White Color and Color Combinations with White in Feng Shui

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Decorating with white color and color combinations with white can attract good Feng Shui energy to bedrooms, dining rooms and offices.

In Feng Shui white color is a symbol of perfection. Though it contains all the other colors, white still remains simple and unostentatious. This color is associated with courage and wisdom – a wise man is so wise that does not show his knowledge. He knows that power is in calmness.

This concept is also reflected in Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese science considers white to be an expression of the directed into the center energizes of Feng Shui elements.

The energy of metal, which is the element of white color, is always directed to the inside of the system of Feng Shui energies. In such a way the internal stability of the system is reached, which is the basis of influencing the external from the powerful internal center.

In accordance with this concept the north-west is devoted to the area of helpful people and mentors, whose knowledge and experience support the dwellers.

Decorating with White for Good Feng Shui

white in decor

White color represents Feng Shui element of metal. It is the most suitable color to be used in the west and north-west of a dwelling.

Decorate with white to

  • Express purposefulness
  • Create atmosphere of freshness and cleanness
  • Express sincerity

Avoid white

  • In cold climate
  • In interiors of cinemas and theatres
  • In places where strangers meet
  • In reception areas
  • In nurseries and children’s rooms

Good Feng Shui Color Combinations with White

white in feng shui
  • Purple, sand and white color is a great combination of colors for a bedroom. The fire element activates the area of love represented by sand color. The qualities of fire, earth and metal support the natural qualities of a bedroom or girl’s room.
  • Orange, red and white are good for a dining room. Orange stimulates the energy of earth and, therefore, improves digestion. Red represents fire which means wealth and prosperity.
  • Blue, green and white can be used for different purposes. In a study or office this combination of colors supports the processes of thinking and helps to keep thoughts clear. Green has a stabilizing and energizing effect. In the children’s bedroom this combination calms down the overactive kids. Blue, however, is not recommended for a dining room.
  • Green, white and black is a combination to be used very carefully, because it’s too easy to end up with an excess of black. This combination, however, is very popular among men because black symbolizes water, which stimulates career growth. Therefore, these colors are good for a study or office.

In Feng Shui white color symbolizes perfection and innocence. However, it’s not the best color for decorating a nursery or children’s room. In contrast, color combinations with white may be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, offices and studies.