cohesive look. 

14. Walnut brown

14 walnut brown cabinet with black granite countertops 1

Another shade of brown that would work well with black granite countertops would be the deeper color of walnut brown.

With the contrast of glossy black, the combination strikes a powerful tone and moody balance in the kitchen. You would not need many elements to keep the room full because this combination already makes up for all the space with their tonal beauty. 

15. Tan, gray, and black

15 tan gray black cabinet with black granite countertops 1
Source: Fredman Design Group

Who would dare say that you could only use one color when it comes to your kitchen cabinets? In this idea, the hanging cabinets are in a darker gray hue while the cabinets down the sink and countertop would be black.

The effect of the tan flooring seems to give illumination to the dark contrast of the cabinets with the granite countertop. The play of neutrals here is very strong but it proves to be a beautiful choice. 

16. Mint green

16 mint green black cabinet with black granite countertops 1

This is another layer of green and black combos that you should go for when it comes to cabinet colors over a black granite countertop contrast.

This compact kitchen here really benefits from the airy, light and bright effect of the mint green cabinets around the space. The use of golden handles and copper and brass-colored elements like the teapot are also good touches to this arrangement. 

17. Charcoal gray

17 charcoal gray cabinet with black granite countertops 1
Source: Architectural Digest

We have already established how good dark colors are against another dark color. They offer a deep, cool vibe which really gives an edge to any type of room and the kitchen is not an exception.

The black granite countertop here is well complemented by the cool tone of charcoal gray. The cohesive look of this kitchen also gives off a minimalist take in this kitchen. 

18. Sky blue

18 blue sky cabinet with black granite countertops 1
Source: Aurora Farewell Architects

For a trendy and more playful look in your kitchen, no matter the interior design scheme you have arranged for it, sky blue cabinets are good choices for black granite countertops.

The shaker style cabinets and the ground cabinets infused in the kitchen island and underneath the kitchen give this space a livelier look. If you are in need of natural light too, this one again is a fair choice. 

19. Banana yellow and sprite green

19 banana yellow cabinet with black granite countertops 1

If you want a fairyland look in the kitchen to create a more refreshing vibe, you can always opt for unorthodox combinations like these particular tones of banana yellow and sprite green cabinets for this small black granite counter and cooktop.

The accented tiles for the backsplash wall also add layer to these beadboard cabinets. 

20. Oak brown

20 oak brown cabinet with black granite countertops 1

Of course, light tones are always very beautiful alongside a jet-black granite countertop. If you are going for a Japanese or oriental look in the kitchen, the use of oak brown is a polished choice to go for.

Setting for a neutral wall backsplash also gives a balanced effect in this kitchen. The glossy stainless-steel appliances and the equally shiny granite countertop elevates the look of this supposed plain kitchen

21. Oak wood

21 oak wood cabinet with black granite countertops 1 1

Here is another take on oak wood which you can take inspiration from. It features a sleeker, deeper, black granite countertop. It is pure, without streaks and grains. It is yet another proof that simplicity is indeed, beauty. 

22. Dark blue green

22 blue green cabinet with black granite countertops 1 1

If teal or sky blue is too much for you, going for a dark blue green cabinet is another unorthodox color of cabinets that would go very well with black granite countertops.

This one here looks very sleek and modern with those complementing black handles. 

It is a good shot to go for thanks to the large windows in this kitchen where all the natural light could seep in. Add more bright colors for the wall and flooring and you are good to go. 


Aside from the color of cabinets that go with black granite countertops that we have listed here, there are also essential facts that you should know when it comes to arranging a kitchen. Hence, here are some FAQs that you should be aware of. 

Are black granite countertops already dated? 

No. Black granite countertops are always in style. They are perfect for minimalist, modern, contemporary and farmhouse style kitchens. As a neutral color, it shall never be dated. It just depends on what colors you shall contrast it with. 

Why are black granite countertops preferred? 

The main reason is that they do not stain. And if they do accumulate dirt, they are easily concealed. However, because you have to maintain their sleekness, you need to give an extra effort so that they continue to become pristine. 

Should the countertops always match the kitchen island and cabinets? 

It depends on your design preference. If you want a more polished and cohesive look, you can always match the colors of these three kitchen fixtures. But if you want more layers and visual accents in the kitchen, you can always mix and match complementing colors. 

How important is color contrasting for the cabinet and the countertop? 

It is said that in terms of kitchen revamp and arrangement, kitchen cabinets make up 40% of the overall visual appeal. Countertops on the other hand make up 20% while the remaining 40% is apportioned to the walls and flooring.

With this breakdown, we could already infer that color contrasting is important for black granite countertops to truly pop out against rows of kitchen cabinets. 


When it comes to black granite countertops, every color of cabinet seems to work. However, there are particular matchups that would lead to more standout looks for the kitchen.

Color combinations are very important in making the kitchen airier, brighter or lighter. The best colors contrasting with black granite countertops also give the kitchen a sense of depth and in making them look fuller or wider. 

With the list that we have provided here, it would be easier for you to make a reference as to what you could go for in terms of elevating the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen with black granite countertops.